Bionic Spotlight Review | Is a Scam?

What is Bionic Spotlight?

As per the review, it is an outdoor solar-powered motion sensor light that automatically turns on the instance it detects motion and turns off when there is no motion. Outdoor lighting systems are expensive to buy and maintain. Because Bionic Spotlight is solar-powered so there is no wires and batteries to replace and maintain, claims the official review at The Bionic Spotlight looks like a security camera but is actually a solar powered spotlight.


Bionic Spotlight Review


How to use Bionic Spotlight? instructs to install the spotlight in a place where the solar panel is exposed to the sun, the solar panel soaks in the solar energy from the sun and uses it charge the batteries in the Bionic Spotlight. The whole process is automated and you don’t have to do a thing about it. The official review from the manufacturer claim that Bionic Spotlight stores enough energy to run all night. Our product expert mentions in his review, “It is important to note that is not meant to run all night. It is a motion activated light and it switches on only when it detects motion. So don’t confuse the “spotlight” with a night light.” Bionic Spotlight is perfect for walkways, stairways, stairwells, gardens, yards and all around your house.



Bionic Spotlight Questions and Answers

How does the Bionic Spotlight Motion Sensor work?

The Bionic Spotlight has a built in PIR [Passive Infrared] Sensor that detects motion and triggers the light that stays lit for 30 seconds. There is no way to increase or decrease the duration of the light, a major disadvantage. The solar panels charge the photo-voltaic cell [18650 Lithium Ion Battery]. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge the batteries in a clear sunny day.

How to install the ?

The Bionic Spotlight can be installed on wooden surfaces only. There are three holes to screw the the bracket into the wooden surface and a central screw to secure the bracket firmly.

What is the range and angle of detection?

The Bionic Spotlight can detect up-to 25 ft far from the sensor and the motion has to be within 90 degrees to be detected.

What is the best location to put the Bionic Spotlight?

Garden Yard, Lawn, Patio, Garage, Porch, Driveway are some of the places you should put the Bionic Spotlight. Preferable at the center.

What are the pros and cons of the Bionic Spotlight?

The Bionic Spotlight is an “Energy Efficient” motion activated night security light. It is not meant to illuminate the area continuously. More on the pros and cons is covered in the reviews section.

How to check if the Bionic Spotlight is working?

Let the spotlight charge for a day then cover the solar panels with your hand or with paper the light should come on.

Does Bionic Spotlight have a warranty?

Nope. The Bionic Spotlight has no warranty. This is a major disadvantage of buying the light. It’s closest competitor A-Zone comes with a 1 year warranty. Most spotlights come with one year replacement warranty.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Nope. You cannot replace the Lithium-Ion battery in the Bionic Spotlight another major drawback. The battery compartment is not accessible in the case of Bionic.

What is the life of the battery?

Typically 80 to 100 weeks. The unit is dud after that unless you find a way to put in new batteries.

What settings does spotlight have?


What is the material of the

Plastic. That is why it is not very durable and not completely weather-proof. The better quality spotlights have metal body, like the A-ZONE. Specifications

The manufacturer claims in his review that the Bionic Spotlight has a detection range of 25 feet. The spotlight features “Smart Motion Sensing Technology”, our experts reveal that there is nothing special about the motion detection technology used in the Bionic Spotlight and that all similar spotlights use the same technology. The Bionic Spotlight has 8 high-intensity LED lights that illuminate an approximately 600 sq.ft of area. The Bionic Spotlight stays on as long as there is “activity” and shuts-off after 30 seconds even if the activity continues. There is no information available about the capacity of the solar panels. Pricing

You get One Bell + Howell Bionic Spotlights for the price of $19.95 and the second spotlight for additional $6.95. That is two Bionic Spotlights for $27. Product experts mention that these Bionic Spotlights are cheap but provide very little value. They only serve the purpose of a “spotlight” and not a full-fledged night light, which is an essential feature of any outdoor light. The Bionic Spotlight is available only at the official website The offer at the official website is concocted in a way that you are lured into buying two spotlights in a “bundled” offer that costs $26.90, i.e $13.45 per Bionic Spotlight. But given the complaints and negative reviews, it is likely that you may have to return the lights and you still have to pay postage of $6.95 each light! That is $13.90 of postage for returning the Bionic Spotlight. There is no option of buying just one spotlight on the official website.

Verdict – Priced at $19.99 [At], the Bionic Spotlight is the cheapest Outdoor Motion Activated Spotlight in the market. It is cheaper by 50% than its competitor A-Zone. Reviewers warn not to get sucked into buying the BionicSpotlight given its low cost, those who bought it regret it. The issues with the light are covered in the review here.



Erratic Motion Detection

There are many complaints regarding the motion detection feature of the Bionic Spotlight. The Bionic light regardless of any motion, goes on and off after every few minutes until it drains the batteries. Almost 70% of the complaints are about this erratic behavior of the spotlight. Looks like a manufacturing defect and the problem still persists in 2020.


Intensity of the Bionic Spotlight’s LED Bulbs

One of or product expert raises serious doubts on the efficiency of the Bionic Spotlight, in his review he mentions that the promoter fails to reveal crucial information like the intensity (in Lumens) of the LED bulbs. “It is a standard practice for companies to mention the intensity of light the bulb throws but in case of Bionic Spotlight no information is available.”

