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What is Arctic Hat?

Arctic Hat (and Cap) as the name suggests is a special cooling hat that claims to keep your head 20 degree cooler than the outside temperature. The Arctic hat is available in two versions – Brimmed Arctic Hat and the regular Cap. The science behind the Arctic Hat is the principle of Evaporative Cooling. The Arctic Hat and Cap also claims to have a built-in UV barrier that reflects sun’s UV rays. The Arctic Hat is available at the official website



How does Arctic Hat work?

As mentioned earlier the Arctic Hat works on the principle of “Cooling by Evaporation”. The fabric of the Arctic Hat has tiny pores that releases water for continuous cooling.


Evaporative Cooling is the same principle that makes you feel cool when you sweat. The heat from the surrounding environment makes the water in the Arctic Hat to evaporate, which is released from the tiny pores in its fabric. The evaporation results in reduction of temperature as the latent heat is removed from the surface of the cap.


Features of Arctic Hat

Construction of the Arctic Hat – As per the claims made on the official website, the material of the Arctic Hat claims to be light-weight, breathable and features ventilated panels that allow air to flow freely.


Uses of Arctic Hat – As per the infomercial the Arctic Hat is suitable for all outdoor activities like beach, hiking, working in yard, camping, by the pool etc.


Arctic Hat Uses


Anti UV Feature – The Arctic Air Hat along with the evaporative cooling feature also claims to be UV resistant and goes to the extent of being 99% UV-resistant and claims to reflects 80% of the sun’s heat.


Arctic Hat Anti-UV Feature


Material of Arctic Hat – The Arctic Hat is made from Performance Fabric. The Performance Fabrics are known to be resistant to elements of nature like rain and cold.


How to use the Arctic Hat? – You are supposed to soak the hat or cap in water and wring out the excess water.


“Arctic Hat” – The Name

Arctic Hat Icon


Arctic Hat – The name portrays chilliness and is aptly selected to reflect on the character of the hat. The word “ARCTIC” is also associated with the popular by the as seen on tv cooler “Arctic Air Cooler” – which too works on the evaporative cooling principle. So it is pretty evident that the manufacturer of the Arctic Hat is trying to capitalize on the name “ARCTIC” by associating it with already popular cooler.


Arctic Air REVIEW

Ok now lets review the claims made by the manufacturer of the Arctic Hat.


“20-Degree Cooler than the Outside Temperature” – This is the most outlandish claim made by the manufacturer of the Arctic Hat. Evaporative Cooling cannot reduce the temperature by this margin. also they do not produce any lab test to prove the claim. Do not believe such claims.


“Blocks 99% UV Rays” – Whenever there are claims that cite statistics it is expected to be backed by relevant tests. The makers of the Arctic Hat claim that the hat blocks 99% UV rays so the question that you should ask is how did they arrive to this number of “99%” – they have no answer to such questions. They do not mention what material is used in the Arctic Hat to block the UV-rays.



“Repels 80% of sun’s heat” – again the same story. No data and independent tests that would support these claims. They do not mention what is the material in the cap that repels the heat.


“Hydro-Chill Technology” – I admire these as seen on tv marketers for their inventiveness in coming up with scientific jargon for stupid things. Now wonder this inventiveness is what has helped them sell their crappy product. This “Hydro-Chill Technology” is just one of those jargon that has no basis. “Hydro” is water, “Chill” is cooler temperature. They use this scientific term to explain the science behind the cooling. The lining fabric of the Arctic Hat has numerous tiny pore through which the water evaporates, cooling the hat.


Arctic Hat Lining


“Breathable and Lightweight Material” – There is nothing special about it. all hats and caps have this feature.


“Makes you feel Comfortable All Day Long” – This is not true, you will remain cooler only for a couple of hrs not all day. More they surrounding heat the sooner the water in the cap is going to evaporate. You need to soak it several times and keep it “wet” to get the cooling effect.



“Personal Air Conditioner” – Nope, don’t get sucked by such claims. The effect is not even like a cooler.


“Fully Adjustable” – What is it in a cap that needs to be adjusted?


“One size fits all” – Remember if anything is “One size fits all” that means that it is designed to fit bigger things. So when you consider the Arctic Hat, it is going to fit lose for people with smaller heads, especially kids.


Arctic Hat reviews on – These are paid reviews posted by people who get paid from the manufacturer. So don’t get carried away by such reviews.

Arctic Hat Reviews


Arctic Hat vs Arctic Cap

So what is more beneficial Arctic Hat or Arctic Cap? One Arctic Hat/Cap user Alberto Mendez states in his review that it is no brainer than HATS provide UV-protection than CAPS. He cites website according to which prolonged exposure to UV-Rays increases your chances of skin cancer. He further states in his review that while caps (like Arctic Cap) only protect your scalp, head and forehead. Brimmed Hats (like the Arctic Hat) protect your scalp, head, forehead, neck, nose, ears, chin and cheeks. So Arctic Hat shade most of your facial areas than the Arctic Cap. Another reviewer from San Jose, Willie Lucas has a different view on the Arctic Hat vs Hat Cap comparison. She says in her review that the visor of the Arctic Cap (of any cap for that matter) is longer than the brim of the Arctic Hat (of any hat) and hence Arctic Cap is able to shade your facial features more effectively than the Arctic Hat, if you have the rays coming from the front.


