Arctic Air REVIEW | REVIEW 2020

What is Arctic Air?

The Arctic Air cooler is a portable evaporative cooler or also known as the swamp cooler, claims to provide with fresh air and comforting environment by cleaning dust particle present in the air and bringing the temperature down. It claims to be a pro at cooling, humidifying and removing dust particles while guarantees refreshing air and goodness around you.




How does Arctic Air work?

To put it in one line, the Arctic Air works on the Evaporative Cooling, so do all other swamp coolers.


The Arctic Air cooler claims to be working on the “hydro-chill technology” that converts hot air into cool air. It also states that the compact design and portability of this cooler makes it suitable for desk, nightstand or even coffee table. T even declares to be perfect for dorm rooms or home offices. It also proclaims to be best suited for only areas with dry weather. The claims can only be confirmed with the help of various reviews.


Arctic Air
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Arctic Air can be placed anywhere in the home due to its portability and compact size. Arctic air cooler claims its easy setup and usage. The tank needs to be filled first before plugging it in. The adjustable display allows the user to adjust its temperature and set the climate according to their needs. The arctic air cooler aims to cool a 45 sq. ft. area of space with the help of its 750 ml reservoir. The various claims by arctic air cooler also include noiseless technology and two- speed fans. In addition, the arctic air cooler also has adjustable air vents and LED light.


Arctic Air Official Website:


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Arctic Air REVIEW

Arctic Air and High Temperatures

Petey Cruiser writes in his review that swamp coolers like the Arctic Cooler aren’t going to help when it’s 90+ degrees. Humidity is worse than dry air and Arctic Air creates breathing problems for people especially anyone with asthma or other issues.


Humidity and Arctic Air

Paul Molive states in his Arctic Air cooler review that no way can swamp coolers replace air conditioning as far as alleviating the misery of heat and humidity is concerned.


Arctic Air Power Problems

Another reviewer named Paige Turner states problems with using a regular plug in the wall power source and its working on a computing device USB port. He describes in his review that a typical USB port supplies about 5.25 volts at perhaps up to 1 amp of current. This means about 5 watts available. It would take around 70 amps of current, at 5 volts to supply a 350-watt load. The fan motor is likely to use a very low current motor to run from USB. He further states that to get some comfort without AC, an inexpensive fan will do essentially what this unit does.


Too much noise

Another Arctic Air review by Anna Mull states that it makes a lot of noise that makes it harder for her to sleep peacefully. She also claims that water runs out in less than 2 hours so you have to keep on refilling it.


Arctic Air's Internal Working



Arctic Air is not what it claims to be

Another review by Robin Banks says that it takes a great deal of air surface movement across that evaporator installed in the furnace to cool down a house during a hot summer season. Just cooling down one room requires quite a bit of energy in watts. However, cooling a complete house becomes quite impossible with rising temp outside and when the main factor being humidity. He further states in his review that the claims made by arctic air cooler are false and it takes a lot of watts before the room gets cool and comfortable. He states that first off, Arctic Air cooler needs a large blower fan capable of producing hurricane-force winds and a big rugged twin piston compressor with a circular condenser radiator working overtime on 240 vac and 100s of power-hungry watts. Add to that the whole thing is loading with several pounds of Freon just to make the difference. Lastly, he states that once he lived in Phoenix and he utilized deep water well to cool down the house and still even that innovative move required some time after the system was activated before he could actually notice any real difference on a 100+ day.


Florida Heat and Arctic Cooler

Zack Lee from Florida state that the climate is always changing and after an overnight use of the arctic cooler, it failed. He further adds that the room didn’t stay cool at all and even with having the door closed, window shut and even closing his closet door so that all the cool air stays inside the room, it still didn’t perform to his expectations. He says that it just doesn’t give off a strong breeze into the room. He even had it on the highest setting and still nothing. He suggests that it is not worth your time. He adds that it would be good for camping may be in a tent or a compact area where you’re going to be for hours but is not suitable for bedrooms, or big spaces. And definitely not for Florida heat.



Arctic Cooler Instructions

Another user Cory Ander gives a detailed review about the instructions to use it. She states that:
  1. Keep Arctic Air cooler flat if you have water in it or it will leak out the bottom.
  2. When you fill it with water, wait 5 minutes before you turn it on. More than half of the water will soak into the filter, so refill the water after the 5 minutes, turn Arctic Air on.
  3. Arctic Air doesn’t blow hard, but the air is cold, and colder if you use really cold water. Put a regular fan in front of it to extend the “cold zone”. She states in her review that this is her only real disappointment that it should blow harder.
  4. She also mentions in the review to take a few ice cubes and put them in a zip-lock freezer bag and place them in some of your cracks and crevices.


Arctic Air with its Ambient Light
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Arctic Air leaks when off

Tom Foolery, in his review, states that this little Arctic Air thing is good for desktop or on a table close by when sitting back watching the television. He says ‘you get what you pay for’. He observed the cooler gave out cool air when it is close near you. He further states that when it is off, water leaks out, about 1/2 tank, through the 4 holes under the water trays. Seems the filter soaks up the water but because the unit is off and there is no evaporation, the water tray overfills, and leaks. He says there were no leaks whilst running, but when off there is, and if you move it around or tilt it.



Arctic Air creates Wet Spot

One other review by Barry Wine says if you use refrigerated water, condensation will form and make a wet spot on the table top.


Occasionally good

Lucy Tania says that she uses the arctic air cooler occasionally on the open-air patio. For her, it is good some days being in direct line with it but not as good for use on breezy days. She further suggests in place of icy water, a slim ice pack can be used to keep the water cold.


Mold Formation inside the Arctic Air Cooler

One user Joyce Tick mentions in her review that there was a mold issue. So she used a little white vinegar in the water. It seems to help her so far. Another named Vinny Gret says in her review that she checked the filter after a month it was all black mold.



Worth the money

Paul Misunday states that it works fine according to the price. He added refrigerated water in it and it blows very cold air. He further adds that you do have to keep it close to feel the air but he doesn’t mind. He does have a complaint with water running out quickly at high adjustment.


Arctic Air Cooler in a Truck

Dan Dilion writes in his review that he bought it for the small cabin in his mail truck. He has plugged it in and is using it near his bed and it working great for him so far. He says it runs out on water quicker than expected but he is not facing that much issue with the same. He seems pretty excited to use it at work.


