Bell Howell Quad Burst Review

What is “Quad Burst”?

“Quad Burst” is the new garage ceiling LED socket light from Bell+Howell with four [4] panels. The “Quad Burst” features a total of 192 LED lights which can transform any large dark area [like garage, attic or basement] into as bright as day! The Bell Howell Quad Burst claims to have a combined illumination power of up to 5500 Lumens. Plus given the LED bulbs, the Bell Howell Quad Burst consumes lesser energy than your 60-watt bulb. When compared with the incandescent bulb, The Bell Howell Quad Burst led lights deliver more output at lesser wattage. Since the lights have 4 [FOUR] wings that throw a powerful light the product is called QUAD BURST.



Bell Howell Quad Burst Review


The official review on Quad Burst website [] boasts of 4 panels laden with LED lights, it is worth noting that similar deformable lights have only 3 panels. With the 4 panels, Bell Howell Quad Burst is able to light up all the four corners of your room, providing a 360-Degree coverage.

According to the official review, the Bell Howell Quad Burst fits into any standard light socket. The best part of the Bell Howell Quad Burst light is that each panel can be adjusted independently to focus on a desired area. You can customize the lighting as per your requirement.


Places Where You Can Use the Bell Howell Quad Burst Light

Given their large areas, garages, attics and basements are often dim-lit and dark, limiting your visibility at night. You have to carry a flashlight and fumble through the dark. But with the Bell Howell Quad Burst, you have light a bright as daylight.



Quad Burst for Garage Lighting

A garage is a multi-use space and according to “Illuminating engineering Society” should always be well lit. Dim-lit garages are difficult to navigate and can cause your eyes to strain. Using the Bell Howell Quad Burst light in the garage can lit-up all the corners of your garage. You would still need extra source of light [for creating light zone] if you want to work on any task. You may want to consider adjusting the Bell Howell Quad Burst panels to throw the light sideways than straight down.


Quad Burst for Basement Lighting

Basements have relatively high ceilings and the Bell Howell Quad Burst is great at providing good light all over the basement. But the Quad Burst is not the kind of light source that is ideal for creating “light zones”. Basements have no windows and hence there is no light even when it is daytime so you need a powerful light source [like the Bell Howell Quad Burst] to light up the whole basement. Since people mostly use the basement space for soring things, the Bell Howell Quad Burst should serve the purpose. Also you need to consider the fact that basement has no ventilation, hence LED lights [like the “Quad Burst”] should be preferred over incandescent bulbs when considering basement lighting.


QuadBurst for Attic Lighting

The golden rule of Attic lighting is “Use low heat emitting lamps” – and the LED based Bell Howell Quad Burst is just the right light source for attics. You don’t want to use an “heat emitting” incandescent bulb light in the small space of an attic which has very little ventilation. Unlike incandescent bulb, LED bulbs used in the Bell Howell Quad Burst do not produce high energy Infra Red heat [though the LEDs too produce heat but not as much as an incandescent bulb].



Bell Howell QuadBurst for Workshop Lighting

Our product experts mention in their reviews that Quad Burst is not well suited for workshops. Given the moisture and dusty conditions workshops have, they have a bit of harsh environment for lighting bulbs. The Bell Howell Quad Burst does not have a good “IP” rating and hence is not the best light source to be used in any workshop.


Quad Burst Specifications

  • 5500 Lumens of Output
  • LEDs have a lifetime of 50000 Hours [5+ Years of continuous light]
  • 120 V/60 Hz, 1100 Mahs, 80W
  • 11″ Wide, 2.2″ Tall



Bell Howell Quad Burst can be screwed into any standard light socket.


What do I get?

1 QuadBurst Light for $39.90 + Free Shipping. Official website


Bell Howell Quad Burst REVIEW

Not Very Long Lasting

The Bell Howell Quad Burst is nothing new and there are over two dozens of these deformable led garage light out there in the market. One of the biggest complaint of these deformable lights [Bell Howell Quad Burst belongs to this category] is that they don’t last long. There are several reviews that mention that these “Made in China” deformable lights don’t last for more than a year. Some reviews mention that after a few months the whole “wing” of such lights stop working, making that side appear darker.



Not Dimmable

One of the major disadvantage of the Bell Howell Quad Burst lights is that they are not dimmable. There are many reviews which mention that the Quad Burst lights are brighter than their liking and there is no way you can dim the lights.


No Motion Sensor

When you think of basement lights, you expect them to be motion activated but sadly the Bell Howell Quad Burst are not motion activated, neither do they come with a remote.


Too Bright for Small Spaces

Don’t think of using the Bell Howell Quad Burst lights in small areas like the kitchen or areas that have low ceilings. The Bell Howell Quad Bursts are best when they are hanging from a high ceiling. The light is blinding and some people have even complained of getting headaches but just looking up at them.


Not Suited for Overly Big Areas

Now this may sound contradictory to all the above reviews which say that the Bell Howell Burst Lights are too bright, but if you have got an overly big space [like a Workshop] to illuminate than one unit of the Bell Howell Quad Burst wouldn’t be be enough. Now according to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Lighting Handbook, you need 50 lumens of light per square feet to efficiently light up a residential garages and 300 lumens per sq.ft for workshops. The Quad Burst light can complement your existing lighting in your workshop/garage where you want more light to work on your project.


Not Suited for Outdoor Use

The power 5500 lumens of light output might tempt you to use the Bell Howell Quad Burst lights for outdoor use. But be warned, these LED lights are not “waterproof” and hence cannot be used outdoors.



The Positives

The light work when they work. Easy to install. They are bright and give out a good amount of light. The Bell Howell Quad Burst lights can NOT be wall mounted too, the base is not strong enough to mount the lights vertically. But you can definitely improvise and mount the Quad Burst on a wooden platform with the lights facing down.


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