Worklight 360 Review | Does Bell+Howell Worklight 360 Really Work?

According to the claims of the official website, the Worklight 360 is a cordless, USB rechargeable multi-position LED task light that claims to put the right amount of light at the right spot. Press once for maximum dual light. Press it once again for a single light. With the Worklight 360 you have single light in opposite directions or two lights in the same direction.



The Worklight 360 features ratchet lock action which makes it possible to lock the Worklight 360 in virtually any position you want. Use the Worklight 360 as a handy flashlight around the house. The Worklight 360 is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. The Bell+Howell Worklight 360 is is completely hands-free so you can focus on the issues to be fixed. Use it for outdoor grilling, a stable light on a desk or table, use the Worklight 360 in the garage or workshop. The Worklight 360 can also be used as an emergency utility light when there is no power. Hold it in the hand like portable flashlight or hang it in the closet. The Worklight 360 puts light on the places that are hard to reach. Take the Worklight 360 with you for a dog walk, even use it while hiking in the woods or backyard party. Keep one Worklight 360 light in your car so that you have it handy whenever there is an emergency. The manufacturer claims that the Bell+Howell Worklight 360 is water resistant, ultra-light and is “Construction-Grade” sturdy.

Worklight 360 Review | Does Bell+Howell Worklight 360 Really Work?


Worklight 360 Pricing

The Worklight 360 is priced at $19.99 + $6.95. The light is available only at the official website


Pricing Comparison

Worklight 360 is not the only multi-position light of its kind, when we searched on we found two more lights that are identical to the Worklight 360.
  • Nolimas Portable LED Work Light – This 2 COB 2000 Lumens light is an good alternative to the Worklight 360. Priced at $32.99 it has 200+ reviews and a 4.7 star aggregate rating. The Worklight 360 is 60.59% cheaper than the Nolimas.
  • RUNACC LED Work Light – This one has over 4800+ reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.7. The price is around $40.
  • Verdict – The Worklight 360 is upto 60% cheaper when compared to other similar work lights but then you get what you pay for.


Worklight 360 vs Flashlights

Worklight 360 is claimed to be an alternative to flashlights but it is not so. Low light output and reduced intensity make Worklight 360 a bad flashlight. Like a flashlight, you cannot use the Worklight 360 in the night to illuminate the path ahead of you, it just does not have the intensity to lit up everything in front of you. Flashlights are designed to throw a beam of light ahead up to considerably larger distance, while the Worklight 360 just spills the light about a couple of feet around it. The price of Worklight 360 and some of the popular flashlights are more or less the same.


Worklight 360 vs Lanterns

Worklight 360 is much similar to a lantern then a flashlight but lanterns have higher output [“Lumens”] compared to the Worklight 360. Having said that, lanterns are bulky to carry especially when you are camping and hiking. A couple of Worklight 360s might be a good replacement for a LED lantern.



Worklight 360 Advantages and Disadvantages

Not Very Bright

The Worklight 360 is smaller than it what it appears to be in the TV ad, but not all users are disappointed with the size, some reviewers claim that the small size of the Worklight 360 portable and easy to carry. Also the Worklight 360 is not very bright as they claim it to be. It is still a good light for smaller areas but it is wrong to call it an alternative to a flashlight as it does not throw light far away.

Missing Information

The official website does not provide any information related to how the light is charged. Nowhere on the official website [] do they mention about the source or battery and other specifications of the light. It is only that one of our product testers provided us the following details:
  • Battery – Built-in 5000mAh [5 Watt/Volts] rechargeable polymer batter.
  • Battery Runtime – Approximately 2 hours when both the lights are on.
  • USB Charger – Not included with the purchase. The Worklight 360 charges with a Micro USB.
  • Maximum Power – 20 Watts
  • Intensity – 1000 Lumens.

Light Gets Dimmer

The Worklight 360 begins to get dimmer and dimmer after an about hour. So after a couple of hours the “light” output would be considerably diminished. But the Worklight 360 does provide good amount of light for about one hour. The trick is to switch off the light and switch it back on, the light is brighter when you restart the Worklight 360. After a couple of minutes the light again starts to dim, you have to repeat the on/off to get bright light.



Built Quality

  • Charging Port – Some reviews have reported problem with the USB charging port, the USB port is tight and you have to really push hard with increased probability of the charging pin getting damaged.
  • Cheap Plastic – The plastic frame of the Worklight 360 feels like cheap hard plastic like the one you find on kid toys. Reviewers mention that it is hard to believe that the light is from the “Bell+Howell” brand. Though the Worklight 360 look like the “construction lights” the similarity ends there.
  • Inconvenient Charging Port Position – The Worklight 360 light’s charging port is situated at place where you you have to unfold the light to access the charging port. Many users find this very clunky as the light takes up lot of space.
  • No Charging Cable – The Worklight 360 does not include a charging cable and also uses a Micro USB port to charge the battery, many reviewers are of the opinion that it should feature a USB C port.
  • Problem with the Switch – Then there are a few reviews which mention that they had problem with the switch.



Handy Light

There are also good reviews of the Worklight 360, at-least four users have reported that the Worklight 360 is a decent “work light” and has good value-for-money. The light comes charged so you can use it out of the box. The charging port is covered by a tight fitting rubber cover to save it from any damages. Many reviews mention that the Bell+Howell Worklight 360 feels like a sturdy and ruggedized light as claimed in the infomercial with heavy plastic casing and rubbery bumpers.

But then it has got its limitations. Some reviews mention that the light is somewhat difficult to use under the hood of the car, the Worklight 360v ad is misleading where they show the light mounted under the car hood.

Bluish Light

The Worklight 360 light throws “bluish” light which many users complain about. Reviews claim that you cannot see well in the bluish light. It would have been great had the light been yellow or white.


The two important factors that make Worklight 360 worth considering are the price and the brand Bell+Howell. Worklight 360 is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. Though it has limitations as a flashlight or a camping light. This Worklight 360 is meant to be used like a utility light when you are working on fixing something. It definitely works but it is not the only “multi-position” cordless rechargeable light out there in the market. There are a few of them and they too have good reviews, confirming the usefulness of the design. We definitely recommend the Worklight 360. If you are looking for a more bright light then we would recommend the Nolimas or the RUNACC.



4 Comments on "Worklight 360 Review | Does Bell+Howell Worklight 360 Really Work?"

  1. Terry Bennett | May 30, 2022 at 3:08 pm | Reply

    Mine doesn’t work! Contacted customer service line and told to send it to them at my cost.Took apart and found one wire not soldered to anything and one diode terminal not soldered to circuit board. Crappy Chinese workmanship. So now it’s $20 worth of garbage. Thanks Bell and Howell for screwing me over .

  2. Got for Christmas. Mine uses 4 AA batteries (included). But the battery compartment is missing the metal plates and springs that hold the battery’s. What kind of CRAP is that!

  3. Randy Richardson | December 25, 2021 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    Only one side of the light works. Not sure if its the switch or an internal flaw. Received as a gift. Dont think I would buy one myself after reading other reviews.

  4. Bell & Howell 360 LED work light is bright and would be great BUT it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. Used brand new batteries. When you turn the light switch back on, it lasts a couple minutes and goes off again and the next time you turn it on it only lasts seconds. It is useless. Too bad it does not stay on. I returned the first one I bought thinking it was defective but the second one was the exact same. Very disappointed with this product.

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