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What is Fiji Flame?

Who doesn’t love the look of an old school Tiki torch? but the flames are so dangerous and handling it or re-filling the fuel can turn into such a hassle. Ultimately one simply ends up throwing money down the drain. Well no more getting burned thanks to the all-new Fiji Flame, the as seen on tv self-charging torch with an LED flame! Finally its possible to get the flame without the fire! The all new Fiji Flame is a unique outdoor light that will transform your house décor from the 21st century to the stone ages back when fire torches were the only ways of lighting up pathways or doing anything in general. Today with the help of advanced technology here is Fiji Flame which is a flameless Tiki torch that looks surprisingly real but in reality it is an LED light with a diffused lens. This is the perfect item for a family barbeque or a romantic dinner setting.



Fiji Flame Review | Reviews


How does Fiji Flame work?

Wondering how the fire burns all the time? Well it doesn’t, what happens here is that the Fiji Flame charges all day long and turns on during the night. Of course Fiji Flame does have a manual switch.



What are the Supposed Benefits?

Fiji Flame claims to be completely waterproof to withstand the harshest of weathers and it comes with an adjustable stake so that the user is able to set the perfect height according to convenience. It is really easy to set up Fiji Flame and will last for hours & hours without needing any external power. One of Fiji Flame’s most important features is that it is absolutely safe around kids and pets. Adjust the height for a well lit pathway to an outdoor Fiji island tropical feel.



Advantages of the Fiji Flame

Good for Home Décor

An enthusiastic customer rated a decent 3 out of 5 stars with the review that after putting the Fiji Flame inside a glass container with flower ring around it, it turned into a nice centerpiece. Apart from that another user said that out of the 2 Fiji Flames that were bought, one came broken and they had to go through the trouble of taking it apart but finally were able to get it back working.


Disadvantages of the Fiji Flame

Poor Battery Backup

Most customers loved the Fiji Flame light since it is priced right and they found it to be affordable, however, in one case the charging port dislodged and pushed inside the device and that made it impossible to charge it even though it was only used a few times. The Fiji flame didn’t hit the mark because as nice as it was for ambience, lack of battery life is really inconvenient.


Pathetic Return/Exchange Policy

An unhappy user overall had a pretty awful experience which was a shame because they bought one Fiji Flame and it looked awesome. Once the Fiji Flame was delivered they immediately plugged it in to get it nice and juiced-up; the Fiji Flame was truly magical to watch it upfront instead of in the TV and the battery seemed to last forever. However things went south real quick one day when upon trying to recharge it via USB they noticed that the cable wouldn’t make a proper connection. The cable had to be held in a particular position to keep the red charge light illuminated which made it really inconvenient. Shortly after, they sent the Fiji Flame back for a replacement unit and that arrived the very next day (impressively quick indeed) but it was not functioning. This one was actually worse because not only would Fiji Flame light not charge, but it refused to even turn on. They ended up returning the second Fiji Flame unit back too with a mindset of switching to another more reliable brand.



Noisy Faulty Light

One of the customers received a Fiji Flame that made rattling sounds almost like there seemed to be something loses inside which was a very prominent sound while handling the item one could hear something shaking around inside. What was worse was that this was the second trial for the customer since in the first instance they got a damaged Fiji Flame on arrival too. This situation makes the buyers really skeptical and while it functions & charges, the confidence in the Fiji Flame is lost. Low light brightness. Multiple customers gave minimal ratings while stating that the Fiji Flame had a really cool build but weren’t as bright as advertised. Sadly the Fiji Flame was all looks no delivery in the sense of being able to actually illuminate or provide a lot of light. The Fiji Flame light didn’t stay lit for as long it was advertised that they would and was not emitting out actual light on the ground at all (again in the ads it was assured that they would).


Not Durable

While many did love the Fiji Flame lights and have received numerous compliments on them a majority of the users were disappointed that one out of the entire lot would stop working real fast. Fiji Flame lights have been said to have stopped functioning approximately 1 month after purchasing/receiving them. For the price, It is expected for them all to be working properly. Buyers had planned to order more but unfortunately scenario won’t exist anymore. On multiple occasions the users appreciated the nice lighting but also noticed the cheap plastic that would snap while trying to set them up on the ground. The worse cases the user bought the Fiji Flame twice and both the times half of the lights turned out broken.


Can’t Stand Harsh Weather

Unlike what is advertised, the Fiji Flame Tiki torches lasted for about one week in the hot summer days before the plastic sticks melted due to the excessive temperatures. Because of it’s low tolerance to natural heat another user complained that the Fiji Flame lights are smaller than the other products in the same price range and vertical. The plastic in these lights are said to be very flimsy and weak. They literally melt in the sun the first day they were in the yard which can be pretty disappointing for a new customer. Less flicker more dim. Some users were not impressed and felt the frequency of flickering was very little. Similar cases of 3 out of 4 to be working and even more confusion when it came to contacting the seller to get a replacement. Very inconvenient.



Weak Plastic Tubing

It is worthy of a 5 star rating, however the inserts go in very tight. Lithium grease has to be used as a lubricant and even then a number of tubes can easily crack a much sturdier powder coated steel tubing might be just what this product needs.


Our Verdict

Fiji Flame is not the only USB Rechargeable LED Flame light out there in the market. There are several of them.

LED Flame Light Unit Price Reviews and Ratings Verdict
Aityvert Solar Lights $64.99 [4-Pack] 1800+ Reviews | 5-Star Rating  
FAISHILAN Solar Flame Flickering Torch $67.14 [6-Pack] 700+ Reviews | 5-Star Rating  
TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights $64.99 [4-Pack] 5000+ Reviews | 4.5-Star Rating  
Ollivage Solar Lights Outdoor, 43″ Flickering Flames Torch Light $69.99 700+ Reviews | 5-Star Rating  
Otdair Solar Torch Lights Waterproof Flickering Flame Solar Torches $53.99 [4-Pack] 900+ Reviews | 4.5-Star Rating  
YoungPower Landscape Solar Torch Lights, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches $31.44 [2-Pack] 900+ Reviews | 5-Star Rating  



It is easy to create an appealing ad with a unique concept for a product. Especially a house hold appliance, but it is that easy to lose customers as well. In the case of Fiji Flame, there was a lot of false advertising and unfortunately the creators did not pay attention to real time applications and simply focused on ensuring that the lights looked appealing. Internally there are a lot of things that need to be changed and because of that our verdict is that one should try to opt for more established brands when it comes to purchasing lights which can actually be around kids or pets. It is one thing to make claims but if such products continue to be sold in the market it is only a matter of time that an accident may happen when it is left unattended.

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