Arctic Air Complaints

Jeremy Garcia, a customer who chose Arctic Air over other personal coolers, has written in to complain that though it is able to cool the air, its range is very limited. He says that it is unable to cool even a tiny cabin, leave alone a 45 sq. ft. area as advertised. All he gets is a small whiff of damp air in a patch, which is really not something that comforts one when it’s hot.



A review sent in by Emily Reed, another user who is using Arctic Air, indicates sheer disappointment with its performance. Emily also says that it is not able to cool even a small area in which she works all day. She has remarked that this personal air ‘cooler’ is just an advertising gimmick, which people planning to buy should steer clear of.


Another customer, Tana Collins has written that Arctic Air cools the air very little and that too not all over. She says that it is of no use as a cooling device should cool the entire room. She says that her machine has even started leaking, which is making her wonder what she should do with it.



Jack Bailey, another Arctic Air user, is also not very happy with it. In fact, he says that it doesn’t work even a bit. Instead, it makes a lot of noise and gives off no fresh air. He finds the level of humidity higher after using it and feels that the air turns too hot and muggy. He’s regretting buying it, and actually wishes that he’d invested in a fan instead, which would have certainly done its job.


Eleanor Cook is one more dissatisfied customer who wants people to know that all Arctic Air can do is cool a room just up to two feet and not beyond it. She has also said that the water used in it does not last even for a couple of hours. As for its cooling power, she says, the less said, the better. Several other customers are also complaining about the disastrous job that Arctic Air manages, and would like to caution others to buy some other product instead. many have also remarked that it is too costly and an unacceptably high-maintenance device.



According to Nick Edwards, Arctic Air does not cool even his face nor even ruffle his hair a bit even when it is kept close by. He says that it is no better than a tiny fan that can blow very little air. Worse, it doesn’t even function as a good air purifier or humidifier as you need to refill water every four to eight hours to make it work. He calls it a sham and thinks it should be taken off the shelves immediately so that others are not fleeced.


Arctic Air Questions and Answers

Q: Can I use the Arctic Air for cooling my little room throughout the night? A: Yes, you can. Please make sure you fill up its two-cup reservoir before sleeping so that it works soundly throughout the night.



Q: Can I freeze the water before using Arctic Air for better cooling? A: No, please avoid freezing the water in your Arctic Air; instead, try cooling it in your refrigerator. Since this water will be cooler than room temperature, you will definitely find the air chillier and fresher.


Q: Will Arctic Air be able cool a covered tent outdoors if a power source can be arranged? A: Yes, you can. Arctic Air will work if you put the required amount of water into it for cooling down your tent. At the same time, please do note that it can blow cool air in a little space, and not really chill your tent as it is not an air conditioner


Q: Can I use my Arctic Air inside my car in place of air conditioner? Please advise. A: Not really, it will not be able to cool your car completely especially while driving. It will blow cool air in close proximity to where you place it.



Our Verdict on Arctic Air

It is important to buy the right product that serves your purpose well even it is a bit expensive. Given the mechanism and power of Arctic Air, it does seem to be capable of doing what it is supposed to, but then its reviews indicate otherwise. Its customers seem largely disappointed with the actual results. They are unhappy especially because they had great expectations from the way it was advertised. Another thing is that plenty of alternatives are available easily in the market; you just need to have a keen eye. As several reviewers’ advice, it makes sense to conduct a research and buy it only if it seems satisfactory.


As for our view, we’d like to say that a traditional air cooler would be more suitable for use; personal air coolers like Arctic Air are not that capable of cooling intensively. In fact, you’d be better off without it, and instead look for something else if you cannot bear heat at all.

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  1. I cannot believe The amount of bullshit that it takes to sell a miniature swamp cooler. LMFAO ! Like it is some break through technology. Hell anybody could make one of theese in about an hour out of a cooler and it would not leak. We all make these contraptions out here in the SW where the air is dry.Have fun in the southeast —-I can’t believe this! Folks for about the same price you can buy a small air conditioner that actually works.

  2. Sòlveig Svavarsdottir | August 25, 2019 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    I just want to say . Someone in the comments sayid , the people who is complaining and making negative comments should know this is not a condition unit and I agree. But I did go for a cooler that was us$ 112.00
    Yes really I thought this was a great company and would provide a higher quality. No it’s been a big mess. It was two and a half months on its way and when it finally came it was like that. I noticed the water level stayed the same, so I am getting pretty good in fixing this, took the white tiny thing , loose little bit, got it leaking.
    Did put it back and tighten it a little, an no water is coming. Any help????

  3. Sòlveig Svavarsdottir | August 25, 2019 at 2:34 pm | Reply

    My Artic air cooler is about to drive me nuts. Either it leaks or it’s completely stuffed. Have been working on it and I am not giving up. Where can I get instructions for the inside of the thing to see why it’s giving me a hard time fixing it. I am not interested in how much it cools or heats…Blablu just want the deep inside of it

  4. Wasn’t what we thought it was and they would not let us return it.

  5. I can’t stand the noise…

  6. There is so much mis-information here it’s just amazing. This is an example of the bad side of the Internet.

    For the “Electrical engineer” that took his apart and says there is “no way water can get to the filter”, you are wrong. Very wrong. I’ve been using mine for over a year and I assure you I’ve put gallons of water through the thing, and it has cooled me down quite well.

    Ok, that out of the way….


    Read and see what you are buying people.

    It’s not designed to cool rooms. It is designed to cool YOU, and it will do that quite well as long as you are not in a high humidity area. If the humidity is high it may not work as well.

    But…. I am sitting at my desk and the humidity is 89% due to rain. It is still keeping me cool.

    It is designed to be put on a desk or bedside table, 2-6 feet away from you, and pointed at you. It is a ZONE cooler. Not a room cooler.

    It DOES work as long as you have proper expectations.

  7. Debbie Gassaway | December 24, 2018 at 4:23 am | Reply

    I bought this 2 days ago at bed, bath and beyond. First day on the table while watching TV. Wonderful. It would not cool a room but I want it mostly to blow cool air on me when I sleep.My boyfriend is cold natured and I like the cold. it worked great last night. It was empty and was off. Now 6 hours later I can’t get it to turn on at all. I liked it. I will exchange it but after reading the bad reviews I hope this doesn’t happen again

  8. I use mine in the bathroom. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia so I spend a lot of time in the tub. The fan isn’t silent, but I enjoy the white noise. I turn out bathroom lights and make it to where the colors rotate. It’s kind of soothing. I don’t add water to it, I use it as a fan. When I’m in nearly scalding hot water, it cools my face. For me it helps, but I’m not using it for larger room or as my sole source of cool air.

