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Clever Gate Claims

Clever Gate

Dogs are a man’s best friend. But taking care of a dog has its own challenges. Not only are these animals really smart but they can also be mischievous. Dog owners understand the value of a product like this! Clever Gate is an easy to install item with absolutely no tools involved in the process! This product has been designed to NOT cause any damage  to one’s  walls or door frames while gripping the walls holding the mesh panel in place . You will notice that it blends in perfectly in the house. It will do the job you’ve been waiting for and this product is a must have for each pet-friendly household!


“Clever Gate” – The Name

If only the advertisement makers were as clever as they wanted the product to look like , things would have been different. The makers of this product used terms such as “Clever” only to instil the feeling of false hopes and security in the minds of the hundreds of concerned pet owners who blindly tend to fall for such traps. A dog is a free spirited animal and has to be taught how to behave. In many cases , gates or such things are essential but definitely not this product due to lack of being sturdy in nature.

“Old fashioned gates make a mess of your walls “

Old fashioned gates gives the viewer an impression of a door which is usually for humans , for dogs old fashioned gates have never actually spoiled walls , of course hinges have to be there! This way they have tried to show how modern and innovative their product is but in reality its almost as good as a curtain on the wall and one expects a sharp animal such as a dog to be locked behind it! Not practical in nature at all. We don’t suggest you consider buying Clever Gate.

“So strong even big dogs can’t get out”

Clever Gate is a mesh gate! A mesh gate really isn’t the toughest thing one can trust their dogs to back out from. Dogs have a tendency to start gnawing on things and have also been known to chew even the strongest of items when given constant time and energy. That being said, the energy in dogs is great. Especially in big dogs who use intense force to jump, hug or do things with their owners or masters. Their enthusiasm knows no boundaries and we don’t think a gate such as this one will be any good when it comes down to it!


“It’s like it’s not even there!”

Maybe that’s the worst part! What if we ourselves forget and trip on it someday. Maybe an old visiting grandma, a neighbouring friend or even a small baby in a rush can easily walk past it if in a hurry and find themselves hugging the floor. Not to forget the fact that if we too forget to place the gates on, that could result in heavy losses that could’ve otherwise been avoided if the gate was on and the pet was leashed.

Clever Gate Claim’s Analysis

Clever Gate

This Clever Gate is a mesh gate and looks like it will rip off the wall the very first minute a pet would see it! Pets are always looking for new toys and this one looks like just the thing they had been waiting for. Controlling the movement of your dogs in the apartment is one of the most extreme challenges one can ever face. Irrelevant of the fact that whether one has many dogs or just a single beautiful one, the importance of theses dog gates must never be underestimated. Not only are the gates effective on dogs, but are also really handy for restricting movements of young children too.  Really it depends on the situation. There are different types of pet gates, so depending on the dog and the rest of the family, you can find one to be a better fit than another as per the requirement. For example in case you’re looking for dog gates for stairs, make sure you measure the opening appropriately.

Clever Gate Price Analysis  $19.99 Is not  a very high price a pet owner would be willing to spend for their loved pets however this product is simple a mesh gate which is rolled out and stuck onto sticky wall clasps! So all that for this amount of money doesn’t make a lot of sense. There are many products in the market which are similar to this and in a much better price range which actually do the trick instead of having to go through the hassle of returning or just leaving it be! The last thing you want is one more thing lying around in the house.


Clever Gate Offer Analysis

Clever Gate

The Clever Gate is only 1 payment of $19.99 USD and can be shipped out to the buyer for free! Also one can get a second Clever Gate for just an additional price of $6.95 USD more. However Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA, NJ, NV & NY. A $10 USD shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK/HI. A $20 USD shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from PR. *60 day Money Back Guarantee – Less P&H

Clever Gate Review

The makers of this Clever Gate didn’t really give a lot of thought before releasing this product in the market. This Clever Gate has free shipping which is such a desperate move ! Also a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a bonus of being able to get a second Clever Built at a special reduced price just shows that the makers are trying to sell a product that isn’t actually worthy of being bought!


Our Verdict on Clever Gate

We all know a dog that would sneak into the kitchen just to devour a loaf of bread through the smallest dent in the wall before his owners could get to him. Dogs are known to be sneaky in a cute way, but it’s really difficult to hold your vision on them at all times. That should explain why retractable pet gates like Clever Gate are a great idea for your house. Safety gates are an amazing way to restrict the movement of your pet dogs within the house limits. A person can keep their room spick and span by putting some system on the way their pets move about in the house under or without any supervision. Using high quality and efficient Clever Gate for the loving pets, house owners can not only have the pet in the desired location but also get to keep the loved ones and other household stuff just the way you left it! Clever Gate is an amazing way to keep an eye on the movements of the pet dogs inside the house. Unlike the electronic dog doors which affect the movement of your pet in and out of your property, dog gates are to be installed internally within your home.

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