Arctic Hat Price and Offer

Arctic Hat is available only with the official website – The ordering process of the Arctic Hat is complicated, confusing and is designed to benefit the seller and not the buyer. First the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” option is pre-selected, in this BOGO FREE offer you get 2 Arctic Hats for the cost of $30. If you have to order just one hat you need to un-select the BOGO FREE offer. Many buyers don’t realize this and end up buying two hats.


Our Verdict on Arctic Hat

Arctic Hat is one of the stupidest as seen on tv products we have seen in the recent times. Its not that the Arctic Hat is totally useless, the benefits are too far-fetched. Also Arctic Hat is not the only outdoor cooling hat out there in the market. There is a tried and tested one that goes by the name “Ergodyne Chill” and is priced at $15 on We would recommend the Ergodyne Chill over the Arctic Hat.

11 Comments on "Arctic Hat REVIEW | Exposed"

  1. WEBSITE [] DUPED ME INTO BUYING FOUR WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING TWO AND The money and transaction happen so fast before my eyes and it did not show details OR give me options and went through that quickly now I have to wait for customer service to open at 9 AM I did not want $89 worth of hats!! FRAUDULENT WEBSITE BEWARE! I am calling the Better Business Bureau if these people do not cancel this order!!

  2. Tammy Hutchison | April 20, 2020 at 5:45 pm | Reply

    I ordered 3 of these over a year ago on Amazon. Never got them. When I contacted Amazon the seller said the hats were hung up in customs but were in shipment. I was advised by Amazon to wait. After 6 months I again contacted Amazon asking for a full refund. It was at that point Amazon stated the could not refund me on their guarantee because the length of time since my purchase date. So I will watn everyone…DO NOT BUT THESE SELLERS ARE SCAMMERS AND JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  3. This is a shame and a crime. I am sick and tired of paying for something that is not of quality. Those who try to rip people off, should be prosecuted.

  4. pete merritt | June 18, 2019 at 1:04 am | Reply

    tried to order through the website, they try to get you to buy upgrade buy more hats. So I canceled my order…

  5. Hey, thanks for the review. I am a Mechanical Engineer schooled in thermodynamics, and I can assess that this hat does NOT cool you. It, instead, makes you feel cooler, but only until the water you add to the lining evaporates or heats to surrounding temperature. But, yes, it does make you FEEL cooler, for only about 2 to 3 minutes. While its doing that, you get wet from the water added to lining. Also, I doubt this hat will repel sweat stains … after repeated wearing sweat will accumulate and stain the hat with dirty skin oil. 99% UV blocking, well, duh. If you shade your face etc then much of the direct UV light will not reach your skin, however, there are stray and indirect UV light that bounces off (reflects) objects and they will reach your skin – I guess these are the 1%.

  6. For personal reasons I was forced to cancel my order made just yesterday. The customer service number provided was 800-838-7719 and the representative was extremely kind and helpful. Despite problems locating my order, I was assured my intent to cancel my previous order would be honored and no charge would be made to my card. At this point, I am satisfied with the customer service I received for my cancellation request.

  7. Yes I need a call

  8. Yes I placed an order for two hat’s and they are not come in yet. Will someone please contact me. Or 2522689560

  9. Maurice V Beavers | April 28, 2019 at 8:02 am | Reply

    The website is a total fraud. I ordered two hats for $19.99 and they charged my credit card $91.27. The process would not let me see the total billing until it after they had processed the order. I didn’t get a chance to cancel, they didn’t send me a confirmation. I clicked “back” and it to me back to place another order. I tried to track the order and it would not recognize my information. The customer service was closed so I couldn’t call them. I will call the number as soon as the open in the morning at 9:00 A.M. and I expect they will be “too busy to answer”. I plan to call the fraud section on my credit card to block the charge.

  10. Joseph Christopher Donnelly | April 25, 2019 at 5:41 am | Reply

    All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!!!! I have not tried it out in the hot sun yet. The agreement was that buy one and get a second one for an additional cost ($9.99) They [] charged me $19.99 for both hats. They sent me an email four dollars off on a “Future” purchase. I responded to them in an email and the email was rejected! This company in my opinion is fraudulent. Buyer be ware !!!!!!

  11. gerald varner | April 20, 2019 at 12:02 pm | Reply

    Thank you for seeing this product as it really is: a money making item for the seller. ANY wide brim hat of light weight material will do what this claims to do, and for less money. One size fits all? A close look at the woman wearing the hat shows excess hat area around her head and if there is a wind, she had better tighten up that chin strap.

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