Bionic Spotlight Review

What is Bionic Spotlight

It is an outdoor solar-powered motion sensor light that automatically turns on the instance it detects motion and turns off when there is no motion. Outdoor lighting systems are expensive to buy and maintain. Because Bionic Spotlight is solar-powered so there is no wires and batteries to replace and maintain, claims the official review at The Bionic Spotlight looks like a security camera but is actually a solar powered spotlight.

Bionic Spotlight Review

How to use Bionic Spotlight?

Install the Bionic Spotlight in a place where the solar panel is exposed to the sun, the solar panel soaks in the solar energy from the sun and uses it charge the batteries in the Bionic Spotlight. The whole process is automated and you don’t have to do a thing about it. The official review from the manufacturer claim that Bionic Spotlight stores enough energy to run all night. Our product expert mentions in his review, “It is important to note that Bionic Spotlight is not meant to run all night. It is a motion activated light and it switches on only when it detects motion. So don’t confuse the “spotlight” with a night light.” Bionic Spotlight is perfect for walkways, stairways, stairwells, gardens, yards and all around your house.

Technical Specifications

The manufacturer claims in his review that the Bionic Spotlight has a detection range of 25 feet. The spotlight features “Smart Motion Sensing Technology”, our experts reveal that there is nothing special about the motion detection technology used in the Bionic Spotlight and that all similar spotlights use the same technology. The Bionic Spotlight has 8 high-intensity LED lights that illuminate an approximately 600 sq.ft of area. The Bionic Spotlight stays on as long as there is “activity” and shuts-off after 30 seconds even if the activity continues. There is no information available about the capacity of the solar panels.


You get One Bell + Howell Bionic Spotlights for the price of $19.95 and the second spotlight for additional $6.95. That is two Bionic Spotlights for $27. Product experts mention that these Bionic Spotlights are cheap but provide very little value. They only serve the purpose of a “spotlight” and not a full-fledged night light, which is an essential feature of any outdoor light. The Bionic Spotlight is available only at the official website

Intensity of the Bionic Spotlight LED Bulbs

One of or product expert raises serious doubts on the efficiency of the Bionic Spotlight, in his review he mentions that the promoter fails to reveal crucial information like the intensity (in Lumens) of the LED bulbs. “It is a standard practice for companies to mention the intensity of light the bulb throws but in case of Bionic Spotlight no information is available.”


The manufacturer of Bionic Spotlight claims the LED light to be weatherproof but again does not mention the IP code corresponding to the protective casing that makes the Bionic spotlight weatherproof.

Type of batteries

“Batteries are crucial component of a solar powered spotlight and the promoters do not reveal the type of the battery used in the Bionic Spotlight. This is very unprofessional marketing on the part of Bell+Howell, the manufacturers of Bionic Spotlight”, a reviewer mentions in his comments.

Non-Adjustable Solar Panel

Our product experts point out a lot of deficiencies in the Bionic Spotlight. In the reviews they state that the solar panel of the spotlight is not adjustable. Usually these panels are adjustable in similar lights which allows to take in the maximum amount of solar energy.

Not a Night Light

One reviewer is disappointed that the Bionic Spotlight does not have a “stay on” option to transform it into a night light. “It is merely a spotlight, I was looking for something what would be a spotlight and a night light”. He mentions in his review that he would not buy the Bionic Spotlight because there are far better options available in the market that suits his need of a night light and spotlight.

No Lamp-Post

Another reviewer mentions that these Bionic Spotlights have to be screwed into vertical structures like walls. But this arrangement can hamper the functioning of the solar spotlight as the sun can get obstructed by structure above or beside the light. Normally all solar lights are mounted on a lamp-post which makes sure the solar panel is exposed to the clear sky above. But unfortunately the Bionic Spotlight does not come with a lamp-post. “Once you fix the Bionic spotlights to a wall it is pretty much a permanent fixture unlike a lamp-post which you can move around your property”, another buyer mentions in his review.

No Settings

Then there are reviews that mention that the light does not have settings to adjust the brightness of the LED lights. You can also not adjust the direction of the light and also of the solar panel.

Not Very Bright

Many users complain that these Bionic Spotlights are not as bright as they expected them to be, even with eight LED bulbs. But then all the solar powered lights tend to be “dimmer” then electric powered lights, one user says. So if you have along driveway, these spotlights won’t be of much use to you. “If you are looking for super bright LED light, than the Bionic Spotlight is not the light to go for”, one review reveals.

Limitations of Solar Lights

Solar powered lights have their own limitations, the batteries do not charge fully in cloudy and winter weather. Also if you have big trees around where you have installed the Bionic Spotlights, they can diminish the performance as it may restrict the sun-rays from reaching the solar panels.

About the “Bell+Howell” Company

Bell+Howell is a reputed company that manufactures electronic items like flashlights, lanterns, landscape lighting, electronic repellents, humidifiers etc. The company is based in New York, NY. Official website:

Our Verdict

We do not recommend the Bionic Spotlight because there are better options available out there in the market. The Bell+Howell Bionic Spotlight is not an unique concept. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the Bionic Spotlight, it is just that it has less features.

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