  9. Does arctic air have auto shut off

  10. yea its rip off ,mine leaked and dont bother just a gommic to get u to waste money

  11. The people leaving negative comments believe this thing is an air conditioner; “IT’S NOT!!!!” It states clearly it “is not” an air conditioner, it’s a “cooler” which in turn provides “cool air” and not “cold air.”

    If basic english comprehension escapes you, then go buy a traditional fan, otherwise, this little device is worth every bit of its “nominal price!” 🙂

    The only problem with this little unit are the people with the wrong expectations buying it off the shelf… 🙂

  12. I just got mine I put ice and water in the reservoir mine works beautifully I love it, and if it breaks I can take it to Walmart and get an exchange.

  13. Worked a couple months then got rusted up inside. Easter no longer pulls from the reservoir. It is more just a fan. An expensive tiny fan. Boooo

  14. So disappointed!!! i feel that i purchased a small fan like CPU and a poor USB cable. I regret i pick up the phone to answer the shipment company downstairs of my house.
    anyone knows how to claim my rights ? the product not even blinking or giving any function..

  15. Mine works good to use to sleep! I just let it blow right on Me! Only problem is after a week the lights started flashing blue red then green! Even when I turned them off!

  16. Scam all the way to France… so disappointed. . Finally got my refund but was asked for a 5 stars review. ..hhhhhh… NO!…the cooler doesnt cool and leaks big time… do not…. i repeat do not invest in this item….

  17. I completely disagree with all the negative reviews I have mine yes clearly it’s within 4 feet from my headboard but I think it’s fantastic yes it does make a sound of a fan that’s okay yes it does cool me off the love of God people yes spend 40 bucks I think it’s a good buy. My only complaint as of now is that the little light no longer works but other than that again it’s 40 bucks how can you go wrong?

  18. TOTAL SCAM STEER CLEAR OF THIS CHINESE MADE JUNK ! THis unit does nothing but make loud fan noise and does not cool。My 3 units broke down in the 1st week and no refund was offered SCAM SCAM SCAM !

  19. I purchased a a artic air cooler from this company. It has no USB port. I would like to know what to do in order to get another one. My name is Benjamin E. Bush. My telephone number is 912-245-4110.

  20. Harold Jackson | September 6, 2018 at 5:58 am | Reply

    Bought one, received two. Both failed after only less than a month. Requested a refund. Have to wait more than a month for a refund. Will never buy from TV ads again.

  21. I checked the filter after a month it was all black mold!

  22. I love it for by my table just on me but then it quit working and bought two one for bedroom by my headboard and it broke. The problem is you made a crummy connection. For awhile I taped it but it now wont work at all.

  23. I have had mine a month now and love every minute of it. I’m thinking about getting 2 more of them. I love it!

  24. It is not worth $40. I bought mine from a store that resells returns from the big box stores for $10. For the $10 it is worth it somewhat worth it. Mine does not leak. BUT if you use refrigerated water, condensation will form and make a wet spot on the table top.
    I use mine occasionally on open air patio. It is good some days being in direct line with it. Not for use on breezy days. In place of icy water, you can use a slim ice pack to keep the water cold.
    I thought if a mold issue myself. So I put a little white vinegar in the water. It seems to help so far.

  25. Gail Corlette | August 16, 2018 at 5:31 am | Reply

    I bought 2. I have RA, Fibromyslgia and Lupus. I am always hot. This has been a life saver. The air went out 8n my vehicle and I use my Arctic Air instead. It keeps me cool. It is not made to cool a big room but it keeps me cool. Wish I had more so I could put one in every room and not have to move them around to whatever room I go too.


  27. I purchased two Arctic Air units about 2 months ago. It took quite a while to get them, as they were extremely back-logged with orders. I was happy when they finally arrived and even happier after I started using them. That ended quickly. First, one unit stopped working correctly – it would blow cool air for about a minute, then it became warm. I unplugged the unit and tried replacing the filter (which was supposed to last 3 – 6 months!) and tried turning it on. It would not come on, so I did what the instructions said to do when changing the filter, which was holding the fan and light buttons down simultaneously for a few seconds. However, since the unit would not even turn on, holding the buttons did nothing. Last night, the ‘good’ unit’s light stopped working. Even though the cooling is still functional (for how long?!), the light was good to have because it lit up the reservoir so you’d be able to tell how high the water level was when filling it. I called them this morning and was told that to get replacement units would be impossible because they don’t expect to have anymore for a long time! When I asked about a refund, I was told to ship them back. I asked if they would provide a UPS return label, as most places will when you tell them their product is defective, and they said no. I spent over $90 for these two units and now am expected to pay for the shipping to send the units back LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER MY PURCHASE!! Steer clear of this company as they do not stand behind their product and are most likely being inundated with customers wanting refunds. When I originally called to order the product a nice, helpful woman answered the phone and was extremely accommodating. This time when I called a man answered the phone and said “This is Ray.” I told him my name and spelled my last name, assuming he would want to look up the original order. Instead he said “What do you need?” without obviously caring when I placed the order, what I ordered, etc. VERY DISREPUTABLE! My next comments will be with the attorney general’s office.

  28. I will be as brief as possible. If you are reading this and you have not purchased one yet, DO NOT PURCHASE! A cheap fan one fourth of the price of this thing will beat its ass. All gimmick and no performance. Be smart and save your money. Mine was a gift.

  29. I live in Sacramento. I have been using Arctic Air for a month and still loving it. I use it as I would an electric fan, but a lot better.

  30. I bought 2 of these for our porch. They work but, each person would need 2 because they only cool a very small area, maybe yor neck. They need refilled every hour so bring a pitcher of water along to have ready!!! The lights on the water tank are annoying, they flicker constantly.

  31. I bought two. They both leak and 1 won’t turn on anymore. Waste of money

  32. I am very disappointed in the Artic Air. Our AC stopped working, that was a good time to use our Artic Air. We bought two of them. The fan worked much better than the Artic Air. I want a refund, and maybe there should be a class action lawsuit filed against this company, for false advertisment.

  33. I’ve had my Arctic Air for 6 months. This past month it has gotten a lot of use. It has run constantly for the past 15 days. No problems. I messed up on filling the water tank and the light started blinking. I emptied it, checked the filter, refilled, and restarted and all is good. I use it with a little fan and it has been a life saver. I love it!

