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What is Charco Clean

As the name suggests Charco Clean is an “as seen on tv” CHARCOAL Freshener and Cleaner. Charco Clean reviews claim that it is fragrance-free, natural way to purify the air. It contains charcoal which naturally absorbs bad odor including even the most noxious ones. It helps make the air clean and fresh.


Charco Clean Logo
The Charcoal Logo depicts Bamboo tree to convey the message that it consists of activated bamboo charcoal.



How does Charco Clean work?

Since ancient times, we’re searching for a chemical free, non-toxic natural substance that can help fight the problem of unpleasant odor. Charco Clean review state that it comes in a small and convenient pouch which can be kept anywhere. According to the reviews Charco Clean can be used in bathrooms, kitchen, near litter boxes and also pet beds. It is also non-toxic and natural making it completely safe for pets or small children. You can also use Charco Clean in basements or near garbage bins where the problem of odor is very common. Charco Clean reviews even claim that it can be used in the refrigerator. Reviews state that Charco Clean’s property to absorb moisture helps prevent the growth of bacteria and molds in the refrigerator.


Charco Clean
The only thing that makes Charco Clean worth buying is the price. For $25 you get 2 dags. But then reviews reveal that Charco Clean does not work at all. The Charco Clean bags have no labels giving information about the content of the bags and weight of the bags. This is the first hint that Charco Clean could be a rip-off. There are better alternatives that actually work. Find them at the end of the verdict section below.


Charcoal as an Air Freshener

Charcoal is being used for many years to make air clean and fresh absorbing the bad odor and fumes. It can also be recharged in sunlight. It also promises that 100 % of natural items are used in the making of Charco Clean and contains no chemicals. It claims to be recharged using sunlight and can be used for up to 2 years. But only the reviews can tell how true these claims are.


Charco Clean REVIEW

Charco Clean and Musty Smell

Ray Harmon says in her Charco Clean review that he had a bedroom and a cupboard that had a musty smell. He also placed a Charco Clean bag in both of his bathrooms. Even after a couple of weeks, he noticed no difference. He even hoped for the small cupboard space to be affected by the use of Charco Clean but it didn’t work.


How does Charco Clean work?
This is pretty much how all the Activated Bamboo Charcoal fresheners work. But reviews disclose the fact that Charco Clean does not work as promised.


Charco Clean in bedroom

Lance Hunt in his Charco Clean review says that he had 3 of these placed around my bedroom and 1 in his bathroom. For him, they did nothing and were just a piece of decoration. He also said he can still smell the odor in both places even after a week. He also says that other people’s reviews say that it works great and that they can’t smell anything at all even scent products. He says he is not getting that experience at all.


Shoe, closet and Trash Odor

Betty Jennings says in her Charco Clean review that she didn’t even use it for insane garbage smell but just regular household odors like in your shoe may be, in your small closet, maybe around your trash/garbage can. She noticed zero difference. She even said she wanted to eliminate the smell of her kitten’s litter box. She changes it daily but when she enters the room there’s still a little bit of the smell of litter. She also used a couple of them in the laundry room. No difference there either. She even tried shaking them and putting them in the sun to activate the charcoal but there was still no difference.


Nothing Magical about Charco Clan

Neil Reyes says in his Charco Clean review that he can’t really tell whether or not they do what they say they are supposed to do. He says he has not noticed much difference after using them for 2 weeks. He also says that he is unable to understand how it works without ventilation or air passing through them. He also wonders if they magically suck air, filter it and push it back purified just by sitting there. He gives it 2 stars because they look nice.


Waste of time and money

Isaac Cortez says he was very optimistic that he could throw 1 or 2 of these Charco Clean bags in a shoe closet, his truck and other places that needed freshening up and he was right to be skeptical. He further says in his Charco Clean review that it doesn’t work at all not even the slightest bit. He left the bags in there for several days and there was zero change. He put them on the dash to “recharge” in the sunlight (as directed) and they still did nothing. He even put 3 of them together and still, nothing changed. He says he got refunded after returning them. He also advises to not waste time.


Charco Clean REVIEWS
Only a SUCKER will trust these 5-star PAID reviews promoted by the manufacturer.


Not for Cars

Tasha Murphy says in her review that the product did not decrease any odors in her home, camper or car. She claims it to be a waste of money.


Not for Sweaty Clothes

Isaac Cortez reviews the Charco Clean by saying don’t waste your money. He tried them in the vehicle. He says his son is a sports player and due to sweaty clothes, his car stinks. He tried all 5 in his son’s car and there was no difference. He says that these might work only for small drawers and nothing bigger than that.


Charco Clean does not work for Laundry

Kristin George says in her review that she thought these bags would take out the horrible smell from her basement, where laundry is done. She said they used them for a few weeks and still made no difference. She said she kept them out in the sun for a couple of hours to “recharge” them to NO AVAIL.


Charco Clean Uses Charco Clean Uses
All the odor giving sources mentioned above are just too overwhelming for the Charco Clean. Here are the ratings how Charco Clean functions for each of the items mentioned above:
  • Shoes – 5 Stars out of 10
  • Bathrooms – 6 Starts out of 10
  • Kitchen – 5 Stars out of 10
  • Pets – 4 Stars out of 10
  • Litter Boxes – 4 Stars out of 10
  • Basements – 6 Stars out of 10
  • Trash Can – 5 Stars out of 10
  • In the Fridge – 4 Stars out of 10
  • Near Diaper Pails – 4 Stars out of 10
  • Kitchen – 5 Stars out of 10



Joana Bush says in her Charco Clean review that they don’t work. She says she has tried them for a few months to be sure and have kept them in the sun for more than an hour. She says she has tried everything even using more than one in an area. She says she is sad to say she was suckered on this buy.


What do I get? 2 Bags of Charco Clean for $19.99 + $4.99 S/h at the official website:


Our Verdict

Charco Clean is not at all an unique product. There are plenty of Bamboo Charcoal air fresheners out there in the market. They are proven and unlike Charco Clean they work. Most of them have 4 ratings and over 200 reviews. We would recommend buying one of those instead of the Charco Clean. Here are a few of them.


  • DRIVE Natural Car Air Freshener
  • Brilliant Evolution Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag 220g
  • MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bags

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