Atomic Glue REVIEW | Its an ATOMIC Rip-Off

What is Atomic Glue?

As the name suggests and as per the review, it is a glue with “industrial strength”. The promoters of the Atomic Glue connect their glue with the Atomic Bomb for reasons beyond our intellect. There is nothing common between a $10 glue and the atomic bomb. Hunter Ellis the promoter of the Atomic Glue claims in the official review video that the connection between Atomic Glue and the the Atomic Bomb is the POWER. While the Atomic bomb has the power to “rip-off” everything that exists, the Atomic Glue supposedly has the power to bind everything exists. While we are not sure if there is anything “Atomic” in this as seen on tv glue, the infomercial review video is absolutely full of “ATOMIC LIES” trying to rip of people with their unrealistic claims.

Atomic Glue Offer

What does the Atomic Glue claim to do?

“The Atomic Glue claims to be the most powerful adhesive on the earth”

This is a blatant claim made by Hunter Ellis in the Atomic Glue infomercial review, the claim is not backed by any REAL reviews to attest the truth.

The Atomic Glue forms instant bond that gets stronger over time.

Atomic Glue Test

Hunter Ellis in the Atomic Glue review video tries to convince the viewers about the strength of the glue by bonding together two constructions blocks. Our product reviewers are skeptical about this feat. They question is, if it is INDEED the same Atomic Glue that was actually used to stick the two blocks.

“Atomic Glue dries tough to last for years, even through harsh weather conditions”

Atomic Glue Test

The review video shows Atomic Glue used to attach a mail box to the post. These test in the review is done to show that the Atomic glue is of “Industrial” strength and not only can it bond heavy objects but also it can take the beating of harsh weather conditions and hold on. But the question reviewers are asking is “Is this all true?”.  Our product experts don’t agree with the feats performed by the Atomic Glue in the review video. they say “all those tests are way to exaggerated”. Had they been performed by an independent agency or actual Atomic Glue users, they they would have believed it.

“Hunter Ellis attached a Cinder block to a plexi-glass with the Atomic Glue and once it cures, he also does a pull-up on the Cinder block to show that it does not come off.”

Atomic Glue Test

“Epitome of exaggeration”, says our product reviewer after seeing the feats done by the Atomic Glue. “I admire the creativity of the the branding team, they have come up with the best ideas to promote a glue”, says one of our reviewers.

Uses of the Atomic Glue

Put up a shelf with having to drill and without tools, Here two two adults do a pull-up on the shelf and it does not budge.

Atomic Glue claims to be waterproof – “Repair a damaged pool tile without having to drain or refill the swimming tank”

Fix your shoes’ sole, Use the Atomic Glue to repair broken paver blocks

Again more show business without any REAL reviews backing up the claims.

More STRENGTH tests

There is no end to the Atomic Glue STRENGTH tests in the review video. Midway in the review video they show the Atomic Glue bonded wooden plates lifting a big vault weighing over a 1000 lbs,  with the help of a crane.

Is the Atomic Glue waterproof?

The review video claims that the Atomic Glue is waterproof, the cinder blocks that he (Hunter Ellis) attached to one another retain the bond even when submerged in the water.

The ultimate test of Atomic Glue

Atomic Glue Railway Car Test

Ellis Hunter still isn’t convinced that he has explained how strong the Atomic Glue is, he goes to the limit to demonstrate the Atomic power of the Atomic Glue. A railway car pulling another with two metal plates in between the two cars of-course bonded by the Atomic Glue. One of our reviewer mentions that to add more drama they should have made the two railway cars go in the apposite direction.

Glue Quantity

Quantity of the Atomic Glue Tube is not mentioned complains one of our reviewer. His review further mentions that the quantity of the glue in the tube is very less and you are going to need a lot of those Atomic Glue tubes for big repair jobs.

Atomic Glue Price

You get 2 Atomic Glue tubes for $19.99. Atomic Glue is available only at the official website 

The Company Behind Atomic Glue

Telebrands is the company behind the Atomic Glue, the glue is from the “Atomic” series of products. Other popular Atomic products are Atomic Beam, Atomic Night Hero and etc. Our product expert mentions in his Atomic Glue review that Telebrands is not known for quality products. Telebrands was recently pulled up by (N)ational (A)dvertising (D)ivision (NAD) for making unsubstantiated claims. In the light is the disciplinary action against the Telebrands, buyers need to question the claims made in the Atomic Glue review video.

Why so many tests on Atomic Glue?

Our product reviewers point out an interesting fact that the marketers of the Atomic Glue have learnt the basic rule of branding – “TEST THE PRODUCT” for your audience. So they don’t waste the valuable 2 minutes of the review video to mention the benefits of the product. Instead, they take a leap forward and TEST the Atomic Glue to the limit. These marketers with two decades of “As Seen On TV” marketing experience have learnt that people now REVIEW the products before buying them. Hence they are actually REVIEWING the Atomic Glue for the audience.

Now the Million Dollar Question – DOES ATOMIC GLUE REALLY WORK?

We will get the point here. “NO, The Atomic Glue does not work as shown the review video”. If you try to mimic all the feats performed by the Atomic Glue in the Ellis Hunter review video, you will fail. Those TESTS in the official review of the product are for promotional purpose only. The Atomic Glue is just another GLUE. There is nothing special about the Atomic Glue. Our reviewers point out that the promoters of the Atomic Glue do not disclose the ingredients or content of the glue, probably because there is nothing miraculous in it.

Is Atomic Glue an Industrial Grade Glue?

NOPE. It is not an industrial grade glue. Though they try to portray it as having “industrial glue” like qualities but that is just a marketing ploy. Atomic Glue is just another silicone based glue for HOME use.

Atomic Glue will not work on Small Objects

One reviewer mentions in his Atomic Glue that you need to understanding the science behind adhesives. The bonding between two surfaces depends more on the surface area, more the surface to be bonded stronger is the bond. This is irrespective of the quality of the adhesive used. So smaller the surfaces, weaker will be the bond between them. So if you have to put together small pieces of glass, metal and wood etc – then don’t expect Atomic Glue to stick them perfectly.

Our Verdict

If we had to re-answer the question – “What is Atomic Glue?”, we would say, “It (Atomic Glue) is an over-exaggerated GLUE that is going to to rip-off you to the ATOMIC level. Atomic Glue is not the only glue out there in the market. And review make it clear there is nothing special about the Atomic Glue. So why bother buying it? Buy a glue that will work. Here are a few alternatives, which are not as advertised as the Atomic Glue but are tried and tested and they DO WORK.
  • Suguru
  • Gorilla Clear Glue
  • Rhino Glue