  34. patrick m oriarty | August 5, 2018 at 4:09 am | Reply

    artic air quit working less than two weeks after delivery.
    it did’t do a good job before it quit! sucks total

  35. I have had this for a few weeks, one started leaking water and blew out and now the other one is leaking… Waste of money

  36. Dana Drummonds | August 4, 2018 at 11:45 am | Reply

    My humidifier which holds a hole tank of water emits more cool air than artic air. It blinks mid night because it will not last all night, normall about 4 hours max. Tonight mine is full and blinking. I bought it at walmart. RETURN….

  37. its Crap doesn’t cool room at all, after 2 days of use i noted something Black on the inside took the screen of to find its water paper that is on the inside and this had started to go moldy and when its being used for someone that just come out of hospital that isn’t good at all

  38. So far I like it. i don’t have ac in my bedroom and hate sleepimg downstairs. Immin ny in sometimes high humidity and it still blows coolair. I have it on the box blowing at me about 2-3 feet away. It is better closer but still better than a fan. I’m a bit worried about mold but I got mine at bed and bath With a coupon and a credit. I can return easily with any issues.

  39. Sandra Woodard | August 3, 2018 at 12:24 pm | Reply

    Well! I’ve had mine for about a week now, AND I LOVE IT!I didn’t buy it yo cool a whole room, just my personal space and do far it’s performing beautifully! I actually had to cut it off I got so chilled during the night. Freezing cold! I saved my receipt feeling confident that if it plays out, I’ll get my 30 dollars back. No money lost. It’s worth it for the price. ft TV

  40. After just 2 weeks of use it started leaking and the lights kepts blinking even when the unit was full of water. Not pleased with the purchase at all!!

  41. Tyrone Johnson | August 1, 2018 at 8:10 am | Reply

    Just received this useless machine. Biggest problem is that it doesn’t work. Water from tank will not transfer into machine. If you’re thinking about buying one check comments before purchasing. I bought it off Facebook advert. And can’t figure out who from. Totally useless.

  42. Melissa Novak | July 30, 2018 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    This unit only cools within 2-3 inches of where it is placed. If you use overnight, you have to refill about every 2 hours. I will be returning mine and not replacing.

  43. Geraldine Conroy | July 30, 2018 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    I love the Arctic Air but after just two weeks it is emitting a foul smell! I am afraid to use it in case this is a health hazard and I have no idea who to ask. I wonder if the people who say they have to be 3 inches away to feel the cool air have actually directed the vent correctly? J have to admit that I had the vent pointing to the ceiling before I realised why there was little air coming to me. Once I opened it out it was great even on the lowest setting.

  44. After three weeks the unit began leaking. Even when I turned it off, it made a slight humming noise and leaked all over my glass coffee table and magazines. Although I expected it to cool a small room, I was only able to get enough cool air 2 – 3 feet from my face to read by and to work at the computer. I will have to return this and would not recommend it, nor will I replace it.

  45. I just received my unit 2 weeks ago. I purchased it having seen it in Target and thought it would come in handy during the extremely hot days in Los Angeles…I was right. Contrary to other posters, I am well pleased with my purchase. I purchased the PRO (or updated version) and use distilled/filtered water as recommended to keep it running clean and smoothly. Maybe it’s too soon to make a judgment but right now I’ve been experiencing very nice cool air that has been keeping me cool throughout the day. If I can offer a couple of tips that may help…I fill the unit with very chilled distilled/filtered water. My unit a 3-speed and I set it on 3 to cool down initially and then keep it on 2 to maintain the coolness – far less water will be used. In a 12 hour period, I fill only once or twice with this setting. I place the unit 3 feet away at shoulder height while I work at my computer. As far as the advertising, it is deceptive to lead people to believe that it will perform like an air conditioner. However, I was skeptical and decided to give it a try anyhow. Even though it was not what I had initially expected, it does do the job well – and with no mechanical issues either. Hey, what do you want for $39.99?

  46. For all of you folks who want to know how to get your money back….if you paid with a card you can dispute the charge. How do you not know that?

  47. Junk would not waste my money water leaks out no matter how level you have it setting better off just to buy a fan

  48. Had mine for two weeks.
    Week one: Worked great. Living next in the Hampton roads area, 20 mins from the beach, It’s humid, but it still blows realitivly cool air inside… just not too far away.
    Week two: light flashes three times ever min indicating the water is low. Look at tank. 2/3 full. Top off tank. Light stops. 5 mins later. light starts flashing again….
    Imma take it apart and rip that damned sensor out…

  49. Mr Jamie P Quinton | July 27, 2018 at 3:37 am | Reply

    Pile off junk dont waste you money could cool a room if it tryed have to sit 3inchs from it to even feel it

  50. Richard Keller | July 26, 2018 at 4:18 pm | Reply

    First off, I agree with Sharon’s comment from June 11th. I was definitely overcharged and will deal with that today. In fact, when I saw the total, I didn’t even finalize my order!! I cancelled out of the website. BUT, they billed me and shipped them anyway. Since there is a 60-day money back guarantee, I opted to open the shipment and try this. It works about as well as I expected it to, but this overcharging my debit card shit WILL NOT FLY!!!!!

    • This company must be a Donald Trump company because the same thing happened to me. First, they charged my card crazy amount of $300. Thank God, my bank refused to let it go through. Then, I ordered (2)two and they only sent one. The screwed thing is that it’s a piece of shit If I don’t receive another toy air machine, I’m reporting them to the Postal Service and every organization possible.

  51. worked great while a/c was out at work. To some folks posting: Clearly states in the directions to run without water when finished using, so filter can dry out and mold doesn’t grow. Not meant to run on 12 volt for car use.

  52. John Q Public | July 25, 2018 at 5:24 am | Reply

    Anything advertised on tv is a rip off and that is fact to rely on never buy anything or hire attorney Es from tv ads it’s all a rip off boycott ATT

  53. I received this as a gift and I am very disappointed with it. Every time I try to move it from room to room water just runs out of it no matter how level I try to keep it.

  54. Ayesha Ward-Eady | July 23, 2018 at 6:51 am | Reply

    Lights stopped working, this is a rip off. I would like my money back.

  55. Mine came broken. How do I get my money back????

  56. Mine worked well for a couple of weeks then sprang a leak! Be careful, the filter will grow mold if left alone for only a short time?

  57. Lights stopped working. Poorly made

  58. I actually like this product. It works well. My only issue is the 3rd night I had it running next to my bed I woke up to a horrible smell in my room. I will try it again tonight and see what happens

  59. Van Campin WoodyC | July 17, 2018 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    What a total waste of time, followed all the directions plugged it into a power invertor inside my mini-van, it blew on high for less then two seconds then stayed on low speed. It’s not designed to run on a 12volt system. What a rip-off.

