Monster Trapper REVIEW | Bell Howell Monster Trapper As Seen On TV REVIEWED

What is Bell Howell Monster Trapper?

It is an Insect Killing machine that supposedly draws insects, bugs, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths etc to it and traps them with a powerful suction. The trapped insects ultimately die.


How does Bell + Howell Monster Trapper work?

Monster Trapper’s UV-light attract the bugs to the trapper and the 3500 RPM vacuum supposedly sucks down the bug and traps them in a container below which you can empty later.


Bell Howell Monster Trapper
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Bell + Howell Monster Trapper claims to be whisper quiet when in operation “bug termination”. It claims to be so quiet that Monster Trapper that you can keep it in your bedroom and yet sleep like dead. The Bell + Howell Monster Trapper wouldn’t disturb your sleep. The promoters claim in the video that Monster Trapper is better alternative to insect repellent sprays when going to bed.


Bell Howell Monster Trapper isn’t just for indoors but you can also put them in the outdoors. Outdoors are full of bugs and can ruin your outing. Place a Monster Trapper by the grill to avoid bugs getting in your food, keep it in the RV to enjoy bug free camping.


It is powered by the electricity in your house (or 12V socket if used in a RV), so there are no batteries to replace. It can be placed just anywhere where bugs pose a threat. The Bell and Howell – the manufacturer of Monster Trapper claim that it features a “one way in” design that keeps the bugs trapped in the container unless you empty them.



Bell Howell Monster Trapper Whisper Quiet


Monster Trapper claims to be an efficient alternative to harmful pesticides, high-frequency sounds and sticky flypapers. The Bell + Howell claim that their product Monster Trapper is effective against mosquitoes, fleas, wasps bugs and flies.


Advantages of Monster Trapper

  • Works fairly well for attracting and trapping bigger insects like bugs, flies, wasps, moths etc.
  • Comes from a reputed brand – Bell + Howell
  • Priced at $$30, it is relatively cheaper compared to other insect killers that work on the same principle.
  • 90-Day money back guarantee.



Disadvantages of Bell Howell Trapper

  • Does not kill mosquitoes
  • No CO2 diffuser to attract mosquitoes
  • No USB option.
  • No odor diffuser to attract flies
  • Bigger insects may not die even though they are trapped and you may have to do the dirty job of killing them.
  • Available only at the official website
  • You need to keep it running all night
  • Works only on electricity, this can be disadvantageous if you plan to use it on a camping trip
  • No information is available about the intensity and frequency of the UV-Light, motor power, suction etc.
  • You still have to pay $7 to return the product to the manufacturer.


Bell Howell Monster Trapper REVIEW

After analyzing the reviews of Bell Howell Monster Trapper we can safely proclaim that Bell Howell Monster Trapper does not work for mosquitoes. It does work for bigger insects like the moths and wasps. It is also not very effective against flies.



When you think of buying a bug trapper like the Bell Howell Monster Trapper, mosquitoes are first on your mind. Mosquitoes are your primary target. Scores of reviews have confirmed the fact that the Monster Trapper just does not work for mosquitoes, outdoors or indoors.


Using Bell Howell Monster Trapper Indoors

The only purpose why you would use the Monster Trapper indoors is to kill the mosquitoes. One user points out in his review that the Monster Trapper does not come with a CO2 diffuser that can mimic the natural breathing of a human. Now mosquitoes are primarily attracted by the co2 and the smell of the human blood. Now with you sleeping indoors mosquitoes are just simply going to ignore the Monster Trapper and head for YOU because they have an obvious clear target. This is a inherent flaw in the Monster Zapper which makes it ineffective against mosquitoes. Had they added a CO2 diffuser to the Monster Zapper, it would have worked against mosquitoes to a certain extent.


Bell Howell Monster Trapper Indoors and Outdoors

Using Bell Howell Monster Trapper Outdoors

When on the outdoors the best way to protect yourself and your family from the bugs and mosquitoes is by REPELLING THEM and not KILLING THEM. You are not going to win the war against bugs, insects and mosquitoes by just killing them. They are breeding in hundreds of thousands, killing a few of them here and there is not going to help. You need to understand this. So the only wise thing to do is keep them away. The Bell Howell Monster Zapper does not “attract” mosquitoes so it is ineffective against them even in the outdoors. And it does not REPEL them.



Our Verdict

“Vacuum powered”, “Suction” bug trappers with “luring agents” are nothing new. There is a wide range of these devices out there in the market. Bell Howell Monster Trapper is a “cheap” (priced at $30) alternative to the much acclaimed and popular insect killer – DynaTrap.


Missing Luring Agents

Devices like the Monster Trapper make use luring agents that mimic the natural functioning of the human body. UV-light depicts the warm human body, CO2 diffusers (Bell Howell Monster Trapper does not have the CO2 diffuser) mimic the breathing of a human being. Some bug trappers also have sweet liquids whose odor attract flies. But it seems that a glowing UV light is enough to attract all of them, but killing them is a different story all together.



So should I buy the Bell Howell Monster Trapper?

If mosquitoes are your prime concern, than we do not recommend the Monster Trapper by Bell. There are other tried and tested methods and products that do the job (of repelling or killing mosquitoes) more efficiently. Mosquito Patches, Zappers with UL Light, Mosquito Creams are some of the better ways to solve the problem. Here is the article that explains what products/methods are effective in dealing with the mosquito problem – What’s The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting?.

8 Comments on "Monster Trapper REVIEW | Bell Howell Monster Trapper As Seen On TV REVIEWED"

  1. Grace Torres | June 5, 2020 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    Do not buy this product it doesn’t work at all, but to make an annoying noise. The customer service is the worst experience of all; I had to call many times and wait for more than 2 hours to get an answer. After all of that, I was told that I have to pay the return shipping. Then I’ll lose the money from the initial shipment plus the return.

  2. Thanks for the review. Now they are trying to sell two for the price of One. Glad I check the reviews before I brought the piece of junk.

  3. Barbara Williams | October 30, 2019 at 11:31 pm | Reply

    I think this is a scam! The picture on the front shows Mosquitos going into the trap, but apparently not effective with them. False advertising!!

  4. Linda Nicholson | September 2, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    Purchased two Monster Trappers a little over two months ago and neither unit has captured not one single anything. I have had them in complete darkness and still no results. Has anyone ever reported catching anything?

  5. Don’t waste your money. After 3 days we didn’t have one insect in this. My wife called to get our money back and the lady she talked to got snotty and hung up on her.

  6. Herman Ryborz | July 23, 2019 at 8:00 pm | Reply

    I ordered 5 monster trappers through their special deal for about $95,hung
    one near my porch, one in the patio and one near my trash cans. After 3 days, not one single bug got sucked in. I watched flies landing on the light, but the fan won’t suck them in.Totally useless. And “Fruit” flies near a bowl of fruit are not attracted to the light. Tried to return them, but they won’t pay for return shipping. The cost to ship them back is $62.

  7. Janet Jordan | July 13, 2019 at 11:46 am | Reply

    Does it work against gnats indoors?

  8. richard keller | July 2, 2019 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    Says nothing about flying insects OTHER THAN mosquitos. What about flies, gnats or those tiny moth-like things that generate from powdered foods like old boxes of pancake mix?

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