Levo Seat Review | Does LevoSeat.com Work?

What is Levo Seat?

The Levo Seat leverages the weight of your body to support your waist. Levo Seat is a cushion that you can place on your work/office chair. When you seat on the “Levo Seat” the back support pushes forward giving you the necessary support. The Levo Seat is an ergonomically designed flexible seat and what it essentially does is make you sit upright, maintaining the proper posture of your spinal column. The Levo Seat can be used on any surface – chair, sofa, car-seat & bed etc. The durable Levo Seat claims to support user weight of up to 310 lbs. Since the Levo Seat deploys the principle of “Lever“, the cushion is named “Levo” Seat.


Levo Seat Review | Does LevoSeat.com Work?



Why Levo Seat?

Have you tried several chairs and are still suffering from pain in your waist? Is your existing chair ruining your posture? Continuous sitting can lead to a crouched posture over time and bad posture can put 85% more pressure on your waist. Levo Seat claims to be the solution to this posture problem.


So how does the Levo Seat improve your posture?

“Sit Your Way to Better Posture” – this is the tagline of the Levo Seat. When you sit on the Levo Seat, it lifts the Coccyx and provides support to your waist.


Levo Seat claims to help with:

  • Scoliosis – A misaligned posture condition in which the spine is curved in one direction, sideways.
  • Kyphosis – A condition where the abnormal shape of the spine causes rounded upper back.
  • Lordosis – In this condition the spine is excessively curved inwards.


How to use the Levo Seat?

  • Step 1 – For effectively using the Levo Seat, place it 3 to 5 inches away from the backrest of your chair.
  • Step 2 – When sitting on the LevoSeat.com seat, make sure your hips go deep in the seat.
  • Step 3 – Lever Principle Works. The weight of your body causes the backrest to push forward, correcting your posture. It is recommended to place the LevoSeat.com on a flat surface for maximum results.



Levo Seat Price

Levo Seat is available at the official website LevoSeat.com only. The Levo Seat Buying Options are as follows:
  • Single Offer – Buy one Levo Seat for $59.99 + $4.99 P&H
  • Buy 1 Get 1 for Half the Price – You get 2 Levo Seats for $96.97 [$89.98 + $6.99 P&H]
  • Levo Seat Deluxe – There is a DELUXE version of the Levo Seat which features GEL Cushion which offers more comfort than the regular Levo Seat. Pricing of the DELUXE Levo Seat is as follows:
    • Single Levo Seat – $69.99 + $4.99 P&H
    • Buy 1 Get 1 for Half the Price – $106.97 [$99.98 + $6.99 P&H]



Features and Advantages of the Levo Seat

  • Durable Material – The Levo Seat is supposed to be made from durable plastic which can withstand compressive load of up to 800 lbs.
  • Posture Correction – The Levo Seat can be used for correcting the posture after exercises like walking, running, yoga, golf etc. The LevoSeat.com corrects pelvic torsion caused by sitting and yogic postures.
  • Reduces Back Pain – The Levo Seat claims to reduce the back pain caused by bad posture. It also comforts the fatigued lower back.
  • Fabric – The Levo Seat features a comfortable double layered fabric that is supposedly water-resistant. The fabric seat fits firmly supporting your waist. The LevoSeat.com seat also features “air hole ways” for ventilation.
  • Material – The Levo Seat is made from durable hard plastic that absorbs and distributes your body weight evenly across the seat. The Levo Seat features convenient handle at the top for easy carrying.
  • Makes you Sit Straight – Though the claims made by the promoters of Levo Seat are too exaggerated, the device does make you sit straight – improving your posture over time.


Disadvantages of Levo Seat

  • Uncomfortable for “Big People” – Many Levo Seat users complain that the seat is suited for average-built people, it is much too small for a big person. Okay for a skinny person or teenage boys and girls. There are also reviews that claim that it is uncomfortable in the beginning but then sitting on the Levo Seat [with extra cushioning] can elevate hip and lower back pain. To make it more bearable, try to sit for 30 minutes or so in the beginning and gradually increase the duration. Take a break periodically  [after 30 minutes in the beginning and 60 minutes when you get used to it].
  • Lack of Enough Padding – Reviewers complain that the Levo Seat is too hard to sit on. Users also complain that there is not enough cushion on the bottom which makes it uncomfortable to sit on the LevoSeat.com seat for a continuous stretch. One user has recommended using sheepskin to compensate for the thin cushion on the Levo Seat.
  • Does not work as claimed – The Levo Seat does not seem to work as claimed in the TV infomercial. Many users have complained that there is no “real” push from the back support. It does not do much to maintain an upright posture. The features and benefits of the Levo Seat are too over-exaggerated, reviewers say. “It is a good device though to remind you to sit straight”, one user mentions in her review.
  • Uncomfortable
  • No Sizes Available – The Levo Seat comes in one size only and is not suited for heavy people.



Our Verdict

Levo Seat is available on Amazon.com by the name “Curble”. It is priced at $75 and has over sixty [60] reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.4 stars. The Levo Seat is a new concept but the benefits are not that great and it is also not comfortable, though it makes you seat straight. We would recommend BackJoy SitSmart seat which is known to provide better results than the Levo Seat.

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