  60. I just bought 2 arctic air it works great anyone saying it does not work is rubbish it’s blowing cold and had to move it away forther glad I got both one for me and wife she s says she also loves it.anyone put of by bad reviews don’t listen to them the units work blows very cold.cost each £39.99 and worth it.

  61. I suggest all of the people ripped off by this fraud contact me and we will get a lawsuit underway. make these people pay back all the money they stole and damages. A class action suit. They should be charged with fraud.

  62. Roxanne Taylor | July 15, 2018 at 1:50 am | Reply

    Worst product ever. Aside from being cheaply made, it doesn’t work! It’s false advertising! They say it will cool 45 sf with “arctic “ air? I had my face an inch away and it wasn’t cold and the fan doesn’t go farther than about 6”… so, after waiting a month I finally got it yesterday and I am sending it back on Monday!!! DONT WASTE YOUR $!! I saw in the return policy that they keep the shipping and handling too.

    This should be fraud!

  63. Cheryl Allen | July 14, 2018 at 4:53 pm | Reply

    I received the artic air as a gift. I tried using it at work . Could not feel cool air at all. So I took it home and placed on my night stand to use while I slept. I filled the small water compartment and off to sleep I went only to be awakened 20 minutes later by the blinking lights to refill. This went on all night. 2 nights later, the artic air would not work. The back piece where you plug it in broke!!
    How???? I did not move it!!!!
    Only had it for 3 days very POORLY MADE!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  64. I’m in the minority here as I love mine! I bought it from Target a week ago and I am thoroughly pleased with it. It works exactly how I expected, I use it on my desk at work as I wear a suit most days and the property manager of our office building turns off the air at night and on the weekends. I live in SoCal in a desert climate, however, and I don’t believe this would work as well in a state like Florida with very high humidity. I realize I have only used it for a week but I haven’t experienced any of the issues that everyone else seems to be having. It works correctly, doesn’t leak, and cools me off, personally. I don’t expect to cool my office. Since just about everyone has seen this on tv, the people that come in my office always want to check it out and are surprised at how cold the air is coming out of it is. It may not last forever but I have been very grateful for it working this week during our 115 degree days!

  65. The artic air is no good my came with the screw missing the buttons inside i have to open it and tray to fix it my self they steelling peoples money and the artic air name is a trap

  66. I ordered the cooler 2 days ago for 2 days delivery and still haven’t received it??????
    My name is Fahimeh Javaheri
    Pls update delivery

  67. The Arctic Air isn’t so terrible. We have an air conditioner in certain rooms, but not in my office space. I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and it worked fine as long as I position it close to me on my desk. However, from one day to the next, I don’t understand why, though the air being emitted is cool, the air smells weird. WTF? Why? Especially since I’ve only had it for less than a month, and I don’t use it all the time. It cheaply made and it claims to cool the air, but only if its directly on your face. I literally have mine blowing in my face as I type this, but the smell is weird and I’m about to turn it off. It was okay until today. I don’t suggest anyone buy this mini unit. Disappointing.

  68. Arctic air sucks real bad!! Bought this item,you have to add water and its just bad!!!

  69. I bought an Arctic Air a week ago to use next to my bed. It worked great for 5 nights then just stopped working. The lights on top just blink when I try to turn it on but it won’t stay on. It was never moved from my nightstand and it was filled with water so I don’t understand how it could break. Good concept but very cheaply made! I paid $35.99 for 5 nights of comfortable sleep. Don’t waste your money on this!

  70. Arthur Froste | July 2, 2018 at 11:31 am | Reply

    This is just pure junk. And water does not cool to any degree, and adds moisture to the air.

  71. Given the large number of complaints about these units, I am surprised no one has contcted the Better Business Bureau to put these guys out of business – I would never buy junk like this !

  72. Octavia Williams | July 1, 2018 at 4:26 am | Reply

    The device sounded so good in advertising that when my system out in the house I went two devices. Wish I would’ve brought a window unit instead, because I was still sweating along with my family. I need to get my money back they can have their fraudulent units.

    • hilda hamed | July 2, 2018 at 3:05 am | Reply

      do not go near this product; a total sham. wish I had read the board before I bot; and do not let friends or family sucked into this scam

  73. Linda villareal | June 29, 2018 at 5:45 am | Reply

    We purchased 2 of these artic air coolers and they worked great for about 5 months ! We changed the filters and in the moving around of these things the wiring that sits near the water reservoirs broke from the constant damp area inside the artic air. What a waste, my advise is to not move them and be careful of the cord moving. In my opinion not worth the money we spent on the units, replacement filters and now they don’t work!

  74. The unit doesn’t blow, it sucks! I even bought the delux model.. How do I get my money back???

  75. This is a great little machine. Yes I have to fill it frequently, but I keep water nearby for refills. I live in a dry state. This will NOT work in Florida or other high humid states. It hasn’t leaked on me, but I put it on my nightstand and it stays there. The range is not far, but keeps me cool while I sleep.

  76. I bought an Artic Air from Wal-Mart and happy with the product. It did exactly what I thought it was going to do – cool off the space directly in front of it. I know I would probably have to be sitting right in front of the machine or have it on my night stand pointed directly on me. For the money it does just that and that is ok. My husband sleeps on his side so he has the unit pointed right at his back and that seems to cool him down enough. I ordered 2 more units on-line and had to read the fine print on the pricing really well. A little deceiving but I caught it. It was still cheaper going that route then buying in the store. I did order the deluxe model but when I got them there was no difference what so ever so save your money and just stick to the basic. When I called customer service they were more than nice and refunded me the difference between the two – no hassels. Overall, I’m happy with the product for what I spent on them.

  77. What a waste! My husband bought the Arctic Air for me d/t my office not having AC and being extremely hot. I have run the unit 3 times. It does not cool as the commercials state and the Humidifier does not help. We live in a humid area and I do not need more humidity in the air. The water tank light continues to flash no matter how much water is in the reservoir tank. The filter is already discolored and I have hardly used this unit and ONLY use filtered or distilled water. I would not recommend this product to anyone! If it seems to good to be true it probably is not. Really wish I would have researched this item. What a TOTAL waste of money!!!

