Heat Boss Review | BuyHeatBoss.com Space Heater Review

What is Heat Boss?

Heat Boss is the new As Seen On TV electric Space Heater which claims to super heat your space [up to 250 sq. ft] in just seconds. The Handy Boss claims to be smaller than a lunch box and is portable to carry to your office too. The Heat Boss has three heat settings and claims to be whisper quite. You can keep the “Handy Boss” running all night as it provides warm soothing air. As per the tests performed and demonstrated in the official website BuyHeatBoss.com, the space heater can increase the ambient temperature by 9 Degree Fahrenheit. Heat Boss can be used in bathroom, garage, basements etc. Use it while working, watching TV, cooking or while doing any activity.


The Heat Boss claims to use the Thermo-Ceramic Technology

The Heat Boss uses the tried and tested Ceramic heating method. In the Ceramic Convective Heaters like the Heat Boss, electricity heats the Aluminium “fins”, the heat is than transferred to the “Ceramic” heating element. The fan at the end draws cool air from the surrounding and passes the air over the ceramic and metal element which makes the air “warmer”. This is the rough idea of how the Heat Boss space heater works. The promoters of the Heat Boss can be used even outside, but such claims have no basis.

Heat Boss Review | BuyHeatBoss.com Space Heater Review

The “True Shield” filter of the Heat Boss claims to remove odour from the air as well. The Heat Boss has 6 different lights at the top which act as a night light.



What do I get?

You get 1 Heat Boss Space Heater for $39.99 + Free S/h. The Heat Boss is available at the official website BuyHeatBoss.com


Compare Price

  • Heat Boss 1200 watt Ceramic Heater As Seen On TV – $39.99
  • LifePlus 1500 watt Space Heater for Indoor Use – $39.99
  • TEKcians 1500 watt Electric Portable Space Heater – $45.99
  • Selanto 1500 watt Portable Electric Space Heater – $28.98
  • Amazon Basics 500 watt Ceramic Small Heater – $20.71
  • Amazon Basics 1500 watt Oscillating Ceramic Heater – $29.40
  • Verdict – Steam Boss has many affordable alternatives and the average price of these tried and tested ceramic heaters is around $33, besides these heaters have all the standard functions and features like thermostat, oscillation etc. We personally recommend the “LifePlus 1500 watt Space Heater”.



Heat Boss Review


Pros and Cons of Heat Boss

Advantages of Heat Boss

  • Heats Up Quickly – The ceramic plates in the Heat Boss heater absorb heat fast and reach the desired temperature quickly. The heater cools down pretty fast once the electricity supply is switched off.
  • Energy Efficient – The Heat Boss is a 1200 watt portable space heater and consumes much less energy compared to the big and bulky space heaters. One reason why Heat Boss is so energy-efficient is because it heats fast.
  • Lightweight and Portable – The Heat Boss being a ceramic based heater is lightweight and can be carried around unlike the bulky space heaters.
  • Affordable – Ceramic heaters like the Heat Boss are the most affordable heaters in the market. Heat Boss is priced at $40 but there are similar models available on Amazon.com that cost around $20.
  • Cool-Touch Housing – Since the Heat Boss heater has all plastic body, it is safe to touch. The outer body of the heater does not get hot to a level where it can pose a threat.

Heat Boss Heater Disadvantages

  • Lacks Safety Features – The Heat Boss lacks critical safety features like “Tip-Over Protection” and the “Over-Heat Protection”. Tip-Over protection ensures that the heater turns off automatically when knocked down. Over-heat protection turns off the heater when it gets too hot. Heat Boss lacks both these features.
  • Cools Down Rapidly – The Heat Boss heater cools down rapidly once the heater is switched off. That means the chill is back as soon as you turn off the Heat Boss heater.
  • Heat Can be Blocked – Since Heat Boss “radiates” warm air, the air-flow can be disrupted by objects in between.
  • No Suitable for Allergic People – Ceramic heaters like the Heat Boss are not recommended for people with breathing issues. It is recommended to keep the room with a ceramic heater, ventilated.



How is Heat Boss powered?

Heat Boss is powered by the “Mains” electricity supply in your house/office. The heater though portable has no in-built rechargeable batteries, so you have to connect the Heat Boss heater to the wall outlet. This is a disadvantage considering the fact that you cannot carry it to outdoor for camping.


Does not oscillate

The one important drawback of the Heat Boss heater is that it does not oscillate. The other similar space heater do oscillate and at the price it should. The Heat Boss Space Heater is a very basic unit with a lot of features missing.


No Thermostat

The Heat Boss does not have a thermostat, that means there are no auto controls. The unit keeps running until you turn it off. The setting button provided is to adjust the speed of the fan and not the temperature.


Heats Up Relatively Well

If you don’t have to beat a lot of chill then the Heat Boss works relatively well to reduce the chill. Experts recommend buying several of these units to warm up a room. The Heat Boss is certainly not meant to heat up a room of 250 sq. ft, that is an exaggeration. But does work as a personal heater where you need to deliver heat for one person. You won’t feel the warmth unless you are just a couple of feet away from the heater.



Noisy Heater

The Heat Boss is quite noisy, it is not whisper quiet as claimed in the TV ad. Not very convenient to use in the office or while working. If you can bear the noise it produces, the Heat Boss is an excellent heater to use in office under the desk. The heat output is good to warm up a small space under the desk.


Use Multiple Heaters

Though the throw of the heat is not very far, using a couple of these heaters will warm up your bedroom in about 20 minutes. The Heat Boss is not suited for larger living rooms, there are numerous complaints about the users who put the heater in the living room expecting it to warm up the entire room. Though the Heat Boss is categorized as a “space heater”, it is in-fact more of a personal heater. The problem is that you have to manually shut off the heater as there is no auto “on/off” in the Heat Boss Heater.


Works Fine for Bathrooms

The one place that the Heat Boss warms up pretty quick is the bathroom. The Heat Boss is a sort of boon on chilly mornings


Weak Fan

The fan of the Heat Boss is not great either. There is a light inside the Heat Boss that glows red when the heater is switched on. This light gives a false impression that the ceramic plates inside get red hot and glow, the photo and the depiction is misleading.



Our Verdict

Heat Boss has too many disadvantages than advantages, especially the lack of safety features and being non-rechargeable. Besides Heat Boss is not the only portable ceramic heater out there in the market. At the same price you can buy a heater with Thermostat, Remote, Timer and an Oscillating feature.

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