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What is Turbo Heat 800?

Handy Heater Turbo Heat or just “Turbo Heat 800” is a 800 Watt Cordless, Compact Space Heater. Just plug in the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt to the wall outlet. “800” in the name of the heater denotes the wattage of the heater. It is the third variant of the popular as seen on tv heater series – “Handy Heater”. This particular unit comes with a Thermostat.

The cold can be unbearable and intimidating but heating the whole house can be too expensive. Bulky heaters a good at heating but take up a lot of space, what you need is a portable heater like the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt. The Official review of the heater on BuyTurboHeat.com claims that the Turbo Heat may be small in size but is BIG on HEAT. The Turbo Heat 800 Manufacturer claims that the 800 Watts of power circulates warm soothing air throughout the room that is up to 250 sq. ft in size. The manufacturer claims that with the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt, you can go from chilly and cold to toasty and warm in no time, but our product experts take these claims with a grain of salt.




Built-in Thermostat

The Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt comes with a built-in thermostat which you can adjust to your comfort zone.


Whisper Quiet

Handy Heater Turbo Heat is claimed to be whisper quiet even on the highest setting.


Uses of the Handy Heater Turbo Heat

Handy Heater Turbo Heat is perfect for watching TV, reading, you can even keep the Handy Heater 800 ON for the whole night for cozy and warm sleep. Perfect for office, Cubicles, dorm rooms, RV, Basements, Garages and more. You can even carry the Handy Heater Turbo Heat in your bag.


Micro-Ceramic Technology

The 800 Watt Handy Heater Turbo Heat claims to use the “Micro-Ceramic Technology”. This technology is nothing new, all portable heaters use the ceramic plate which when heated, radiate heat. The heat is blown out by a small fan.


Tests Performed on the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt

The commercial on the official Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt website [BuyTurboHeat.com] claims that they observed the heating effect of the Handy Heater Turbo Heat using thermal imaging camera and the change in the temperature was a stunning 20 Degree Fahrenheit. The official website BuyTurboHeat.com claims that they tested the heater in the basement and the temperature rose from 55 Degree Fahrenheit to 75 Degree Fahrenheit in just minutes. Though there are no independent tests performed to attest this claim.



Rotating Plug

One of the nice features of the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 is the rotating plug. The Turbo Heater 800 comes with a button at the back which when de-pressed allows you to rotate the heater up side down [in 90 Degrees to the left or right]. This feature of the Turbo Heat 800 comes handy when you want to direct the flow of the heat in a particular direction.


Turbo Heat 800 Functions

Touch-sensitive buttons for:
  • Power On/Off
  • Temperature Control
  • Timer


What do I get?

If you purchase the Handy Heater Turbo Heat from the official website BuyTurboHeat.com, you get 2 heaters for the price of $44.98 [that is one Handy Heater Turbo Heat for $22.49]. The Turbo Heat 800 is also available at Amazon.com for $29.99 + S/h for one unit.


What’s the Difference between the Original Handy Heater and the Hany Heater Turbo Heat?

The earlier Handy Heater models [the Original and the Handy Heater Pure Warmth] used cord and lacked the Thermostat. Also the Pure Warmth version of the Handy Heater had a powerful 1200 watt motor. The Handy Heater Turbo Heat has a smaller 800 Watt motor. The Turbo Heat can be plugged directly into the outlet in the wall and is portable in true sense. The earlier models of Handy Heater are somewhat bulky.


Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt Review

While the claims made by the manufacturer of Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 are extravagant, the actual user reviews reveal the true qualities of the heater.



Grinding Noise

The biggest complaint about the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt is that it makes a rattling noise and is hard to use the heater in the office or at night. Although this is not the case with all the Turbo Heat 800 Watt heaters but most of them have this issue.


Faulty Thermostat

Then there are some reviews that mention the problem with the Thermostat. The Turbo Heat 800 heater seems to increase and reduce the temperature on its own without any input, causing inconvenience to the people. There are a few complaints that mention the heater shutting down completely by itself, this could because of the cheap Chinese Thermostat.


Overhyped Heater

The manufacturer’s claim that the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 can raise the ambient temperature by 20 Degree F is an exaggeration. In reality the temperature difference is just a few degree, as reported by the users.


Faulty Buttons

Then there are several complaints about the On/Off button, you have to press the buttons several times to get it work. One Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 Watt user suggests removing the heater from the wall outlet because the faulty mechanism may cause the heater to turn on or off. The button sensors are not placed correctly so when you press the Temperature decrease button, it activates the “Temperature increase” function instead.


It is Loud

The Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 is quite loud, it is nothing like “whisper quiet” that the official ad in BuyTurboHeat.com claims it to be. There are numerous complaints about the high decibel sound this Turbo Heat 800 produces, probably that is the reason why they don’t mention the sound levels of the heater in the official website. Also the heater vibrates a lot because the fan is not secured properly.


Barely Heats a 50 sq. ft Area

Our product expert reveals why the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 fails to work as claimed. Basically this is a tiny personal heater [not a space heater]. The thermostat in the Turbo Heat 800 automatically cuts off [for safety reasons] when it reaches a particular temperature and then the heat quickly dissipates and the heater “cools” down, the thermostat is supposed to turn back” on” at the stipulated temperature but given the poor quality of the Turbo Heat 800, it [thermostat] fails to turn back on and the fan just keeps blowing the air around.



Flawed Design

A Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 user reveals that the placement of the fan and the thermostat in the Turbo Heat 800 heater is not correct. The Thermostat is placed between the ceramic plates and the fan, this causes the Thermostat to go on/off every 10 seconds or so. If the Thermostat is placed at the end it would have resulted in consistent performance. The current design does not let it maintain a consistent temperature.


No Great for Bathroom Either

One Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 user mentions in his review that he purchased the heater for a bathroom use and even with the door shut the heater did not difference to the temperature in the small bathroom. Ironically the instruction manual of the Turbo Heat 800 Heater mentions not to use the heater in the bathroom.


Turbo Heat 800 is Not a Space Heater

The Turbo Heat 800 reviews reveal that the heater is not at all a “Space Heater”. According the reviews the Turbo Heat 800 barely heats up a space of 100 sq. ft, it is nothing like “toasty” and “cozy”. “To feel the warmth from the heater, you have to be exactly in front of it and about a couple of feet away” – One Turbo Heat 800 reviewer mentions. “It [Handy Heater 800] is falsely advertised to be a “Space Heater” it is barely a personal heater, it would take a half a dozens of these heaters to heat up a 250 sq. ft room to a comfortable level.” – Turbo Heat 800 User



Won’t Last Long

Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 lacks in quality too. There are numerous complaints about the Turbo Heat 800 quitting working after a couple of weeks. In some cases the heater gives up in a few days. Not that all the units die that quickly but the number is substantial. Probably because of its Chinese Origin.


Ok for Small Cubicles

The Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 works okay for small office cubicles, and small bathrooms. That is if you are lucky enough to have a good unit. Since most wall outlets are near the flooring, it is hard to get the warmth at the face level. The Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800 comes in handy when you don’t have to heat up rooms that chilling cold. Don’t touch the front grill as it gets very hot.


Our Verdict

We do not recommend the Handy Heater Turbo Heat 800. The reviews are not great and besides this is not the only portable space heater in the market out there. It certainly is the most over-hyped one though.



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