  78. Sydelle Randles | June 19, 2018 at 4:21 am | Reply

    OMG!!! I wish I would have read this page before running all over town to buy one of these Arctic Airs….so disappointed! My girl friend and I both bought one today and they are going back tomorrow!! I am sitting about 12″ from mine right now and can’t feel a thing!! I’m glad I didn’t buy one online and have to mail it back. I was so excited to get it because we have been in a heat wave and my room air conditioner is in my bedroom. So sad!!

  79. The proof that this is a gimmick is that, although it is only meant for small spaces (like a closet) that are NOT subject to extreme temperatures (like a car), they show in the commercials that a woman is using it to cool off outside in the open air under a blazing sun as she sun bathes. If the Arctic Air were that powerful then it would also cost a LOT more, but it’s not. It’s barely powerful enough to make any noticeable difference than a common house fan. I took mine back to the store as it made no noticeable difference even placing it inches away from me.

  80. flashing light | June 16, 2018 at 12:38 am | Reply

    cools well a foot or so away however the light flashes 3 times once a minute even though the water level is high and once it leaked water – too bad a higher quality larger product doesn’t exist – i live in a high humidiy area but the air blows cold – the light is very distracting

  81. This is a peace of junk please don’t buy it a total ripe off

    • You can buy the delux at wal-mart for 35 dollars, The actual company tried charging me 55 dollars each. Such bs. I flagged the payment and didnt pay them until I got a refund on part of it. The difference between the delux that wal-mart sales and the one they sale is, They just put a sticker on it thats gold and has an oval around it. (This is done at the company)

    • its rip-off and not ripe-off

  82. I liked this little unit as I am ALWAYS hot at night until it started smelling bad. Zoo course mold will start to go..spores..on filter. I removed filter and sure enough! Only lasted 2 weeks before it became smelly! I can’t afford to change filter that often. Back to store you go!

  83. Sharon Eyberger | June 11, 2018 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    Never got to try the unit – I went to the Artic Air website and was very excited that they advertised a BOGO….one unit for 2 payments of 19.99, a second unit for 19.99 and free shipping. According to my calculations, that should come to $59.97 plus a few dollars for processing or whatever. The FIRST bill I got immediately after ordering showed a total of $70.96 (shipping was charged). I then went back to the website and clicked on the link to track my order, and was stunned to see ANOTHER invoice for $90.95…2 units for $59.96 + a “bonus fee” of $19.99, whatever that is, + misc. fees and shipping. I’m no math major, but really?? Needless to say, I cancelled my order immediately (had to wait on hold for over 20 minutes). Something seems awful shady with this company, and I would advise anyone to proceed with caution.

  84. I was extremely disappointed in this Arctic Air. The commercial is misleading and full of lies, its a scam. First they said it cools your entire room, that’s a lie because my room was still hot after 6 hours of my Arctic Air being on and it barely even blows cold air. Second, they said you can adjust the digital temperature on the fan and that was a lie because it doesn’t show that anywhere on the fan. Third they said its ultra quiet and that’s a lie because the fan was actually loud and not relaxing at all. Other than that, this product needs to be recalled because water was leaking everywhere and when I picked it up, water was pouring out from the bottom and all over the cord that was attached to the fan which is extremely dangerous and could of caused a fire if it was still plugged in. I will be returning my three fans for a full refund.

  85. Works marginally if you are really really nearby. My gripe was (1) Periodic leaking around the unit which I thought initially may have been condensation. (2) This morning the entire contents of the unit leaks out onto my table/floor after I had turned it off. Debating whether to haul this piece of junk back to Walmart for another, but it might not be worth the bother.

  86. People need to post their location and humidity because this will only work where the humidity is low.

  87. Would be more effective if it didn’t randomly leak water everywhere.

  88. Carol Johnsen | May 30, 2018 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    I used mine for the first time last night. I was happy.with the results. Our upstairs bedrooms do not get as cool as the first floor with our central air. I felt that this product cooled down the room to allow for a.good night’s sleep.

  89. Opinionated | May 27, 2018 at 7:14 am | Reply

    I have the Artic Air Cooler. I think it works just as it says. It doesn’t say it works like AC. It says to sit in front of it and you will be cool. It’s true. It’s only a personal cooler. Not for the house or room. I like mines.

  90. Opinionated | May 27, 2018 at 7:12 am | Reply

    I have the Artic Air Cooler. I think it works just as it says. It doesn’t say it works like AC. It says to sit in front of it and you will be cool. It’s true. It’s only a personal cooler. Not for the house or room. I like mines.

  91. After reading these reviews, I can only say, I wish searched for them and read them before wasting time and money, and a little bit of hope that was dashed by realizing that I was duped. I ordered 2 units which I had to pay for both. I too thought it was buy 1, get the second one at a lesser price as the ad seemed to infer. The first one didn’t work at all. The second one did. I called the company and they said they would replace it and to just keep or discard the first one. The second one worked ok for a few days with minimal use. When I called to see if they had shipped the replacement, they said for some reason it wasn’t sent and the agent apologized for my troubles. During the phone call, I explained to my guest why I had to stop our work to make this call and while telling him about the first one, I put on the 2nd one which had worked. When the agent came back on the phone, the unit took that moment fo fail also! I couldn’t believe it. I told her I wanted a refund. Their product was trash and it was made in China which by the way, many of the products I have purchased through various sites that are made in China not only don’t work, but are total hoaxes!

    When the replacement came, it was not the white one, but a grey one, an upgraded one I guess. It worked at first, and I accidentally nocked it over and water got into its inner parts. I shook it out and tried to dry it out as directions suggested. It wined, would only reach fan level 1, limped along, and then died. It is too bad this product doesn’t work well. It is poorly designed and before I buy anything else, I will search out reviews. This is a waste of time and money. I did get a refund, but not for the total they claimed so I have to call my bank to see if this was actually from Arctic Air. So even in that, they didn’t do what they said they’d do. Don’t bother with this product.

  92. Breveley Pearsol | May 23, 2018 at 2:40 am | Reply

    I have been trying to get the address to return mine the sad part is no one return my request , What bad way to run a store will never do thus again

  93. My mother’s a.c. went out, she saw the infomercial and wanted to try the Arctic Air. The infomercial clearly is a scam and shows double the offer for 2 payments of $19.95. Then at online checkout it has a double the offer field for $19.95 therefore she believed she was getting a double offer of the 2 units advertised for the 2 payments of $19.95 plus an additional $19.95 payment for a total of 4 units. Shame on Arctic Air for not making their true intentions advertised in a way so that people watching the infomercial were clear about what they were purchasing. Furthermore, the units are not worth the money she paid for them. Her standalone fan produces cooler air than the 2 she received together produces. Very dishonest company.

