Clear Mighty Glue REVIEW | As Seen On TV Mighty Glue EXPOSED

What is Clear Mighty Glue?

It is a multi-purpose liquid plastic glue for all your household repair projects. Clear Mighty Glue claims to be a multi-purpose “heavy-duty” glue that can fix large and small objects alike. Clear Mighty Glue works under water to bond, seal and protect. The best part of the Clear Mighty Glue is that it is CLEAR and you can expect flawless results every-time and it lasts for years.


Clear Mighty Glue Features


How does Clear Mighty Glue work?

Clear Mighty Glue claims to be ideal for fixing glass tables, vases, Home & Garden, Automotive, Boats RVs & Trailers, Construction, Plumbing, Maintenance and Hobbies & More. It works on metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, tiles, marble, rubber, foam, concrete, granite and more. Be a home repair project expert with the ORIGINAL Clear Mighty Glue. You don’t need hammers, nails or screws, no noise and no mess. Clear Mighty Glue claims to work with wet or dry surface and hence can be used to fix outdoor broken things too. It claims to withstand severe and extreme weather too. The manufacturer of the Clear Mighty Glue claim that it is not ordinary glue, it is liquid plastic wielding compound that fixes, fills and seals anything.


The marketers of the Clear Mighty Glue try to impress up on the users that the Clear Mighty Glue is a NEW and UNIQUE glue for home use with the capabilities of an industrial adhesive. Liquid Plastic Adhesive is nothing new. Bondic and RapidFix are the most famous examples of “liquid plastic”. So don’t get carried away by the glaring claims of the “Clear Mighty Glue”. There is no “NEW Formula” in the Clear Mighty Glue, it is like an old wine in the new bottle. Had there been anything new about the Clear Mighty Glue they would have patented their formula, which they have not. They don’t even have a MSDS sheet for the Clear Mighty Glue,and how can they make such tall claims.


What is Liquid Plastic in Clear Mighty Glue?

Clear Mighty Glue falls in the category of “Liquid Plastic” which is nothing new. The glue liquid is a form of plastic (or rather pre-plastic) which when exposed to the environment solidifies and becomes hard plastic thereby creating a strong bond between two broken parts.


Clear Mighty Glue Uses

Clear Mighty Glue Test

The Clear Mighty Glue infomercial is the most exaggerated marketing I have ever seen. There is no glue out there that can bond together a broken towing cable. The Clear Mighty Glue test shown on the TV ad is pure hogwash.


Now lets analyze the Claims made by Clear Mighty Glue

“Clear Mighty Glue Works on any surface”

Not really, the reviews have confirmed that Clear Mighty Glue DOES NOT work on small surfaces. It works for bonding bigger surfaces together.


“Fix it Fast and Make it Last”

Nope, firstly most of the time the glue does not work. Secondly the bond is not strong enough to hold the broken parts together the way it was earlier. Many reviews have confirmed that it is not fast – you have to apply a lot of glue and it is not at all long lasting.



Nope. The results are not at all flawless. No just the Clear Mighty Glue, any glue for that matter won’t give 100% results.



Reviews have confirmed the fact that Clear Mighty Glue is not 100% water-proof. You need to use a dedicated “Marine Glue” for underwater/wet repairs.


Price of Clear Mighty Glue

Clear Mighty Glue is priced %15 and another $6 to ship the product. The shipping cost is too high considering just a one small bottle of the Clear Mighty Glue.


Clear Mighty Glue Offer

Disadvantages of Clear Mighty Glue

  • The Clear Mighty Glue reviews we received confirm that it does not work on headsets.
  • Clear Mighty Glue doesn’t hold good on thin edges.
  • Does not fix broken plastic handles as claimed in the ad.
  • Dries out and become hard and unusable. Not much suitable for use in warm climate.
  • Many users have complained in their reviews that Clear Mighty Glue does not fix eye-glasses handles.
  • For the Clear Mighty Glue to work you have to re-glue a few times the parts to be fixed.
  • There is no MSDS available. Neither the amount of glue in the bottle. I would not trust a company that does not disclose the content and the volume of the product I am buying.


The Name “Clear Mighty Glue”

Infomercial products like to use the word “Mighty”. There have been many successful “Mighty” as seen on tv products like “Mighty Fixit Tape”, “Mighty hooks”, “Mighty Snake” etc. By having the word MIGHTY associated with their product, the marketers of Clear Mighty Glue are trying to make a connection with these popular infomercial products.


Our Verdict on the Clear Mighty Glue

Original Clear Mighty Glue claims to be of industrial strength but it is not. Also the versatility of the Clear Mighty Glue is also overrated. You cannot have one glue that fixes everything. The Clear Mighty Glue is nothing new, there are various tried and tested “liquid plastic” glues out there in the market. Clear Mighty Glue is just an over-hyped glue.


Clear Mighty Glue Alternatives

  • Bondic
  • RapidFix
  • Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
  • 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant
These are some of the tried and tested alternatives to Clear Mighty Glue. We recommend buying one of these.

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  1. Susan Mason | May 3, 2019 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    Thanks for the review. I was thinking of buy the Mighty Glue, will skip and go for the Gorilla Glue.

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