Laundry Legs REVIEWS

What is Laundry Legs?

As the name suggests, “Laundry Legs” is a laundry basket with collapsible and adjustable legs. The legs of the Laundry basket cascade making it convenient to raise the basket up to the desired height.

Laundry Legs Review

Laundry Legs is a completely new laundry organizer product in the “as seen on tv” arena. While it does looks like a revolutionary product that is going to make your laundry chore hassle-free. Laundry Legs is a unique product as there is no other laundry basket that comes with cascading legs. There have been wheeled laundry cart around but nothing like “Laundry Legs”. Before you buy the “Laundry Legs” you have to consider the pros and cons of the product. You have to judge


According to the Laundry Legs reviews, before you buy the “Laundry Legs” you have to ask the question, “Is the Laundry Legs really useful?” What you need to understand is that the problem with doing the laundry is not about bending too many times to get the laundry out of the basket but carrying the heavy laundry basket around. Reviews mention that, that is the reason why they make wheeled laundry carts and not the laundry baskets like “Laundry Legs” that you have to still lift and carry to the washer. So going by the reviews, the usability of the “Laundry Legs” is very limited and does not justify the price.


The second parameter to evaluate the Laundry Legs is the “sturdiness”. “How sturdy is the Laundry Legs?” The answer is NO, the Laundry Legs is not very sturdy. Reviewers says that you have to consider the fact that “Laundry Legs” is made of plastic. And plastic is not very sturdy. The Laundry Legs fails the sturdiness test.

Multiple Mechanisms

“Laundry Legs” has a lot of mechanisms that further complicate the use of the product and reduce its life. Combine the plastic material of the Laundry Legs with the “cascading legs” mechanism which makes the Laundry Legs prone to damages from regular use. One reviewer mentions in his comments that even a small glitch in the cascading mechanism of the Laundry Legs would render it useless. With heavy use the plastic legs of the Laundry Legs are going to bend causing the legs to get stuck.


The official website of Laundry Legs ( does not reveal the dimensions of the basket. This is a big negative for the Laundry Legs, putting question mark on the trustworthiness of the laundry basket. Reviewers mention in their testimonials that “size” is the first thing then look at while buying a laundry basket. One review mentions that one possible reason why the manufacturer does not mention the size is because the Laundry Legs could be small in the size. One reviewer also mentions in his review that from the “structural sturdiness” point-of-view Laundry Legs basket cannot be too long because the extended length would make the “plastic” structure weak, and wobbly.


The Laundry Legs is available only at the official website It costs $39.98 but you have to buy 2 Laundry Legs that cost you $79.99. One reviewer says that this is a rip-off. You are “forced” to buy 2 Laundry Legs. Reviewers say that if you have to return the basket (of which the chances are too high) you have to still pay for shipping the baskets back to the manufacturer. Also unlike other laundry baskets that are available on, Laundry Legs is available only on the manufacturer website. One reason for not selling this on and other online stores could be that the reviews would ruin the hype created.

Our Verdict on Laundry Legs

Flimsy design, poor usability value, and deceitful ordering make Laundry Legs a “bad” laundry basket. Based on the reviews above, we do not recommend the Laundry Legs basket. When it comes to carrying the laundry lot, go the tried and tested way. Use a laundry cart or laundry hamper and stay clear of this gimmicky Laundry Legs.

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