Ant Doctor Review | As Seen On TV Ant Killing Gel Busted

What is Ant Doctor?

Ant Doctor is an ant killing gel promoted by the as seen on tv giant Telebrands. Nobody likes to see those nasty ants in the kitchen. They come back in millions in-spite of you spending hundreds of dollars on their extermination. You need the “Ant Doctor” ant gel. The Ant Doctor gel claims to kill and rid your home of awful ants guaranteed. Ant Doctor promoters assert that anti-ant spray kill the visible ants only, and 90% of the ants are hiding in the nest.


How does Ant Doctor work?

Simply place the Ant Doctor gel in the cracks and crevices where ants travel. The special killing formula lures the ants thinking that it is food. The ants than carry the Ant Doctor gel to their nest (thinking that it is food) to share with other ants. As per the claims on their official website, this way the Ant Doctor gel gets spread out in the colony effectively wiping out the entire ant colony including the queen.


Ant Doctor claims to kill the entire Ant Colony including the Queen

Ant Doctor claims to be enough for the entire house.


To prove how irresistible Ant Doctor is to ants, the promoters (Telebrands) place the gel in a tray, the ants are then let in the tray and all the ants are soon dead. We cannot rely on such tests since they are performed by the manufacturer himself and the test could be staged and manipulated.


Ant Doctor Uses

Ant Doctor can be used to kill ants in the office, home, kitchen, bathroom, indoors and outdoor. One applicator can cover several rooms in your home.


Ant Doctor REVIEW

The name “Ant Doctor

Ant Doctor is named so to impress up on the buyers that is the ONLY ultimate solution for the ant problem – ANT EXTERMINATION. Also the word “DOCTOR” is associated with many successful products from the “As Seen On TV” segment. Roach DOCTOR, Flea DOCTOR are some of the examples. So the ploy is to exploit the success of previous pest control products.


Reviews on

“With Ant Doctor I never have to worry about those pesky ants again”

– Reviewer 1


“Ant Doctor is fast, our entire house was ants-free just like that”

– Reviewer 2


“Ants are really pain to get rid of and expensive if you call me. Or just get yourself Ant Doctor and save money”

– Reviewer 3 (Exterminator)


User reviews and testimonials in the product video is the stereotype marketing strategy of the Infomercial companies. In the case of Ant Doctor too they have intelligently used a pest exterminator (whose identity and authenticity is doubtful) as the reviewer of the anti-ant gel.


The reviews on the official Ant Doctor are Promotional reviews or Paid reviews. The actors in the Ant Doctor video get paid to act according to the script. You should not believe in those reviews. Those Ant Doctor reviews are not verified by any neutral agency. So like to ants in the Ant Doctor video you shouldn’t be lured into buying the product and get scammed.


Ingredients and Quantity of the Ant Doctor

One more reason why you should be doubting the efficiency of the Ant Doctor is the lack of important information like the ingredients of the gel. How can a product that boasts so much of its effectiveness not share the information about its ingredients. One explanation to this could be that there is nothing special about the Ant Doctor gel at all. It is just an ordinary ant killer whose capabilities are over exaggerated. the same goes with the “quantity” of the product. There is no information about the quantity of the gel included in each pack. Not mentioning the ingredients is unethical.



The way the Ant Doctor is advertised as a “NEW” and “REVOLUTIONARY” ant gel deserves it to be patented. We checked the patent database but did not find any patent associated with the Ant Doctor.


Ant Doctor Test

The ant killing tests performed in the video ad are not conducted by any neutral laboratory. The tests could be staged by the manufacturer (the chances are very high). We cannot be sure if its really the Ant Doctor that is killing all those ants in there.

Ants Lured in and Killed by

Ant Doctor Test


Ant Doctor Price and Offer

Ant Doctor is priced at $28 including shipping. It includes 1 syringe and 2 Ant Doctor Gel tubes. Optionally, you can get 2nd set of Ant Doctor (with another syringe and 2 gel tubes) for an ADDITIONAL $10 (which they categorize as shipping charges). So for $38 you get 2 syringes and 4 tubes. Ant Doctor is available only at the official website

Ant Doctor Buy 1 Get 1 Free is a Trap

Ant Doctor Regular Offer


Shipping Charges

You need to take a note of the shipping charges of Ant Doctor. The shipping charges for one set $8 and $18 if you include the second set. So beware, this is the amount you would be paying to ship them back if you are not satisfied with the product.


Company behind Ant Doctor

As Seen On TV Giant “Telebrands” is the company behind the Ant Doctor. Telebrands has previously promoted similar products like Roach Doctor and Flea Doctor. Telebrands does not specialize is manufacturing “quality” pest control products. They do not have any original research or patents for pest control products. This is something you need to know when buying from them. TeleBrands the Company behind


Money back Guarantee

Ant Doctor comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The period “30 Day” is not mentioned in the video and they make it seem like the money back period is unlimited. Also if yo decide you to return the Ant Doctor, you still have to pay $8 (for 2 units) and $18 (for 4 units) to ship it back to the distributor. Another indicator that Ant Doctor is a rip-off.


Our Verdict on Ant Doctor

Ant Doctor is nothing but an over-hyped ant gel that is backed by over-exaggerated advertising. The look and feel of the Ant Doctor is fabricated to resemble the much popular “Terro” ant gels. Even the marketing line “Kills the ants you see and the ones you don’t” is also borrowed from Terro. We do not recommend The Ant Doctor Gel. It is not the only ant gel available in the market. Instead we would suggest following tried and tested alternatives.
  • Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits
  • Harris Ant Killer
  • Combat 45901
  • Ortho 0464812 Home Defense Liquid Ant Bait

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