JML Instant Heater Review

What is it?

As per the JML review, Instant Heater is the fastest and warmest portable heater for your home. JML claims that the Instant Heater is far better than the traditional gas heaters that are expensive, clumsy and supposedly take forever to get warm. They also claim Instant Heater to be weather-proof and is not affected by rain or wind, a major drawback of the gas powered heaters. The makers of the Instant Heater claim in their review that it is the most affordable and efficient way to warm your outdoors and indoors.

JML Instant Heater Review

How does the Instant Heater work?

JML Instant Heater manufacturer review claim that the heater features “Carbon Fibre Bulb” which produces radiant heat rays which heat you directly. The JML Instant Heater has built-in motion sensors that switch-on and switch-off the Instant Heater as you leave or enter the room, saving precious electricity and money when not required.

Carbon Fibre Bulb

Carbon Fibre heaters are a revolution in the home-use heater segment. This new heating element is unlike anything used in the traditional heaters (convection, conduction, etc). The Instant heater has a lamp with carbon filament. The electricity triggers Brownian motion of carbon atoms inside the filament, which produces medium to infrared heat that penetrates the skin, as claimed in the JML Instant Heater review. The energy consumption of the carbon fibre element is 40% lesser than that of electric oil heaters.

Multiple Heat Settings

It has 4 heat settings you can choose from.

How is Instant Heater different from Gas Heater

The manufacturer review claim that unlike the traditional gas heaters whose energy is wasted in heating up the space between you and the heater, JML Instant Heater claims to radiate heat that directly falls on you, making you warmer. Also since JML Instant Heater is flameless it is not affected by air or rain and other environmental conditions. As per the heater review, you can also use the JML Instant Heater indoors also, something which you cannot do with the gas heater. The manufacturer (JML) claims that tests have shown JML Instant Heater to heat 3X faster than the normal gas heater and costs only half of the money compared to gas heaters.

JML Instant Heater Review

So, does the JML Instant Heater work?

JML Instant Heater looks very promising on the paper with its “Carbon Fibre” heating element, but does it really work that well? instant heating, deep tissue heat penetration, indoors and outdoors – is it really that good? Well lets find out in the review below. We have analyzed over a hundred reviews to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the JML Instant Heater. So here is what we have to say about it.

It does work

Many reviewers mention in their testimonials that the JML Instant Heater does work though with varying degrees, when the conditions are not too severe. It has got some disadvanatges though which the manufacturer cleverly hides.

Does not oscillate

One of the main compliant of those using the JML Instant Heater is that it heats up only the space just in front of it. It is like a spot heater. If you are not in front of the heater you will not feel the warmth. Many reviewers feel that at this price the JML Instant Heater should have the oscillating feature.

Not Very Powerful

Some reviews mention that the JML Instant Heater is not very powerful as compare to other traditional gas heaters. You have sit very close to the heater to get warm. So as the manufacturer claims, fitting the heater on the wall is not very good practical idea, the heater has to be at the same level where you are sitting and that too close by.

Does not work well in the wind

Though the manufacturer claim that the heater is not affected by winds, the reviews reveal the fact that efficiency is definitely diminished by chilly winds.

JML Instant Heater is Expensive

Priced at £199.99 this is an expensive heater and many reviewers feel that it is certainly not worth the price.

Suited for One Person

Users mention in the reviews that the JML Instant Heater video misleads you into believing that this heater replaces a family size heater. This is not true, the JML Instant Heater is more of a single person heater that too you have to be right in front of it and near.

Not Effective when it is too chilling cold

One user complains that the JML Instant Heater does not warm objects like tools you are working with. They feel very cold in a chilling weather this heater does not warm the work area. And with a slightest breeze the warmth is gone. Definitely not a heater to be used outdoors.

Not As Advertised

Reviews ascertain the fact that the JML Instant Heater is certainly not what it is advertised to be. It is not a space heater, it comes close to be a personal heater. And its a very expensive heater for £199.99. And would need many more of these heater to warm the place of the size shown in the tv review.

Good for Enclosed Areas

Some reviews mention that the JML Instant Heater is good for enclosed porch, deck or workplace. The warmth is lost the moment you shut it off, says one user.

Be Careful

One user cautions to be careful when using the JML Instant Heater outdoors, the heater is waterproof but not the wires, you need to house the joints properly to make them waterproof. One reviewer cautions not to use this JML Instant Heater near the decks with trex material.

Incomplete Information

The is no information on how to install the heater and also no information about the dimensions of the heater etc.

No Stand

Many such infrared heaters come with stand. But not the JML Instant Heater. Putting it on a stand improve the efficiency of the heater, says one reviewer.

Heats up Instantly

Almost all the users agree that the JML Instant Heater heats up instantly. And many feel it is much safer than the propane gas heaters.

No Thermostat

The JML Instant Heater does not have a Thermostat – the device that switches on and off the device when the desired temperature is reached. So you have to manually keep turning the heater on and off when it is too cold or warm.

Our Verdict

There is not doubt that the JML Instant Heater does heat up pretty fast and is good for heating small places when its not chilling cold. But the major drawback of the heater is its price of £199.99. This heater from JML is not the only “Carbon Fibre” heater in the market. There are many of them and they range from £40 to £100. So people find it now worthy of the high price.