Handy Heater Pure Warmth Review | As Seen On TV Buy PureWarmth.com Review

What is Handy Heater Pure Warmth?

As the name suggests “Pure Warmth” is an “as seen on tv” personal space heater that claims to warm up your space and also works as a personal “air purifier”. The manufacturer claims that as seen on tv Pure Warmth is the quick and easiest way to get instant warmth. Handy Heater Pure Warmth is the latest “as seen on tv” personal heater. That’s the reason why the words “Heater” and “Pure”.

Handy Heater Pure Warmth Review | BuyPureWarmth.com Review

How does Buy PureWarmth.com Heater Work?

The manufacturer’s review claim the as seen on tv Handy Heater Pure Warmth to increase the temperature of the space around you by 20 Degree Fahrenheit in just seconds. The Handy Heater Pure Warmth has three heat settings. BuyPureWarmth.com claims the heater to be whisper quiet. The official review on BuyPureWarmth.com shows how the Pure Warmth heater warms up the interior of tent being warmed up in snowy conditions. Pure Warmth Handy Heater can be used in the bathroom, garage and bedrooms.

Handy Heater Pure Warmth Uses

How does “Pure Warmth” Purify the Air?

The Handy Heater Pure Warmth claims to have a powerful UV-Light source that purifies the air. It also has a “Ceramic Heat Technology” that transforms cold winter air into warm air. As seen on tv BuyPureWarmth.com also claim the Pure Warmth Heater to be effective outdoors in winters. Handy Heater Pure Warmth can be an effective alternative to odor killing sprays and bulky oil and electric heaters. The special filter helps remove unpleasant odors from your house.

Pure Warmth Handy Heater is light weight and runs on a 1200 watt motor that supposedly consumes less electricity as compared to other heaters. The soothing ceramic heat retains the moisture in the air, so it is not the dry heat but the moist heat why wont leave your skin dry in the night.

Handy Heater Pure Warmth REVIEW

No Handle

Users report that the As Seen On TV Handy Heater Pure Warmth does work but there is no handle to carry the Pure Warmth heater around. The heater gets hot and you have to hold it with two hands, there is a risk of burning your fingers and hand. The front metallic grill of the Pure Warmth heater gets really hot and is inconvenient to carry.

No Thermostat

The As Seen On TV BuyPureWarmth.com Heater does not come with a Thermostat. . The thermostat cuts of the electric supply once a specific temperature is reached. But the absence of the thermostat causes the Pure Warmth heater to stay running until you switch it off, not very eco-friendly. The Pure Warmth heater will keep throwing the same amount of warm air as long as it is on. We analyzed a lot of reviews of other but similar heaters and found that none of such heaters have thermostats.

Good Air Output

The warm air output of the Pure Warmth heater is decent, though it does not throw the hot air quiet far, a couple of feet that’s it. You see the “warm” results instantly but it is definitely not “20 degree” warmer. There is an increase of 5 to 7 degrees and that is good for most of the users. The As Seen On TV Pure Warmth heater gets to hot if the temperature is above 40 degree. If you put your hand in-front of the grill it is really warm and toasty but the warmth does not reach a couple of feet away from the heater. The fan used to blow the air is small, like the one that ventilates the computer CPU.

Moderately Noisy

The Handy Heater Pure Warmth is moderately noisy. Some reviewers do find it a bit annoying but not all. The fan pushes out a lot of air and therefore the BuyPureWarmth.com heater is not “whisper” quiet as claimed. Many people do not find it very intrusive. It produces a good amount of “humming” sound at the highest speed setting. Some people do find it annoying especially at the night.

Heats Up Personal Space

Handy Heater Pure Warmth is a powerful heater and heats up personal space relatively faster but it blows the air only front and not sideways, so it benefits only one person. Remember, the Pure Warmth is a personal space heater and you should not except it to heat-up an entire room. It is best suited to heat the space around your work-station, around the bed, small offices, campers and cubicles etc. As one reviewer mentions, she uses the As Seen On TV Handy Heater Pure Warmth to heat the space around her baby after bath. the other drawback of the heater is that it does not oscillate so you have to be exactly in front of the Pure Warmth heater to feel the warmth. There are reviewers who have used in a camper and report that it did a descent warming job. Recommended distance where the Pure Warmth heater should sit is 2 to 4 feet away.

Sleek Stylish Design

One feature that all the buyers like is the stylish look of the Handy Heater Pure Warmth heater. Many people just buy it because it looks so cute on the table, of-course it provides some warmth. The small size of the As Seen On TV Pure Warmth heater makes it ideal to carry and fits almost anywhere. Would have been even better if it came with a remote control.

How Long Would It Last

Based on the reviews we can conclude that he Pure Warmth would last anywhere between 6 months to one and a half year. Unfortunately it does not come with any warranty. There are better alternatives out there that come with warranty. People tend to buy a different brand heater after trying the Pure Warmth.


Many reviewers find the As Seen On TV Handy Heater Pure Warmth to be moderately sturdy though it is all hard plastic body. There are personal space heaters out there in the market that have metal housing. People tend to buy those as they are more sturdy and durable.

Safety Concerns

No safety issue as it has an auto-shut of if it tips over, though some reviewers mention that lack of a handle is a “safety concern”. People are reluctant to leave the Handy Heater Pure Warmth alone. Some reviews even mention that the hot grill can potentially start a fire. Has some chemical odor which takes some time to dissipate.

Good for Offices

Handy Heater Pure Warmth is great for small offices. Users have reported in their reviews that the heater does a descent job of warming up the offices even on lower speed setting. But certainly not “Whisper Quiet”, you may have to turn it off if you have a meeting if you or your client are too sensitive to noise. Though the person in front of the heater will benefit the most. Many buyers use it for night-shift jobs.

How does it compare with the original Handy Heater

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