Flame Bulb REVIEW | LED Flame Bulb As Seen On TV


What is Flame bulb?

Flame bulb is a product that looks to enlighten your house and improve on its ambiance with its candle-like flame and looks. The bulb aims to replace any other bulbs that you may have in places which could use a little makeover to look better than they currently do. This bulb looks like an ordinary bulb, but once it is switched on, the bulb lets out a candle like a flame which would raise the look of your home.

Flame Bulb

The bulb has the authentic glow of a candle which gives it the rustic and golden feel. The brand claims that this product is warm and inviting to people which makes your home more attractive than ever. With the Flame bulb, you get the natural candlelight look with the convenience of turning it on and off with a switch.

How does the Flame bulb work?

The Flame bulb is different from the regular bulbs. It has led lights placed inside the outer covering. These lights light up based on a pattern which gives it the incredible candle look and feel. Since the outer cover is isolated from the LED lights, the bulb doesn’t get warm and hence is comfortable to touch without burning your hand.

How to use the Flame bulb?

The Flame bulb might look different when you plug it in and start using it, but the truth is that it operates like any other bulb that you might use. So, similar to the other bulbs, plug the Flame bulb into any regular bulb socket and turn the switch on to get amazing candle like authentic feel. The convenience of having a candle with a switch to turn it on or off is the best part about the Flame bulb.


Now, let us talk about the facts, drawbacks, and cons of the Flame bulb.

The Name Flame bulb (Name Analysis)

The name is derived from the words that are related to candles like flame which makes it look more authentic than it probably is which is a big no no itself when searching for new products. The word flame, when included with bulb, makes it sound like a candle with the modern convenience.

The justification of the product can only be understood after using it.

Claim Analysis

Now, let us see how the claims made by the product during marketing it hold up in real life as compared to the reel life.

  • Never blows out
    The claim of the Flame bulb never blowing out is true to a certain extent. Since the product does not have a real flame, it can’t be blown out, but the life of the bulb is very short; thus the bulb cannot be used over a week or so.
  • Stays cool to touch
    This claim theoretically should have no problem holding up. But since in reality, the space between the LED lights and the outer covering is not enough, the outer cover can get quite hot, and because it is made of plastic, it melts at times too which renders the Flame bulb useless.
  • Helps reduce stress
    The claim of the bulb helping reduce stress is bogus since it cannot be proved scientifically that it reduces stress in any way.
  • Use in any standard light fixture
    The Flame bulb is poorly finished, and even though it should fit into a standard light fixture, it often fails to owing to the poor quality. When installing into a light fixture, it needs to be fidgeted with a lot before it fits into the fixture, that is in case it does.
  • No batteries to change
    This claim of the product not needing to replace batteries is true. But the Flame bulb has a whole different issue which is much worse than having to change simple batteries. The product does not have a very long life which means that it needs to be replaced frequently. This along with the issues that occur while fitting it are more troublesome than just replacing some batteries.
  • Adds instant curb appeal to any house
    This claim of the company is valid only for the first few hours. After the first few hours, slowly all the LED lights inside it stop working which means that the light does not have the fantastic pattern claimed and it looks shabbier than anything.

Price Analysis

The Flame bulb is available to customers for a price of $14.99. This price of the product includes one unit and free shipping of the package.


The brand also offers a free Flame bulb with your initial purchase but which requires a fee of $6.95. Customers can opt out of this free Flame bulb if they want.

Offer Analysis

Flame Bulb

The product is available in multiples of one unit. The product is shipped for free and thus does not have any shipping charges. Customers can pay using credit cards from Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Reviews on Product Site

The product site does not have any reviews of the product, and it is likely because all the reviews posted by the customers are on the defects and false claims made by the brand.

Product Review

The Flame bulb makes big promises of increasing the ambiance of your house just for $14.99 and raises your expectations only for the product to fall flat on its face. The product is a bulb that performs on what it promises and is much worse than what a regular bulb is at what it does. The short life of the product and the issues that it brings with itself is what lets itself down.


The product is only buoyed up using its marketing which looks to trap customers and make them buy a product that won’t last long and make them lose $14.99.

Our Verdict

Our verdict is that you should save yourself from wasting money and having the headache of trying to return this product. The things that you might feel are attractive about this product are nothing but fake marketing and are looking to rob you. So, give this product a skip and buy something else that would make your house look good.

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