  94. Bought one because our a/c went out, cools up to 4 inches past the unit. After a week, the low water lights keep flashing no matter how full the tank is.

  95. Rick Colbert | May 18, 2018 at 12:35 am | Reply

    I ordered these on the 9th of May and they arrived on the 17th of May. Not too bad. However I ordered these off their webside. I didn’t call the number.
    While ordering the form clearly states the following (copy and paste)
    STEP 1: Select Your Offer
    How many Arctic Air™ DOUBLE OFFERS
    would you like? (2 per offer)

    * (1) Qty: DOUBLE OFFER

    (X ) Yes! I’d like to make one convenient payment today.
    ( ) I’d prefer to make 2 payments of $19.99 plus free shipping.

    (X) Yes! I’d like like to DOUBLE my offer for just an additional $19.99!

    STEP 2: Enter Your Payment Information
    visa accepted.mastercard accepted.
    *Card Number:
    *Expiration Date:

    What is CVV2?
    Placing An Order From Canada?
    Click Here!
    STEP 3: Enter Your Billing Information
    *Full Name: My Name
    *Address: My Address
    *Phone: 800-555-5555
    Privacy Policy

    As you can see the offer was a double offer-which I take it to mean you buy one and get one. Then It asked if you want to double your offer. I clicked on this to double my double offer which should total 4 items. Well we got only three. I sent all three back and I give them a very negative (0) for not being able to multiply 2×2.

    • I don’t think meeting is ever going to arrive at my in laws house,I even paid for speedy delivery. I’m going to be so upset if I have been had because they need this like yesterday.

  96. This works fine! It works good for the price. I put refrigerated water in it and it blows very cold. You do have to keep it close to feel the air but I don’t mind. As long as it cools me down, I am happy. The only thing I don’t like, is I keep it on high, and it goes through the water quickly. I am not sure if you can keep it running without water?? On high it is loud, but I like that. I need the noise to help me sleep. That is why I ask if I can still keep it running eBen when it runs out of water. I just need it to cool me down till I fall asleep and then the fan noise while I sleep. Don’t expect it to cool down a whole room, but it’s good for just cooling yourself down. If anyone knows if I could use this like a regular fan when the water runs out, will you let me know. Right now I use it during the day and just before I go to bed, so I can keep refilling. But if it can run without water, I would sleep with it on all night!! I am sorry for those who have had a bad experience, but mine works great and doesn’t leak like some of you had mentioned. And it Does cool the air around it, and I do think it would cool down a small tent size. I will try it out this summer. I am glad I bought mine!!

  97. Marcia Marcia Marcia | May 14, 2018 at 8:48 am | Reply

    Take a few ice cubes and put them in a zip lock freezer bag and place them in some of your cracks and crevices. 5 cents.

  98. I bought this product today. I work nights, so I just wanted a little cooler air next to me on my nightstand. I put water in it and plugged it in. The damn thing won’t run. I tried every speed. What subpar engineers design this crap.

    I paid little over $39.00 for this crap. I’m really tempted to drive up to Ontel’s corporate office and give them a piece of my mind. I want them to double my refund
    and buy me a GE window unit.

    Don’t buy this product.

  99. I have to say that I am satisfied with having it on the table next to me and one by my bedside. I fill the chamber with ice cubes and add a little water. It works great. It won’t cool a whole room which is states. It adds just enough humidity for me sleeping at night as my husband doesn’t like humidity in our room.

  100. Lori Nelson | May 12, 2018 at 3:08 am | Reply

    I bought it for the small cab in my mail truck. I plugged it in, filled it up with cold water, and put it in he chair next to my bed to try it out. So far it is working great. It goes through water fast, but I always have a lot of water with me at work. It’s going to be great for what I am using it for. Can’t wait to try it at work tomorrow .

  101. Cindy Vancampen | May 6, 2018 at 8:34 am | Reply

    I just bought the arctic air cooler. Problem is it states it can run on water reservoir for up to 8 hours. I have to keep filling every 1/2 hour! Mainly bought it for my dog.

  102. I gave serious consideration to buy this product but after reading all the negative comments I thought I would be a fool to purchase one. I decided to pass.

  103. Richard Snow | May 5, 2018 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    First of all, there is no temperature gauge. There is no way to adjust the temperature to make it blow colder. The intensity monitor just makes the fan blow greater or less. In fact, the advertisement on TV shows an UPGRADED VERSION of this item. The price is much greater and no mention of this lower level Arctic Air appliance is even mentioned on tv. This is a simple case of bait and switch. In this case, the best most expensive appliance is advertised but the lowest lower intensity appliance is sent. It is only when the telephone person mentions the upgrade, are you supposed to understand that the TV version is NOT the one you will receive. I submit that there should be some FCC intervention to fine this company and require a fill explanation is stated clearly on its future ads which would make the advertisement “consumer friendly”.

  104. Richard Hertz | April 15, 2018 at 7:08 pm | Reply

    Was totally useless when I tried using it as a footstool to reach my cabinet. It shattered.

    • This is my favorite comment. Personally, I love my arctic air fan on my bedside table. Pro tips:

      1) Keep it flat if you have water in it or it will leak out the bottom.
      2) When you fill it with water, wait 5 minutes before you turn it on(manual says to do this, too). More than half of the water will soak into the filter, so refill the water after the 5 minutes, turn it on and enjoy hours of cold air at full blast.
      3) It doesn’t blow hard, but the air is cold, and colder if you use really cold water. Put a regular fan in front of it to extend the “cold zone”. This is my only real disappointment, it should blow harder.

  105. I really appreciate all the above comments. I certainly won’t be stupid and purchace the arctic air. I will rely on my small a/c unit and my fans to keep me cool this summer! Thanks for all your negative/ realistic reviews.

  106. So I purchased the Artic Air, I bought 2, thinking since it’s a As seen on tv product, I would need 2 to really help get the room cool. Unfortunately our central A/C went out on us this weekend and it’s been miserable.
    I reviewed the product and even researched other items and I still decided to try the Artic Air. So, I got them home and placed them in my bedroom for instant relief. Well after 1 hour of it being hooked up, I actually thought it was working, the room started to feel alittle cool but still not by much. But, since we live in Florida and the climate is always changing, after an over night use of the product, the Artic Air failed. The room didn’t stay cool at all and even with having the door closed, window shut and even closing my closet door so all the cool air would stay inside the room, it still didn’t perform to our liking. It just doesn’t give off a strong breeze into the room. We even had it on the highest setting and still nothing. Don’t bother, not worth your time. This prolly would be good for camping maybe in a tent or a compact area where your gonna be for hours but not for bedrooms, or big spaces. And definitely not for Florida heat.

