Magic Mirror REVIEW | As Seen On TV Lighted Magnification Mirror with Suction Base


What is Magic Mirror?

It is a lighted magnification mirror that claims to offer great flexibility and maximized clarity to see yourself clearly in the bathroom, by the dressing table or outside.


How does Magic Mirror work?

Magic Mirror claims to be a power-packed magnification mirror that magnifies reflection not any less than five times. Magic Mirror is a designed like a petite, compact round mirror with exceptional flexibility that swivels fully and seems to come toward you when it’s stretched out. That, its makers point out, means you don’t have to bend to get a clear, magnified view in it. Magic Mirror guarantees flawless, distortion-free view as it’s made from top-grade quality mirror. It features a button at the rim which aims to make switching on its LED light easy and quick.


Magic Mirror As Seen On TV Lighted Magnification Mirror

Magic Mirror Magnification

The LED light of Magic Mirror, according to its makers, is ideal to give you a proper view while the mirror magnifies your reflection five times. Further, Magic Mirror offers three different light settings to suit your needs- for indoors, daylight and night. It also proclaims to have an exceptionally strong suction base so you can put it up anywhere without any risk of it coming off. Magic Mirror can also be turned around smoothly and locked so you can use it hands-free.


Magic Mirror Uses
  • Super Strong – Magic Mirror’s suction claims to be super strong, so is it? Reviews confirm this claim, the suction is really strong though not “Super”.
  • Shaving – Magic Mirror is NOT suited for shaving. For shaving you need a bigger mirror not necessarily magnification one. Magic Mirror is smaller for shaving. You cannot see your entire face in the Magic Mirror while shaving.
  • Eyebrows – Yes, Magic Mirror is well suited for intricate tasks like plucking eyebrows.
  • Swivels 360 Degree – 360 Degree is an exaggeration, but the goose-neck lets you adjust the mirror. But there is a downside of the goose-neck. Swiveling puts pressure on the suction cup, making it come loose.

Magic Mirror REVIEW

Size too Small

A customer who purchased Magic Mirror to pluck his hair bumps from his face and neck says in his review that while its concept is good and it helps him remove facial hair easily, he’s not very happy with it. He says he can see ingrown hair on his face quite clearly in Magic Mirror, but he’s unable to see hair on his neck which he wants to remove as well. Its reflection is very hazy and the view is too small. He mentions in the review that if Magic Mirror was bigger in size or if its magnification was smaller, he could’ve got a better view. But since it’s not, his problem remains unaddressed. One more customer has complained about the magnification of Magic Mirror being too big. She says she has to literally close one eye to focus and get a proper view while wearing her make-up.


Magic Mirror Offer

Poor Suction Power

While some reviewers are happy with the suction base of Magic Mirror, quite a few others have pointed out that it should be stronger. They complain in their reviews that Magic mirror doesn’t stay intact on plain walls and some surfaces for long and keeps crashing down. One customer has said how her Magi Mirror fell some feet down and almost broke.


Consumes Excessive Batteries

Some buyers have also reported in their reviews how Magic Mirror uses too many batteries due to which the cost is more than they expected. Although they are satisfied with Magic Mirror and say it is good enough for most things, some also say that works well only when they put new batteries in it; and even lithium batteries cannot keep the brightness for more than a week.


Magic Mirror Features
  • Applying Lipstick – Magic Mirror is well suited for applying the lipstick.
  • Strong Suction Base holds strong to any smooth surface – It works well on glass and plastic but not marble.
  • Super long Goose-Neck bends at any angle – We do not recommend bending the Goose-neck to extreme angles, this will loosen the suction of the Magic Mirror. The base is not as strong as the one that is bolted in the wall.
  • Picture Perfect LED Lighting – many users have complained that the LED is just too bright, the dimmer comes handy here.

Focus not Good Enough

The zoom of Magic Mirror, according to several disappointed reviewers, is far too strong and the lights are also excessively bright. Although they can manage tweezing and some simple tasks with this Magic mirror, it cannot be used for more intricate things. They say that the mirror does not provide the kind of magnification they need so they are pretty disappointed with it. A couple of users have said in their reviews that you need to figure out the exact angle and brightness to get the right view, but that can happen with practice and time. One Magic Mirror customer mentions in her review that her head feels dizzy due to its focus and brightness, and wonders how others are managing. There are issues with the so-called flexibility of Magic Mirror as its goose neck is not very flexible.


Magic Mirror Colors

Not Very Cost-Effective

Some users complain in their reviews that Magic Mirror is too expensive. Since the as seen on tv magnification mirror consumes too much of battery and does not stay bright for long, it does not come across as a “Value for Money” product. However, they are happy with most of the features of the Magic Mirror. However, Magic Mirror’s brightness, they feel needs to be toned down as it makes it difficult for them to see their reflection clearly. Some users have also mentioned in their reviews that Magic Mirror should have more lighting options, and some provision to set the lighting brightness as per their needs.


Missing Information

one user points out in his review that Magic Mirror hides a lot of crucial information that may influence you decision of buying the mirror. This information includes the size of the mirror, number of LEDs, length of the goose-neck, material of the mirror, weight of the mirror etc. This missing information raises serious questions on the quality of the Magic Mirror.


What do I get?

2 Magic Mirrors for $19.99 + $4.99 P/H. The Magic Mirrors are available only at the official website


Our Verdict on Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is named so to lure gullible buyers into thinking that it is some “Miracle” mirror. Lighted MAGNIFICATION Makeup Mirrors with Suction Cup and Goose-neck have been in the market for quiet a long time and there is nothing new in the Magic Mirror. This as seen on tv makeup mirror just a copy of the similar branded mirrors like KEDSUM and JIBEN. The only advantage Magic Mirror offers is the price. You get 2 Magic Mirrors for $25, while the competitors (KEDSUM and JIBEN) are priced at $25 and $35 respectively.


So do we recommend the Magic Mirror?
NOPE. Given the fact that there are tried and tested alternatives to Magic Mirror we so no reason why you should buy the Magic Mirror. Given the history of “cheap” quality of the as seen on tv items, we do not recommend the Magic Mirror. Though you get two mirrors for $25, the quality of the mirrors justifies the price of the mirrors. Invest some more money and buy a makeup mirror that works. Magic Mirror alternatives.
  • KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 6.8″ 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
  • JiBen Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Power Locking Suction Cup
  • SunplusTrade 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror, LED Lighted Magnification Bathroom Vanity Square Mirror

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