Hydro Mist REVIEW | As Seen On TV Humidifier Busted


What is Hydro Mist?

It is portable, rechargeable mist humidifier with fan and led light. Hydro-Mist claims to freshen up your surroundings with cool air and mist and also claims to kill bacteria.


How does Hydro Mist work?

Perfect Solution to Beat the Heat – Hydro Mist, according to its makers, is a powerful cool mist humidifier-cum-portable fan that keeps you cool and comfy wherever you are. Hydro Mist is designed to give out nice, cool breeze, mist and even light as it features six pleasant color-changing LED lights. Being compact and lightweight, Hydro Mist is a portable device that does not need batteries and can be used anywhere.


Hydro Mist Offer


Easy to Use – The makers of Hydro Mist further claim that all you have to do to use it is pour some water into its reservoir at the top and switch it on. It will work smoothly for four hours continuously by gently sprinkling mist and suffusing cool air as it also works like compact fan that can be used anywhere


Fights Bacteria, Odor and Allergens too – Hydro Mist also guarantees to eliminate harmful bacteria and allergens. It can also double as an aroma therapy diffuser in which you can add some drops of exotic oils, to banish foul smell and give a spa-like experience.


Hydro Mist Price

Hydro Mist is priced at $20 and $7 shipping. You can buy additional Hydro Mist unit for additional $7. Hydro Mist is available only at the official website BuyHydroMist.com. One reviewer points out that there are better proven portable humidifiers available out there in the market which cost below $20 and there is no reason why one should buy the Hydro Mist. He further mentions in his review that if you decide to return the the Hydro Mist unit you still have to pay $7 as shipping charges and if you have two units then $14.


Hydro Mist REVIEWS

Hydro-Mist is Unable to Whip Up Good Mist

A customer who bought Hydro Mist has complained in his review that it doesn’t work the way its advertisements proclaim. He says that the fan isn’t powerful enough to spray water around nor its misting feature is any good. He says he’s still wondering how Hydro Mist could be such a dampener. Some others who’ve shared their feedback about Hydro Mist also think that it doesn’t have the required amount of power to do its job. Most of the customers have reported sheer disappointment with its supposed misting feature. They have specified that Hydro Mist cannot create the mistiness they want as its hole is too small to release mist properly.


Hydro Mist on Table

Not so Powerful and Durable

Worse, its battery can power it for barely three hours and not not four hours as it’s advertised. One of the users has written that he carried his newly purchased Hydro Mist outdoors but when he switched it on, it didn’t cool. Other customers who’ve sent their reviews about Hydro Mist echo similar reactions. At the most, some of them have said that the fan is alright and not too bad, though it doesn’t seem very durable and stable. According to them, other handheld rechargeable fans do a much better job, so they wouldn’t recommend this device to anyone. Quite a few of them are planning to return it and look for better options.


Hydro Mist is too Noisy and Peculiar to Look at

One more problem pointed out by several customers is that Hydro Mist makes too much noise. One of the users says she was very happy to grab this ‘nice, portable misting fan’. It worked fine for a couple of days but started making noise after that. She tried to find out why the fan was so noisy and do something about it, but it didn’t work. After a while, she stopped figuring it out so that the device doesn’t get damaged. She’s now decided to stop taking it out because of the noise it makes. She says that though the concept of Hydro Mist is good, its makers need to improve upon it and do something about its noisiness. Other customers have also revealed that they feel a bit awkward to take Hydro Mist out as it looks a bit strange (some have even called it eccentric), so they’d rather use it only at home.


Hydro Mist with Fan

Issues with Pouring Water into the Unit

Another problem with Hydro Mist, according to quite a few users is that it’s not very easy to pour water into it. They have complained that water starts getting accumulated at the top instead of going inside the reservoir, which results in condensation around the unit. They have to empty this water manually by putting a sponge in the reservoir to absorb it, and the fan doesn’t work without it. A couple of users have said they even tried using distilled and purified water but that didn’t help either. Another problem highlighted by some users is that Hydro Mist throws too much water around so they have to keep a tray below it to prevent moisture from spoiling the surfaces.