    • Richard Hertz | April 15, 2018 at 7:08 pm | Reply

      I really hate it when someone begins a conversation with the word ‘so’. Violates English grammar..

      • So Richard hertz we’re not here for grammar lessons.

      • That’s because she is talking in “conversational” English as what we be used in a conversation – not written English. Relax.

      • Really, don’t say that to people. In a free form where one want to express their thoughts, just respect their opinion and keep it moving. Why do you feel like when you express yourself people are not thinking about your opinion and how it’s presented. Think before speaking…

      • This was a worthless comment.

      • I agree with you 100%. (Thought I was the only one who noticed this silly new trend of starting with “so”.)

  107. I purchased an Arctic Air not long ago from my local drugstore. As I write this review, I am using it for the first time. It “sort of” works, but not to the extent of the tv advertisements. If you put cold water in the small tank, it will blow cool air as stated, but nowhere near the power or range one would expect. As others have said, it is a low-powered fan. I would recommend it if you need a quick cool-down while relaxing after working outside (lawn-mowing, etc.) or exercising. But for staying cool long-term, just use your in-home air conditioner, or spend some extra money on a proper one-room ac unit (more expensive, but more useful if you want an entire room cooled).

    • Richard Hertz | April 15, 2018 at 7:10 pm | Reply

      That’s because you didn’t have enough of them working in the room. As an engineer I’ve studied this product and found that in a 6 by 6 room you need at least 12 of them working together..

  108. NelitoJamesMuñoz | April 3, 2018 at 11:43 am | Reply

    This Product is BULLSHIT.I Thought this is Great product for my family,to keep the place cool but suddenly its not effective. For me,Mini electricfan is better than this product. Please,I don’t Recomend this product.

  109. I bought my Arctic air today and I am surprised. It works as said and cools up close. Yeah the water don’t last long but when you are hot it does the job or says. Yes it has to be close but anything this small would have to be close. I have to say at this moment I am satisfied.

  110. Norma sharkey | April 1, 2018 at 8:14 am | Reply

    I have a positive review for this item. A regular outlet yes, it doesn’t need a 220 line because it’s not a freaking air conditioner. Anyone that bought this item thinking they are going to be buying a mini air conditioner is an idiot. Really people what are you thinking you are getting for your money. I guess I wasn’t expecting too much but was actually surprised at how well it worked. It is definatly colder than a fan. Also whoever said it was putting more humidity in the air was wrong humid air is moist WARM air, it’s not humid if it’s cold. You people that spend 19.95 on an item and expect it to work like a 500.00 ac are just plain stupid. I think it’s worth the 20 bucks. I give a lot of credit to the person that spent their time inventing this, because we tested it against a regular fan and it definatly was colder than the fan alone. Don’t knock people that actually try to invent something good.

    • Richard Hertz | April 15, 2018 at 7:12 pm | Reply

      Oh gee, we have an Einstein over here berating everyone. Listen little gal, it’s my job and not yours to go after them..

    • Donna Deshaies | July 17, 2018 at 7:36 pm | Reply

      I ordered 6 Artic Air Personal Coolers and love them. I have one on my nightstand and if you fill it as directed and leave it on low it will last at least 6 hrs. I don’t get what all the bad comments are about. It is not a $500 air conditioner. I also have one on my desk and side table when I watch TV. Keeps me comfortable. Also gave away 2 as gifts.

  111. What a total waste of money. This product is terrible, I’m soooo sorry I wasted my time and money on this. And, I got 2 of them, thinking it would be great. You can’t even feel the cool air unless you are a few inches away from it. It sucks, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  112. Worst product I have ever purchased! Do not buy this product! A folded piece of copy paper, powered by your own hand will cook you off better than this “personal a/c”.

    • Richard Hertz | April 15, 2018 at 7:14 pm | Reply

      What happens if you have arthritis? It would be very painful to move your hand. What do you have against people with arthritis? Are you an arthritis bigot?

  113. Abcdee Candice | March 10, 2018 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    First bought the Arctic Air cooler which I intended to use to cool the parameter of my foodcart stall instead of using the conventional fan that doesn’t humidify air when in hot season like summer. I am very disappointed as the Arctic Air is nowhere near how it’s described on TVShopping (where I bought the item) and surely would return it. It makes a lot of noise that I do not appreciate as it make it harder for me to sleep peacefully and water runs out in less than 2 hours so you have to keep on refilling it for you to use it accordingly. Not a good buy. Definitely I would never recommend this product to anybody else.

  114. Lets cut right to the chase here.
    I will not buy or advise someone, to obtain one of these “coolers”.

    Misunderstandings abound regarding “air conditioning” (AC)
    AC removes moisture (humidity) from the air. Cooling is a by product of the use of AC.

    The LAST thing you want to do is ADD more moisture to an already elevated relative humidity air in your living space during hot humid weather. Which users of AC desire. I am not so sure people in average living or working spaces want higher humidity in the Summer season.

    I have not seen an issue with bleeding sinuses from extremely dry air from an AC. Very dry room air can occur with outside sub freezing temperatures. (Heating season reduces relative humidity since the outside air is very cold and raising the air temp in a living space drops the percentage of air moisture)

    I read this unit is “350 watts of power”….
    Really now ?
    It states use a regular plug in the wall power source. OK.
    AND will work on a computing device USB port…
    A typical USB port supplies about 5.25 volts at perhaps up to 1 amp of current.
    This means about 5 watts available.
    It would take around 70 amps of current, at 5 volts to supply a 350 watt load.
    Come on now…LOL
    The fan motor is likely a very low current motor to run from USB. It is just a small fan….

    I imagine a bit of “cool” is felt near the vents of this unit. But you are adding moisture to the space overall. A poor decision…

    A central air or window AC runs warm humid room air through the coils of the AC and when the air passes these very cold coils, moisture condenses at the coils and drips water outside the living space.

    To give you some comfort without AC, an inexpensive fan will do essentially what this unit does.

  115. Is there ANY good reviews on this product. I don’t think I am interested is wasting money on something that does not work.

    • Norma sharkey | April 1, 2018 at 8:21 am | Reply

      An air condition uses antifreeze doesn’t really have much to do with humidity, also humidity is WARM moist air not cold moist air.

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