Magna Mat Gripper Review | Does Work?

How Does Magna Mat Gripper Work?

As per the official website [] review, it is a solution for rugs/mats that loose their grip and move around when someone step on them. Magna Mat Gripper is a basically a pair of triangular-shaped “peel and stick” magnets. magnet is to be placed on the floor where it attaches to the floor – thanks to the adhesive, the other part of the Magna Mat Gripper is a triangular metal plate that attaches to the lower side of your floor mat [in the corner]. When placed on each other, both the magnets click on each other holding the foot mat in place. The manufacturer of Magna Mat Gripper claim in their review that the Magna Mat Gripper magnets are easy to install and keeps the rug and mats from moving around. The Magna Mat Gripper can be used with mats, rugs and even carpets, the official review says.


Magna Mat Gripper Review | Does Work?



What Surfaces Can Magna Mat Gripper Be Used On?

As per the claims Magna Mat Gripper can be used on laminate, wooden, tiles, carpet and tiles. But based on the reviews we can claim that the Magna Mat Gripper works best on hard floors like tiles and laminates. It is least effective on carpets.


What is the Primary Purpose of Magna Mat Gripper

Many reviewers ask us what is the Magna Mat Gripper is to be used for? to stop rugs from curling in the corners or to keep the rugs from slipping?

When we analyzed several reviews we found that Magna Mat Gripper does an excellent job on stopping the corner curls in rugs and mats. And is least effective in keeping the rugs and mats from slipping, this is especially true if you have pets and use it in high use area.


Magna Mat Gripper Price

You get 8 Magna Mat Grippers for a price of $29.99 + $6.99 S/h. The Magna Mat Grippers are available only at the official website You can buy additional 8 Magna Mat Grippers for an extra $6.99.

Pricing Analysis – When we analyzed the prices of Magna Mat Gripper and other rug grippers we found that the Magna Mat Gripper is the most expensive of them. The Magna Mat Gripper is costlier by 90% compared to other similar products.


What are the Advantages of Magna Mat Gripper?

  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets – The official Magna Mat review claims the gripper features Neodymium magnets which have greater magnetic field and are lightweight. Neodymium magnets used in the gripper have higher power to weight ratio and retain their magnetic properties.
  • Flexible – As per the official review, Magna Mat Gripper features durable thermoplastic base which are lightweight yet strong enough to bear household use. The base is flexible and can be turned and twisted.
  • Discreet – The Magna Mat Grippers are thin and discreet making them invisible on the corner of the mat, rug or a carpet.
  • Strong Lock – The triangular design of the Magna Mat Gripper keeps the magnets locked firmly. As per the review, the magnets do not slip and facilitate perfect placement. The official review claims that with the Magna Mat you no longer have to re-adjust, re-adhere or replace your existing rug, mat or carpet.
  • Earth-Friendly Material – The Magna Mat Gripper is made from recyclable steel baseplates and the material used in the brackets too can be recycled. The Magna Mat Gripper material is claimed to last a lifetime and being recyclable does not pollute the nature.
  • Easy to Use – The manufacturer’s review claim that Magna Mat Gripper is easy to install, easy to detach [that is not entirely true as you would see in the “Disadvantages” section below] and you can even vacuum on the mats held firmly with the Magna Mat Gripper.
  • Versatile – The Magna Mat Gripper can be supposedly used on any surface wooden or hard-floor. The magnetic gripper is moisture-free and reusable. Magna Mat Gripper comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • They do Work There are several reviews posted by the actual users of Magna Mat Gripper that attest the fact that they do work. The Magna Mat Gripper does stop the corner curls and rug rides.


What are the Advantages of Magna Mat Gripper?

  • Magnets are Not Strong – The downside of the Magna Mat Gripper is that the Neodymium magnets are prone to corrosion. the other drawback of the Neodymium magnets used in the are brittle and can crack or break when something heavy falls on them. This would render the gripper unusable.
  • Adhesive is too strong – The adhesive used in the Magna Mat Gripper is so strong that once it is stuck to the floor and is very difficult to remove.
  • Leaves Residue – The Magna Mat Gripper reviews reveal that it leaves behind sticky residue which is hard to remove.
  • Not Very Effective On Carpets – User reviews of Magna Mat Gripper reveal that the magnetic grippers are not very effective on carpets and rugs, basically anything which is “thick”. They still slide. If you have to put the grippers on a mat that you won’t be moving, these work well. But move the rug/mat once and the Magna Mat Gripper is going to loose the adhesiveness. It is like onetime use, you fix it and forget it.
  • Not Very Long Lasting – User reviews reveal that the Magna Mat Gripper is not very long lasting. The magnets begin to come loose in a couple of months. Be utter sure that you follow the instructions on which side goes up and which side goes on the floor. It is the metal on the rug/mat and the magnet on the floor. You reverse the it and the Magna Mat Gripper won’t work.
  • Not Very Gripping – The stick well in the beginning but then after a few weeks the magnets begin to loose the adhesiveness. Vacuuming over the rug or carpet also makes the magnets come off. The magnets of the Magna Mat Gripper do not stick very well to the bathroom tiles. The Magna Mat Gripper is not meant to be used in high traffic areas.


Our Verdict

The Magna Mat Gripper works well for mats which are thinner but users have had problem with using the grippers with carpets and rugs. So if you have got a mat to fix in place we would recommend the Magna Mat Gripper

Even though the makers of Magna Mat Gripper claim to be a “permanent” solution, the reviews say that each set barely lasts for a couple of weeks. There is certainly misleading advertising from the manufacturer of Magna Mat Gripper.

There are several rug grippers out there in the market but the Magna Mat Gripper is the first “magnetic” gripper. But when it comes to the practical use, it is nothing better than the ordinary ones available in the market.

If Not Magna Mat Gripper, What is a Better Alternative?

Magna Mat Gripper is not the only solution for slipping and curling mats, there are far better and cost-effective alternative to the Magna Mat Gripper:
  • Double Sided Carpet Tape – These good old tapes get the job done and are far less complicated than the Magna Mat Grippers and cost almost one third the price of Magna Mat Grippers.
  • Home Techpro Rug Grippers – These vacuum based rug grippers cost $18 for eight grippers and works on suction/vacuum technology. These grippers have 18000+ reviews on Amazon and 4-star rating.
  • Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad – Another alternative to the Magna Mat Grippers, these gripper pads come in various sizes, from 2′ X 3′ to 10′ X 14′. Manufactured by a Branded [Gorilla] company in the USA and reviews confirm that they work.

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