Our Verdict On Verdict

The intensity of the Bionic Spotlight is MERE 250 Lumens. This 320% lesser than its closest competitor A-Zone [which throws 800 Lumens of light]. The recommended intensity of outdoor motion sensor lights is 300 to 700 Lumens, the Bionic Spotlight falls short of this range. Almost 60% of the people complain that the lights are not as bright as they appear in the ad. Many buyers complain that these are not truly “outdoor” lights because they don’t lit much area. The Bionic Spotlight is NOT okay for even in the porch. Some users have recommended using this in porch but that is not a very good idea since these are “solar powered” only, you might not get enough light in porch to have them last all night.



The manufacturer of Bionic Spotlight claims the LED light to be weatherproof but again does not mention the IP code corresponding to the protective casing that makes the Bionic spotlight weatherproof.

Verdict – In the reviews, users mention that the Bionic Spotlight does not stand harsh winters. You have to remove the lights in the winter. The material and the built of the Bionic Spotlight is flimsy. The electronics of the spotlight are not properly shielded and in heavy the water makes its way inside the fixture, damaging the circuits. Reviewers suggest that if you are looking for something long lasting in harsh climates, skip the Bionic Spotlight.


Poor Built

There have reports of Bionic Spotlight arriving dead, quits working in a period of few days to few weeks, the swivel breaks when you try to adjust the light.


Type of Batteries

“Batteries are crucial component of a solar powered spotlight and the promoters do not reveal the type of the battery used in the Bionic Spotlight. This is very unprofessional marketing on the part of Bell+Howell, the manufacturers of Bionic Spotlight”, a reviewer mentions in his comments.

Verdict – Bionic Spotlight uses solar cells and is not powerful enough to last whole night. Users complain in their reviews that the Bionic Spotlight just stops working couple of hours after the midnight. Insufficient life of the batteries is the second most common complaint after the motion detection issue. When this is coupled with the erratic Motion Detection, the lights wont last more than 3 hours.


Non-Adjustable Solar Panel

Our product experts point out a lot of deficiencies in the Bionic Spotlight. In the reviews they state that the solar panel of the spotlight is not adjustable. Usually these panels are adjustable in similar lights which allows to take in the maximum amount of solar energy.


Not a Night Light

One reviewer is disappointed that the Bionic Spotlight does not have a “stay on” option to transform it into a night light. “It is merely a spotlight, I was looking for something what would be a spotlight and a night light”. He mentions in his review that he would not buy the Bionic Spotlight because there are far better options available in the market that suits his need of a night light and spotlight.



No Lamp-Post

Another reviewer mentions that these Bionic Spotlights have to be screwed into vertical structures like walls. But this arrangement can hamper the functioning of the solar spotlight as the sun can get obstructed by structure above or beside the light. Normally all solar lights are mounted on a lamp-post which makes sure the solar panel is exposed to the clear sky above. But unfortunately the Bionic Spotlight does not come with a lamp-post. “Once you fix the Bionic spotlights to a wall it is pretty much a permanent fixture unlike a lamp-post which you can move around your property”, another buyer mentions in his review.


No Settings

Then there are reviews that mention that the light does not have settings to adjust the brightness of the LED lights. You can also not adjust the direction of the light and also of the solar panel. is Not Very Bright

Many users complain that these Bionic Spotlights are not as bright as they expected them to be, even with eight LED bulbs. But then all the solar powered lights tend to be “dimmer” then electric powered lights, one user says. So if you have along driveway, these spotlights won’t be of much use to you. “If you are looking for super bright LED light, than the Bionic Spotlight is not the light to go for”, one review reveals.


Limitations of

Solar powered lights have their own limitations, the batteries do not charge fully in cloudy and winter weather. Also if you have big trees around where you have installed the Bionic Spotlights, they can diminish the performance as it may restrict the sun-rays from reaching the solar panels.


About the “Bell+Howell” Company

Bell+Howell is a reputed company that manufactures electronic items like flashlights, lanterns, landscape lighting, electronic repellents, humidifiers etc. The company is based in New York, NY. Official website:



Our Verdict

We do not recommend the Bionic Spotlight because there are better options available out there in the market. The Bell+Howell Bionic Spotlight is not an unique concept, there are plenty of these Motion Detection lights available on Based on the reviews, we find the Bionic Spotlight to be at the lowest end of the spectrum of outdoor lights, though it is advertised as a “floodlight”. Except the price it fails on every front – durability, consistency and quality. The price of $19.99 looks attractive but believe us you would be spending $30 or even $60 after a month or two for another set spotlights. So it is wise to invest in a light that would last, even if it is twice the price of Bionic Spotlight.

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  1. Waste of time can’t call costumer services , don’t come on after a couple hours . I would not buy again . Cheap product .

  2. I purchased two Bionic lights and they are DOA..dead on arrival! I called customer and reported the lights have been sitting in the sun for two days and they have not activated!!I was told I now would have to pay to send the two defective lights back to them. I told her, this company has bad business, they double dip into customers pockets making someone pay more money for a product they sent broken and defective. Postage should be paid by the company for their defective product, it’s not the consumer fault for defective lights. People save your money and forget this company they are definitely a scam.

  3. The cheap plastic collars that hold my lights in position keep cracking and are useless. Customer service is impossible to get hold of.Two have broken of the 8 I bought so far.

  4. My bell&Howell bionic spotlight swivel broke dripping the light to the ground. And, some of the swivel parts were lost in the brass. How can I buy a new swivel? I like the light very much as it comes on in the dark when someone comes by – very nice. Now, I need to be able to reconnect it to the house but need a new swivel.

    Thank You

  5. How long does it take for the batteries to charge? Does the solar panel need to be in direct sunlight to charge? How about shaded areas? Will the batteries charge in shaded areas with on and off sunlight?

  6. The customer service phone numbers and web sites are either disconnected or will not answer.

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