Alien Seal REVIEW |

What is Alien Seal?

It is an as seen on tv weather stripping tape that claims to seal the drafts in the doors and windows.

The seals in your doors and windows are letting the air in or out of your home, this causes your heating and cooling bills to rise. Alien Seal is a new flexible tape that easily “seals” gaps around windows and doors. Just measure the area to be sealed, cut to size, peel the back end of the sealing tape and stick it over the gap. Alien Seal claims to block the gaps and drafts to create an airtight seal. The flexible design of the tape allows you to shut/open the door in both the directions.

Alien Seal REVIEW |

How does Alien Seal work?

The Alien Seal claims to use the Flex Flap technology which makes it to snap in place. The official review at shows the demo of the infrared signatures [in green color] of the hot air being blocked around a door. The Alien Seal supposedly keeps the house 19% cooler. The Alien Seal can be used from the outside too. Alien Seal is weatherproof and promises to block wind and rain! Use the Alien Seal to fix the leaky seamless shower partitions. The sealing tape is made for unfinished faces. it creates water resistant barriers in minutes.

How does Tape Lower your Heating/Cooling Bills?

Use the Tape to weatherstrip your house. Air gaps in the windows and doors let the air flow in and out of your house. The leaking air puts strain on the air conditioning system as it has to “condition” the new air that comes in from the gaps. Several of such gaps can have a considerable effect on the air conditioning of your home. Stopping the air from leaking out of your home can save as much as 20% of the electricity consumed by the air conditioner.

Material – The Tape is made of Silicone.

Price Analysis

The Alien Seal tape is available for $19.99 + $6.95 S/h for 3 rolls at the official website, i.e. $6.66 per roll and $2.3 for shipping. The official website does not have the option that lets you buy only one roll, that is a major disadvantage of the official offer, reviewers complain. They say you can try the Alien Seal tape for 30-days but that is kind of misleading. They do not reveal the amount you have to pay if you opt to return the tape. You still have to pay $7 for shipping the tapes back to the manufacturer.

Competitor Price Analysis

Alien Seal REVIEWS

Let’s check the reviews now.

Less Quantity at a High Price

Reviews mention that the tape does work in sealing the “small” gaps in the doors and windows. But the major disadvantage is the small quantity of the product and the high price. Reviewers mention that the tape is not sufficient to seal more than two windows and doors. You have to buy a lot of these if you have to seal all the doors/windows in your house, that’s a costly proposition.

This is Okay in Moderate Climates

Reviews reveal that the Alien Seal works fairly good when you don’t have sever weather. Not suited if you have strong wind or rain. The tape will come off if the wind is too strong.

Too Thin

Then there are complaints regarding the Alien Seal tape. Most buyers see no difference between the Alien Seal tape and the ordinary tape. There are reviews [rather complaints] that call the tape as “weak”, “cheap”, “flimsy” and “thin” and won’t stop strong air from blowing in. There are instances where people have sealed their windows with the tape and the wind has blown off the tape. It is not strong enough to seal the draft in something as big as a french door. You need something thick and firm for bigger drafts. People who used this Alien seal tape complain that they could still feel the cold breeze coming in.

Works on Smooth Surface Only

The surface on which you stick the Alien Tape has to be perfectly smooth, if the surface is porous, water finds its way behind the tape making it moist. Once the water is between the tape and the surface – it comes off easily. It is recommended to clean the surface with an isopropyl alcohol solution before applying the Alien Seal tape, reviews mention. One reviewer mentions that he had to use another tape to tape the Alien Seal in place.

Not a Permanent Solution for Drafts

The Alien Seal is not a permanent solution as they make it look like in the official review. The tapes last max one season and you have keep replacing the old tape with the new ones every season.

Not Very Water-Resistant

There are complaints of water/moisture getting behind the Alien Seal tape, particularly on rough surfaces. Once the water is there it gets really messy when you have to remove the Alien Seal tape, it leaves a film on the surface. Once the sealing tape begins to sweat, it does not keep the air out. People who tried the tape on the glass shower door complain it could not stop the water from coming to the other side. The Alien Seal is ineffective in sealing water.

Peels off the paint from Windows

There are quiet a few reviews that claim that the tape peels of the paint from the window sill when you have to remove the tape. Users recommend to refrain from using the Alien Seal tape on older windows. Some buyers even say the “painters tapes” serve the same purpose and don’t peel the paint like the Alien Seal tape does. People have recommended the 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit over the Alien Seal.

Does not stop Condensation

One reviewer complains that the Alien Seal tape did not stop the condensation from depositing on the inside of the storm window, which was accomplished by the regular painter’s tape.

Does the Alien Seal work?

Alien Seal works for minor moderate leaks/drafts. It seals good but does not hold up against strong wind/rain. The tape stick to everything so you have to be careful when sealing the drafts. Hard to put where you want it. It creases easily. Many people don’t see any difference between the “weatherproofing” Alien Seal and the regular scotch tape. And they have done better weatherproofing with regular tapes at a fraction of the cost of Alien Seal.

About the Manufacture

The Alien Seal tape is manufactured by Emson, the same company that makes the “Alien Tape“. But many reviewers say that Emson is just the official distributor of the Alien Seal tape, the product is manufactured in CHINA.

Our Verdict on Alien Seal

Alien Seal is not the only weatherstripping tape out there in the market. There are several of these draft sealing tapes that are available for as less as $4. Alien Seal is definitely first of its kind in the “As Seen On TV” arena. The reviews confirm that it is not suitable for weatherstripping in strong winds. The promoters of Alien Seal do not mention about the quantity of the tape and how much area it can seal. This is bad marketing and raises questions about the quality of the product.

We do not recommend the Alien Seal tape, there are better alternatives available and suggest buy the ones we recommend here.

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