Handy Brite REVIEW | As Seen On TV “Heavy Duty” Light


What is Handy Brite?

Handy Brite is a hands-free, rechargeable and cordless heavy-duty light that features 20 ultra-bright COB LEDs with chrome reflective backing. It is promoted by Telebrands as a highly versatile cordless and rechargeable work light that guarantees bright illumination anywhere anytime, and can be used an emergency light and a drop light as well.


Handy Brite



About the Name “Handy Brite”

The as seen on tv hands free light is aptly named “Handy Brite” given its hands-free nature and the intensity of the light. One user points out in his review that with 500 lumens of brightness, Handy Brite is the brightest light in the “cliplight” style category. No wonder why it is called the Handy Brite Light. Th word “HANDY” is somewhat in-correct here in the case of Handy Brite. The word “HANDY” indicates something that you have to hold with the hand, but that’s not the case with Handy Brite, it is completely hands-free.


How does Handy Brite work?

Besides being compact and lightweight, Handy Brite claims to be a resourceful heavy duty hands-free light that comes in handy virtually everywhere. It emphasizes its functionality by highlighting features that assure you of maximized usefulness indoors as well as outdoors for any purpose.


Handy Brite Stands, Hangs and Attaches



Handy Brite assures you of desired flexibility and ease of use as it can be attached, hung as well as made to stand as per your requirement. To begin with, its magnet base apparently is powerful enough to be affixed to any metal surface. As for hanging it somewhere if needed, it has a swivel hook, which allows you to dangle it wherever you want. Handy Brite can also be made to stand if that’s how you want to use it in a particular situation.


Further, its non-slip grip, courtesy its ergonomic rubber handle, aim to make it all the more useful. Handy Brite also guarantees durability so you can use it even in challenging, rugged places and emergency situations.


Overall, Handy Brite has been projected as a highly versatile light that can be used in a multiple ways, but it’s essential to look at its reviews to verify all its claims.



Handy Brite REVIEW

Not a Rechargeable Light

Having used Handy Brite for some days, Evelyn David has written in her review that contrary to her expectations, it is not saving her money as it is not rechargeable. Although its light is bright enough, it requires three AAA rechargeable batteries to work. Besides, you need to use a charger rather than a USB cord for charging it. She says she’s quite disappointed with Brite Light and has started doubting the authenticity of reviews in which other users praised it to the skies, which made her choose it over other brands.


Liam Woods says that Handy Brite is not heavy-duty and long-lasting as it’s simply not strong. According to him, Handy Brite is made of plastic, something he wasn’t aware of until he bought it. It broke when it fell down from his hand once, so he thinks it’s not heavy-duty, long-lasting or ideal for emergencies. Further, he reveals that it Handy Brite is not water-proof, so it cannot be used anywhere. He’s wondering what makes Handy Brite so special as it is not practical to be used in most places.



Shaky and Flimsy

Another customer, Ashton Daniels, has complained that Handy Brite does not remain steadily fixed when attached to a surface. Its magnet is unable to hold it steadfastly and it keep dropping down. Ashton says that its magnet should have been as powerful as its advertisements proclaim. He’s also noticed that its top portion is rather fragile, so it has to be handled with extra care.


Short-lived Battery

According to Aiden Jennings, the duration of charge that Handy Brite battery holds is far less than what she’d expected. She’s not very happy with its mechanism too as it doesn’t get attached to most surfaces. She feels that all the claims it makes are misleading and make her wonder if it’s a fraud product. Handy Brite is not something she’ll recommend to anyone as she doesn’t find it suitable even for regular use. However, she agrees with reviews of others which state that it does a fine job of giving out bright light.


Handy Brite Price Analysis

You get 2 Handy Brite Lights for $19.99 + $6.99 S/h at the official website: HandyBrite.ca. i.e one Handy Brite for $13.50. This price does not include the 3 AAA batteries.



Analysis of the Handy Brite Claims

“Hands-Free Cordless Light”

Yes, reviews have confirmed that Handy Brite works as a “hands-free” light. Powered by the 3 AAA batteries, it is also cordless. Handy Brite reviews reveal the fact that But because it is battery powered and given the high intensity of the light that Handy Brite throws, it is a battery eating monster.


20 Ultra-Bright COB LEDs with Chrome Reflective Backing

Handy Brite comes with 20 COB LEDs but there are better options out there which come with 28 and 36 LEDs. Often hands-free lights like the Handy Brite boast of the 100000 hours life of the LEDs, which has nothing to do with the actual life of the product itself.


Powerful Magnet Base – Attaches To Any Metal Surfaces

Not a very good feature. Reviews mention that the magnets are not so strong to hold the Handy Brite against any metal surface. reviews have attested the fact that the overall built quality of the Handy Brite is flimsy.


Swivel Hook – Hang It Anywhere You Need Light

Works pretty well when hanging but cannot throw enough light directly down below. It the Handy Brite light is hanging too high, it might not be very useful.


Non-Slip Grip – Ergonomic Rubber Handle

Reviews have confirmed this to be true and it comes in handy.


Lightweight, Compact & Durable – Built to Last

Handy Brite is very lightweight and is also compact (actually it is small in size) BUT HANDY BRITE IS NOT DURABLE reviews have confirmed that Handy Brite is not durable. It breaks easily when dropped from height.



Our Verdict on Handy Brite

Reviews written in by users indicate that Handy Brite is quite good at giving out bright lights but lacks the qualities like durability, ease of use and portability. Moreover, some people have recommended other brands as better alternatives in their reviews, so not buying it would not be a huge loss. Handy Brite is not an unique light, there are several similar lights available on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com and other online retailers. Some of the similar lights are:
  • Cliplight Pivot LEDWork Light and Flashlight – Magnetic Base and Hook – For Car Repairing, Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Hurricane, Fishing 2 x 8.5 Inches
  • Diversitech 111114 Original Pivot Light with LED Technology
  • COBA LED COB Work Light with Magnetic Base and Hook – Portable Rechargeable Work Light With 18650 Batteries/700 lumens-For Industrial Construction,Car Repair,Emergency Use
  • Starsea 36 LED Work Light and 5 LED Flashlight for Household, Workshop, Garage, Auto, Camping, Emergency Kit with Magnet and 360 Degree Rotating Hanging Hook, Blue



Do we recommend the Handy Brite?

Yes, we do recommend the Handy Brite although its features are a bit exaggerated. We would recommend buying the Handy Brite from Amazon.com for $14 or Walmart.com for $17. Handy Brite has around 50 reviews on Walmart.com and has a rating of 4.5 based on the fifty reviews. Not many “as seen on tv” promoters have the guts to promote their products on third party retail websites like Amazon.com as this would expose the “true” nature of the product. But Handy Brite is not one of those products. We appreciate that Handy Brite is available with Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

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