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What is Bionic Ball Light?

It is a battery-operated, wireless, “stick anywhere”, “carry anywhere”, detachable, water resistant LED light for home use.

How does Bionic Ball Light work?

Bionic Ball Light promises to be easy to use! Simply install the base and the super powerful 360° LED light anchored by a powerful magnet sticks to any wall or surface with the 3M sticker that comes included.  Once installed it simply pops off to light all those hard to reach places. Does Bionic Ball Light really work as promised? We will have to wait for Bionic Ball Light reviews to verify the claim.

Bionic Ball Light Uses

Bionic Ball Light Uses

Bionic Ball Light asserts to be perfect to light your workbench, to hang in your closet for wide angle light, or create your own Bionic Ball Light desk light. With its wide eye technology and powerful cob LEDs, the Bionic Ball Light proclaims to be the perfect light for all those hard to reach places. We will have to wait for Bionic Ball Light reviews to find out whether it is worth purchasing.

It maintains it is water resistant making it perfect for the outdoors with boats and RVs. At this point of time there are no Bionic Ball Light reviews to verify this claim.


Bionic Ball Light is waterproof

Bionic Ball Light guarantees it will last up to 100,000 hours. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Bionic Ball Light is reviewed.

Bionic Ball Light Review

It is a completely new concept. An wireless battery-operated LED light that can be detached from its base. There is no led light that can match the features of the Bionic Ball Light LED light. Here is the summary of the pros and cons of Bionic Ball Light.

Bionic Ball Light Features

Bionic Ball Light Features

Bionic Ball Light Light Advantages

The biggest advantage of the Bionic Ball Light is that it can be detached from its base and carried along. Also being able to rotate makes it handy to focus on desired areas. Can be used like a flashlight, though not powerful enough.


Bionic Ball Light features COB (Chips-On-Board)-LEDs that have longer life-span than the ordinary LEDs.

Polymer Shell

Excluding the base, each Bionic Ball is encompassed by a polymer shell specially designed for durability in the lifespan of the light. Because of this durable feature, even after being let go to the floor or the ground, this light is found to effectively function. On the same note, it also survives collision with other objects, like maybe a ball that has been thrown.

White Color

The circular light usually is available in white, a subtle colour to co-ordinate with  the decor of most homes, on the interior or the exterior. When one has one light, they’ll automatically get another one, so in case you only need one at home, another option would be to use the spare one in a vehicle, boat or house trailers as per requirement.

Suitable For Car Repairs

While most people are accustomed in using flashlights when working at home on their car’s repairs, this light is a revolution as it magnetically attaches to the hood-end of your vehicle. In-fact, whenever you wish to focus on a part of the car or the engine better, you’ll are able to grab the light and be able to zoom it up close to required object.

Water Resistant

Another feature is that is is Water resistant, Which means the Bionic Ball Light is perfect for using outdoors for repairs.

Great for trailers

The Bionic Ball Light light is great for trailers. Though they are not very bright, they do provide enough light to illuminate important areas.

Bionic Ball Light as Reading Light

It can come in handy as a reading light. Because you can rotate and adjust the focus of the light it is well suited for this task. Bionic Ball Light light is also suited to be used a desk light.

Disadvantages of Bionic Ball Light

Bionic Ball Light is not Motion-Activated

The biggest disadvantage of the Bionic Ball Light is that it is not motion-activated, you have to manually switched on and off. This makes them ill-suited for certain tasks where you would want certain areas (like your pathway, bathroom etc) to be lit automatically. When switching on the Bionic Ball Light light in the dark, you still have to fumble to find the switch.

Bionic Ball Light are not suited for outdoors

Though Bionic Ball Light are great for indoor use, they are not powerful enough for outdoors. And because they do not have a sensor they stay on until you manually switch them off. Bionic Ball Light is not the light that you can use daily. These types of battery-operated lights are not useful for outdoors. For outdoors you need solar powered lights.

Bionic Ball Light vs Flashlight

Bionic Ball Light vs Flashlight

Bionic Ball Light Questions and Answers

What is “Wide-Eye Technology”?

Just a fancy name given to the large area covered by the Bionic Ball Light light, nothing special.

Are they easy to stick?

It is hot or miss when it comes to sticking the Bionic Ball Light light. It also depends upon the surface you are stick the light on.

Pricing and Availability

You get 4 Bionic Ball Light lights for $20 – this is a good deal. The down side is that you cannot purchase just one Bionic Ball Light light , you have to purchase the entire set. Also the Bionic Ball Light light is available only at the official website:


Bionic Ball Light comes for the reputed brand Bell + Howell.

Our Verdict on Bionic Ball Light

Though Bionic Ball Light light is an innovative idea, being battery powered and lack of sensor makes its usability limited. It cannot be left on for whole night. The Bionic Ball Light light is a “battery eater” if used for prolonged duration. They are more suited to be used as nightlights in case there is a power outage or any other situation where you need a temporary light – not fore everyday long use.

We are not reprimanding the Bionic Ball Light Lights, they are OK but given the “type” (battery-powered, non-solar, non-motion activated) of lights they are – their use is limited. If you face situations mentioned above then we recommend buying the Bionic Ball Light light. But if you want a light to be used indoors and outdoors with all the motion-sensor feature then we would suggest AMIR Motion Sensor Light or Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light.

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