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Royal Gold Review

Royal Gold Claims

What is Royal Gold?

Royal Gold is a cleaning spray made of real vegetable wax called carnauba extracted from Brazilian palm tree leaves which is also known as Copernicia cerifera. It gets considered as the hardest available natural wax that gets commonly used for industrial and commercial purpose. Royal Gold is made to clean and protect the items in just one application.

Royal Gold is said to be a super concentrated spray with blended natural oils and conditioners. These ingredients are responsible for providing freedom from decades of dirt and grime, and hence it restores the natural shine. Royal Gold website claims to work equally efficiently on hard and soft surfaces.

How does it work?

Royal Gold Product

Royal Gold restores and renews the materials naturally in just one spray. It can get used for anything ranging from glass furniture to wooden furniture, steel utensils to leather footwear and bags. It shows that one product is capable of restoring any item to its life and makes it appear new.   

How to use Royal Gold?

The Royal Gold spray can be effectively used by merely spraying on any wooden or metal surface and then wiping it with a cotton cloth/duster. The spray makes it easy and feasible for muck deposited from years to get cleared in a short while. There possibly could be nothing easier to provide a solution to settled muck and stained utensils than the royal gold spray.   

Let us now look into the other side of facts:

The Name “Royal Gold”

The name of the product very aptly keeps the customers focused on the purpose it is made to serve. The name chosen defines what the product is (at least what it is supposed to be). Royal Gold intends to describe what the materials would look like once wiped with Royal Gold spray. Hence it can be said that the name of the product is as apt as it could be.

Claim Analysis 

Royal Gold Product

Now let us look to what extent does the product actually stands by its claims:

  • “Quickly and Easily Wipe Away Years of Yuck and Muck.”
    The product claims that it cleans away yuck & muck deposited from years very easily. It is probably the most misleading factor which has been advertised by teleshopping channels in the past few years to guide the customers towards cleaning sprays. However, when the product got tried and tested, the process of cleaning was not so easy.
  • “Refresh & Restore Other Surfaces like Magic.”
    The product promises that it restores and refreshes the surface on which it gets used to like Magic. And when the product was tried on an old and worn out wooden furniture, it could hardly make a difference. So what the product promises was proven to be false.
  • “Cleans, Shines and Protects.”
    The Royal Gold spray is said to clean, shine and protect as per the tagline of the product. However, when used for multiple times, the product stops making much of an effect and does not clean, shine and protect adequately.
  • “Bring New Life to Old Leather.”
    The product claims to rejuvenate leather into a new life but when tested and tried the results proved to be something else. The stains get only partially removed, and the surface of leather could not witness the newness that the product talks about.
  • “Revive Sun Faded Old Furniture.”
    Royal Gold sprays are said to be a solution to old sun faded outdoor furniture. However, when tried on faded furniture it could hardly make any visible differences. Hence, the product does not assure the quality it promises.

Royal Gold Price Analysis

The Royal Gold comes for $19.95 which is not something extraordinary to get at this price. Most cleaning sprays advertised on television and available in the market comes at a similar price range. The price range of the product should be directly proportional to the quality standards that it provides. Whereas, in the case of Royal Gold spray the product does not support this equation.

Offer Analysis

Royal Gold Product

The product website promises free delivery of the product at $19.95 with free shipping. Additional bottle of Royal Gold 8 Oz comes for $6.95. It sounds exciting as an offer but what the customers get in more than $25 is not worth it. This offer is also applicable to many other competitive brands launched in the market.

Royal Gold Review

As discussed under several heads, it can get deduced that the product is an average quality concentrated spray. Although it contains blended natural oils and conditioners that work together to polish the surface, the results are not very applauding. The product promises to work effectively on metal, wooden and other surfaces but the results are mostly disappointing.

Our Verdict

Since the customers have faith in tried and tested product reviews, we can say that the product is not recommended primarily because of its quality standards. One may invest in the Royal Gold spray if you are someone who does not believe in being disappointed by average products. The product price does not justify the service it provides.

The product got tested on a blotchy wooden surface and a stained utensil, the result was not as magical and as long-lasting as promised. The result showed partial signs of marks on the surface.

The basic idea behind having this spray is to maintain the stain-free furniture at your home, but when it is not much of a use, the product is indeed not worth your money and attention.

The product has an average rating and an average review from our end. You may give it a try but keeping the factors discussed here in your mind. Also, there are many other better sprays available in the market at a similar range which gives you a stain free and natural restoration of wooden and metallic surfaces.

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