Air Police Air Purifier REVIEW

What is “Air Police”

Its a portable air purifier that works on the principle of “Ionic Filtration“. The Air Police’s stainless steel filter absorbs the airborne particles and “ionizes” them instantly killing the germs in the particles. The Air Police purifier is small and compact, you can carry it anywhere, just plug it in the socket and you have clean air around you, supposedly. The promoters of Air Police claim that unlike chemical air fresheners which just mask the odor, the ionic air purifier reduces food odor, musty smells and pet smells and dander. The Air Police also has a light that works as a night light in your bedroom.

How does Air Police Work?

Air Police uses high voltage to ionize the air particles (molecules) in your house. It has been proved that air ionizers like the Air Police in conjunction with the electrostatic plate (stainless steel filter) can eliminate the bacteria and viruses in the air. The ionizer ionizes the air around the purifier, the ionized particles are attracted by the plates (which acts as the filter). The deposited dirt and grime has to be filtered manually putting you at risk of infection.

Air Police Air Purifier REVIEW

About the Name “Air Police”

You may wonder why the air purifier is named “Air Police”, what is it in it that “polices” in the air. The reason behind the name “POLICE” is that the purifier’s ionic plate emits ionic particles that bind with the particles in the air and causes them to settle on the plates (which act as filters), something similar to a police arresting the crooks and putting them in the jail.

Given the troubled times we are all going through, the air in your house could be contaminated, though not visible to your naked eyes. Microscopic particles could easily get into your homes that can be causes of various airborne diseases. In such crisis times you need a portable air purifier like the “Air Police” claims to come in handy. But does it really work? Let’s find out in this review.

Does the Air Police Really Work?

Many users mention in their reviews that Air Police works in principle but is of little practical help. There are two main factors which make Air Police ineffective in cleaning all the air in the house:

  1. Size: One reviewer points out that the very compact size of the Air Police makes it a weak air purifier. It just does not have the strength to clean all the air in your house. You have to have several of these units in your house to clean the air. The manufacturer takes the advantage of the fact that there is no way to test how much of air has actually been purified. The manufacturer of Air Police does not mention the CADR (clean-air delivery rate) rating associated with the Air Police, probably because it is just too low. It is evident that the manufacturer of the Air Police is exploiting the current COVID-19 situation to see his product.
  2. Method: The so-called “Ionization” of the air particles is not an universally concept. A study by Consumer Reports in 2003 said that the Ionizer Air purifiers like the Air Police do not have high standard of operation like the more expensive HEPA based air purifiers. One reviewer also mentions that the Air Police does not have a powerful fan that would suck in the surrounding air. The video ad is misleading as it shows air passing through the vents on the side of the Air Police, but the unit is so small and the sides are not so wide to accommodate a fan. Fan-less ionic air purifiers take a long time to purify the air than those with fan. And given the small size of Air Police, it will take forever. The absence of the fan virtually makes the Air Police useless.

Air Police Tests

The marketers of Air Police Purifier perform a various tests in the TV advertisement to demonstrate the efficiency of the air purifier. One test shows the Air Police placed in a glass container filled with smoke. The Air Police purifier absorbs all the smoke in under a minute. When we asked our product expert to comment on it this test, he said this smoke test is just a marketing trick, the Air Police purifier is placed in a small area and it is easy to suck in all that air in the small area. In practical it is not possible for one unit of Air Police to purify your entire room, let alone your home. While he laughs at the test where the filter turns the water black when immersed in it. The tests shown in the video are amateurish and childish.

Air Police Pricing

The Air Police is available only at the official website The single unit of Air Police purifier is available for $29.99 + Free Shipping. You also have an option of buying 4 Air Police units and a Handvana Hydroclean Sanitizer for $79.97 + Free Shipping OR 2 Air Police units and 1 HydroClean Handvana Sanitizer for $54.97 + Free Shipping.

When compared to other similar air purifiers, Air Police is almost half the cost. Our product expert mentions in his review that it is the price that lures gullible buyers into buying this purifier. The Air Police is the cheapest air purifier in its class and sadly so its quality and efficiency. People don’t understand the science behind air purification, and end up buying “snake oil” like Air Police. One review mentions that it does not carry the AHAM verified mark usually associated with household appliances, raising serious doubts about the quality of the air purifier. One reviewer even says that the Air Police is the small version of air purifiers that used to sell years back.

Is Air Police Unique?

Nope, there are several air purifiers that work on the same principle of AIR PURIFICATION through IONIZATION. But in a way Air Police is unique because it does not have the HEPA filters. Instead, it has two stainless steel plates that ionizes the particles.

Busting the Myths of Air PoliceNew Advanced Air Purifier

Though this is a new “concept”, it is not advanced. Had it been a revolutionary advanced concept, air purifier brands would have already capitalized on this idea and it wouldn’t have been for a crappy “As Seen On TV” company to introduce it.

Quiet, Compact and Powerful

Yes it is quiet because there is no fan inside the Air Police unit. Yes it compact in size. But it is not powerful. It cannot be compact yet powerful at the same time, somethings gotta give.

Fresher Cleaner Air Guaranteed

NOPE. A plain blatant lie. Given all the reviews and information above, we conclude that Air Police cannot guarantee fresher cleaner air.

Latest Ionic Technology

There is nothing new about the IONIC filtration technology. Please be informed that the IONIC filters are not as efficient as the HEPA filters.

Our Verdict

Stay clear of the Air Police IONIC air purifier. Invest some more money and buy a purifier that works. As Seen On TV giant “Telebrands” is the company behind the Air Police purifier, a company known for gimmicky infomercial product, certainly not good for an air purifier. We recommend the tried and tested Holmes Small Room 3-Speed HEPA Air Purifier with Optional Ionizer.

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  1. Mr. Skip Anderson | March 22, 2021 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    Thank you! Your invaluable service “saved” me. I likely would have gone down that road, like so many others, and simply burned up my hard-earned money. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve had one and used it for a month now. Other than the nite-light, I can’t tell that it does anything. Today I examined the “filter” after a month’s use and can detect no residue whatsoever. I can detect no change of the air quality or smell in my bedroom where it operates. I conclude this Chinese product is a total scam.

  3. Maurice Davis | August 10, 2020 at 1:51 am | Reply

    I’m a Senior in a Senior Residence. I’ve noticed that I see dust bunnies matter how much I clean up. I need help. Thanks!

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