Some of the exasperated customers have remarked that choosing Hydro Mist for its looks and small size has been a disaster, while a bigger fan would have been better. One user has also said he expected it to work like a USB humidifier but it doesn’t, so buying it has been a waste of money.


Inconsistent Performance

According to some users, Hydro Mist lacks consistently and stability. It clogs at times, fails to humidify and stops working and misting. Its USB cord also doesn’t stay stable nor do its batteries work for long as the advertisements show. Those who expected Hydro Mist to get from allergies say they got a rude shock as it simply does not remove the allergens and bacteria nor provide relief from heat. As for positive feedback for Hydro Mist, some buyers have written in that they find it perfect for small rooms where you don’t need it for prolonged use. It cools room quite well, even humidifies decently and does a fine job overall. Some customers also use Hydro Mist to humidify their plants placed even indoors. What they like about using Hydro Mist for watering plants is that there’s no surplus water that has to be collected. It just sprinkles the right amount of water on plants without leaving any mess behind.


Hydro Mist in Car Cup Holder

Mold can build inside the Hydro Mist

The water in the Hydro Mist can be a breeding ground for allergy causing fungi, mold and dust mites. Adding some vinegar to the water can solve this issue. But if you forget to carry out the regular “maintenance” then the Hydro Mist will help the allergens to spread across your house.


Analysis of the Claims made by Hydro Mist

4 Hours of Continuous Use

Nope this claim by Hydro Mist is not true, reviews have verified that the Hydro Mist runs (for diffusing the mist) continuously for max two hours, if you put the fan that would bring the run time below two hours.


Luxurious Spa Experience

Nope, this is the most nonsensical claim made by the promoters of the Hydro Mist. It is nothing more than a “portable” humidifier, don’t expect it to provide a “SPA” like experience.


Hydrated Air

Nope, the Hydro Mist isn’t powerful enough to give hydrated air that you can experience and can draw any benefit from it.


Small Quiet Fan

Nope, Hydro Mist is noisy, Hydro-Mist reviews complain about the fan being noisy.


Proper Humidity Helps Prevent Snoring By soothing the tissues of your nose and throat.

Forget it, the Hydro Mist does not generate enough hydrated air to have any effect on your snoring. The promoters of Hydro Mist are lying here. Though humidifiers in principle help with snoring but it applies to REAL humidifiers, not to something like Hydro Mist – which is nothing more than a toy.


Hydro Mist on Computer Desk

Proper Humidity may relieve allergy symptoms and stop the allergens that float in the dry air.

Hydro Mist does not generate the amount of humidity required to have a desired effect on negating the allergy causing allergens.


Our Verdict on Hydro Mist

The marketers of the Hydro Mist employ very cheap marketing techniques (as seen on tv manufacturers often do this). This is evident from the way the product is named “Hydro Mist”. This portable humidifier is named as “Hydro Mist” (with space) to connect with the much popular and acclaimed “Made In the USA” HydoMist misting fans. They want people to believe that this as seen on tv “Hydro Mist” is related to the branded HydroMist fans and thus make their product sell.


Hydro Mist is a toy and because it is laden with too many features, it has lost its identity. A humidifier, a fan, a light all put into one small piece of gimmicky gadget. At best it can be used as a humidifier in your car or small cubicle in the office, but for the bedroom? just forget it.


The only function of the Hydro Mist that offers “some” value is the humidifier and the night USB light, the fan is useless – so say the reviews.


Hydro Mist is not the only portable humidifier with fan and light out there in the market. There are several of them available. We would suggest you buy on of those. If you are looking for a humidifier to address snoring problem then you need to go for a bigger REAL humidifier like the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier or the VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom Baby, Premium Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet Operation or Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist.


If you are looking for a portable humidifier like Hydro Mist than we would suggest the following alternatives:


  • Portable Mini USB Humidifier from MZTDYTL
  • NovoLido Portable USB Humidifier
  • AmuseNd USB Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini USB
  • CLBO Mini Humidifier

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