Lint Fix REVIEWS | Does Tool Work?

Lint Fix REVIEWS Lint Fix Does Not Work as Claimed.

What is Lint Fix?

Lint Fix is an “as seen on tv” shaver for your coats, jackets, sweaters. As the name suggests, Lint Fix [] removes lint, pills, pet hair and more from your woolen fabric more effectively than the lint rollers. The promoters of claim that the Lint Fix makes your clothes look new. The Lint Fix works on wool, cotton, polyester, velvet, cashmere, fleece and more.

How Does Lint Fix work?

The demo video on shows how Lint Fix gets rid of pet hair and lint in a few passes without damaging the fabric. Lint is filth that covers your stylish sweaters and other woolen garments and worse the sticky lint rollers that you have to keep buying over and over again.

Design of Lint Fix

The lint remover tool has a wooden handle and the scraper features a copper head that does the cleaning part. There are two rows of copper scrapers. The fabric shaver is “mechanical” and has a robust design that lasts long. There are no batteries to replace so this is a eco-friendly fabric shaver. There is also a mini Lint Fix fabric lint remover included in the offer. The “mini Lint Fix” has more of a comb like design which suitable for delicate fabric and fits comfortable in your purse.

The Lint Fix features grooved metal bar which is smooth to the touch. This is demonstrated by rubbing the Lint Fix shaver on the surface of an inflated balloon and the balloon does not bust demonstrating the fact that it does not damage the fabric. Lint Fix is perfect to remove the lint from the furniture too! Do you have a pet in the house, then is for you. It removes pet hair from any upholstery.


  • Lint Fix Shaver – Height – 6.88 Inches | Width of the Head – 4.92 Inches
  • Lint Fix Comb – Height – 0.78 Inches | Length – 5.70 Inches
  • Material – Copper + Wood + ABS

Lint Fix Price Analysis

Lint Fix is available only at the official website It is priced at $19.99 and $6.95 S/h. Your purchase also includes Carry Case and a Pocket Size Lint Fix. Many users are not very convinced with the Lint Fix’s “as seen on tv” offer. The kit does not include the cleaning brush. Also if you decide to return the Lint Fix kit after trying it, you still have to pay $7 to ship it to the manufacturer. Many reviewers say this is a rip-off, a buyer should not be made to pay the shipping charges for trying out a product.

Lint Fix [] REVIEW Pulls and Snags and Damages most of the Fabric While the promoter says the Lint Fix is safe to use any fabric, the reviews are quiet contrary to these claims.

Car Seat Cover – One of the user used the Lint Fix on his car’s seat and it was damaged. He has even shared the photos of the damaged car seat.

Ottoman – Then there is another review of the Lint Fix being used on an expensive ottoman and the result is disastrous. The picture shows visible damage done to the fabric. The Ottoman does not look like anything new. In-fact the Lint Fix tool makes it look ugly and old.

Too Rough – Reviews make it clear that the Lint Fix is too rough to be used on the clothing.

Works on Furniture – Lint Fix works to remove dog hair from the furniture. People have had good results using the Lint Fix to remove pet hair from the furniture.

Fleece – The Lint Fix reviews reveal that it works fine on fleece and flannel.

The Trick – One user claims in her review that the trick is to avoid brushing too hard the fabric. Pull the Lint Fix tool horizontally down to snag LESS. Also make sure the fabric does not touch the edges of the Lint Fix. Don’t try to use the Lint Fix tool like a lint roller. Nonetheless it is not very effective on woolen fabric that is very soft and causes the Lint Fix to “sink” in it. The Lint Fix removes “pills” more efficiently than the lint. Reviewers suggest NOT using the Lint Fix on knit shirts and cardigans which have loops of string sticking out. Keeping the fabric taut reduces the chances of Lint Fix snagging on the fabric.

Cleaning – Clean the tool with a regular cleaning brush. Do not make the tool wet.

Lint Fix Look-A-likes

Lint Fix is not the only lint remover of its kind. There are several of these available on These are known by several names – Fabric Shavers, Portable Lint Removers, Reusable Lint Remover, Clothes Fuzz Shaver etc. All these tools are similar to the Lint Fix and invariably have the same reviews. These lint removers on cost as low as $7.

Lint Fix Alternatives That WORK

Lint Rollers – The most simple and reliable lint remover is the good old lint roller that does not damage your fabric in any way. Perfect for removing “light” lint and fuzz. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller from 3M is the best of them all. The lint rollers cost as low

Lint Remover Brush – There is also a lint remover brush with the name “McKay Powerful Lint Brush, Fabric and Clothes Cleaner” available on It has almost 390+ reviews and an aggregate 4-Star rating. Based on the reviews we can safely conclude that the lint remover brush is more convenient and easy to use than the Lint Fix type fabric shaver.

Electric Lint Remover – And then there are electric “RECHARGEABLE” fabric shavers which cost as less as $15. The Rechargeable Fabric Shaver by Magictec is a good alternative to the lint removal tool. It is rechargeable so you don’t have to keep buying the batteries.

Does Lint Fix work? Our Verdict

A review by lists all the BEST lint removers and the Lint Fix or its types are not listed there. This is enough to prove that this is not the best lint remover. So the concept of the Lint Fix is good on paper but has little practical value.

People have used the Lint Fix tool on blankets, pajamas, leggings, sweater, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, socks, blouse, blazers, sofa cushions and the results are the same. The small blades [or whatever arrangement that removes the lint] gets entangled with the fabric and then snags and pulls the threads.

It does remove the lint and pill but gets snagged uncountable times in the process.

The Lint Fix leaves marks on the fabric, the edges of the Lint Fix are not rounded – they are sharp and it is these edges that grasps the fabric and snags it.

The reviews reveal that people have damaged their expensive clothes and upholstery by using the Lint Fix tool and using it was quiet frustrating. People were careless to use the Lint Fix on expensive items, as one reviewer points out. One user tried on the pajamas and stopped there. People mention that have used better products and are ally angry with the Lint Fix. People have tried several of these lint removers thinking they got the bad one but everytime they have had the same results. We do not recommend the Lint Fix, our product experts suggest buying the high end electric fabric shaver for expensive fabric and upholstery and a lint remover brush for daily use.

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  1. Deborah Caldwell | December 2, 2020 at 4:29 am | Reply

    This is a scam. Ordered TryLintFix and never got my order, a refund, nothing, and now they’re no longer online.

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