Solar Monster Zapper Review

What is Solar Monster Zapper?

It is a Solar Powered portable bug zapper that claims to kill misquotes and bugs (not the ones from Starship Trooper). Just set it out in the sun, the Solar Monster Zapper charges its batteries in the daytime. In the night the Solar Monster Zapper claims to attract mosquitoes and bugs with the UV-light and zaps them to their death.

Solar Monster Zapper Review

How does Bell+Howell Solar Monster Zapper work?

The promoters of Solar Monster Zapper claim in their official review that their gadget being solar powered, you don’t need unlimited supply of batteries or tangled mess of cord. They also claim Solar Monster Zapper to be a better alternative to mosquito sprays.

Solar Monster Zapper Features

The Bell+Howell Solar Monster Zapper features retractable handle to carry it, it can be put just about anywhere – claims the official review on the website You can hang it on a tree or put it o the included one-foot stake or place it on the ground or table. The review claims that the powerful UV-light will attract bugs from your entire property. You need not plug it in, turn it on or off, they (the promoters) even go to the extent of claiming that with the Solar Monster Zapper you wouldn’t have to pay for mosquito control.

Where can you use the Solar Monster Zapper

The manufacturer claims you can use it outdoors, tailgate parties, camping and more.

Solar Monster Zapper Uses

The Deluxe Dual Light Lantern

The deluxe version of the Solar Monster Zapper converts into a white cordless outdoor light. The craftsman style design of the Deluxe Solar Monster Zapper can be used in all seasons for accent lighting around your home.

What do you Get?

The Bell+Howell Solar Monster Zapper with the Deluxe Upgrade is available ONLY at the official websites: (Canada Customers) and (US Customers). The Bell+Howell Solar Monster Zapper is priced at $19.95 + Free Shipping. You have the option of buying an additional unit for an extra $6.95. Your offer is backed by 60-day money back guarantee.

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About the Company

Solar Monster Zapper is manufactured by Bell+Howell, a US based company that is known for many quality products, most of them “as seen on tv”.


Solar Power Zapper is not Waterproof

One of our product reviewer mentions in his testimonial that the promoters of the Solar Power Zapper constantly boast of their product being made for outdoor use but the biggest issue with the Monster Zapper is that it is not water-proof. Of-course you do not use the zapper in heavy rains, but even a slight drizzle can render the zapper useless.

Not for Outdoors

Another review reveals that the Solar Monster Zapper isn’t powerful enough to be effective to be used on the outdoors, at-least not one unit. “This Solar Monster Zapper is certainly not for the outdoors” she says in her review. If you have larger area, you would need several of these zappers. When using indoors, place it at the location where the chances of bugs entering your house is highest, like the entrance.


Another reviewer reveals that the Solar Monster Zapper is fragile made from light-weight plastic. You do not expect an insect zapper designed for outdoor use to be delicate and fragile. Users recommend making it more robust but than at the price $20 this is what you get. “I wish it was a little bigger” says one reviewer.

Battery Life

The Solar Monster Zapper’s battery holds very little charge and the zapper does not last whole night. The max the battery would last is 3 to 4 hours. The Solar Monster Zapper needs to be solar charged daily. Many users wish it had rechargeable battery too so that you could leave it charging and running all night.

Effectiveness of UV-Light

Many experts feel that mere UV-light bulb cannot lure the mosquitoes. It is fine for small bugs but not mosquitoes. They should have added the Octenol lure/attractant to draw mosquitoes (specifically) to the zapper. Like Stinger Insect Zapper.

Avoid Heavy Use

If you have serious bug issue than the Solar Monster Zapper might not be the most optimal solution, says one reviewer. The Solar Monster Zapper is small in size and the tray gets full pretty quickly so if you have lot bugs, its going to get messy.

Works Only in the Dark

Since the UV-light is faint and can be effective only when there is no other light source, the Solar Monster Zapper works efficiently only when it is dark.

Where to place the Zapper

One reviewer points out the mistake in the Solar Monster Zapper ad which shows the unit placed close to humans. He mentions in his review that the right way of using it, is to place it a 8 to 19 feet away from where you are so that it draws the mosquitoes away from you.

One reviewer makes an interesting observation, he recommends to shut off all the light sources around the Solar Monster Zapper to make sure that there is just one light source (of the Solar Monster Zapper) so that mosquitoes and bugs get are drawn to it.

Ok for Smaller Areas

Monster Zapper definitely comes in handy to tackle the mosquito problem INDOORS. Many users mention in their reviews that the Solar Monster Zapper works well for smaller areas like room of the size of 100 sq.ft to 200 sq.ft.

Our Verdict

Bell+Howell Solar Monster Zapper is not the only mosquito zapper out there in the market. There are several of these devices that are tried and tested so we see no reason why you should buy the Solar Monster Trapper. While it certainly the first SOLAR POWERED mosquito zapper, there are several better alternatives out there.

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