Zero Germ Mask Review

What is Zero Germ Mask?

It is a 3-ply mask similar to a Surgical Mask with collection efficiency range from 10% to 90%.

About Zero Germ Mask

Zero Germ Masks claim to be the same masks that doctors use. The official review at claim them to be FDA compliant and are made from three layers of non-woven material. The Zero Germ Mask claims to have a bacterial filtration efficiency more than 95%. The design of the Zero Germ Mask is supposed to reduce the gaps.

Zero Germ Mask Review

The Filtration Test

As per the official review of the Zero Germ Mask, nothing can penetrate the mask. To prove this, they pour a bowl of water into the Zero Germ Mask and there is no water leaking from the mask. The promoters claim in their review that the mask is efficient to block airborne particles from entering your mouth and nose while still allowing you to breath without efforts through the microscopically porous membrane. The Zero Germ Mask is claimed to be made from high-quality hypoallergenic odor-less material regulated by the FDA. Breathe easy with these soft and comfortable face masks.

The promoters of Zero Germ Mask urges people to bring Coronavirus Pandemic under control by using the Zero Germ Mask. The promoters claim that the Zero Germ Masks are shipped directly from the factory.

Zero Germ Mask Reviews

The reviews of Zero Germ Mask range from very poor (one star rating) to medium intensity reviews (three star ratings). Most of the negative reviews is because many buyers think the Zero Germ Masks are shipped from CHINA. The reason for this presumption is that the promoter does not reveal where the masks are manufactured.

Price Gouging

Many buyers feel that the companies are taking undue advantage of the Coronavirus situation by gouging the prices of essential items like face masks and sanitizers. Zero Germ Mask is one such example, claims reviews. The Zero Germ Masks are priced at $50 for a pack of fifty masks, which is too high according to some reviews. the same masks are available on for half the price, claims one reviewer. By the way there is an even better face mask called the “Buy Never Lost Mask [ Mask]” you may want to check out this mask too.

About the Company behind Zero Germ Mask

Zero Germ Masks are made by the same company that makes the Zero Germ Cell Phone Sanitizer. The Company is InvenTel Products, LLC. Many reviewers raise questions on the companies ability to make quality face masks. Some reviews even go to the extent of claiming that the company is a middle men for Chinese manufacturers.

Where is Zero Germ Mask made?

One reviewer mentions that nowhere in the website website do they say that the masks are made in the USA. This raises serious questions on the quality of the masks especially in the current crisis.

Efficiency of the Zero Germ Masks

Experts say that the “95% filtration” is a very misleading advertising that the promoters of Zero Germ Mask are doing. It does not mean that Zero Germ mask ha been tested to filter 95% of the particles. What the figure “95%” means is that the category of these masks (Surgical Masks) are known to have a filtration range of 10% to 90%. There are no independent tests that confirm that Zero Germ Mask is 95% effective against particles.

Is Zero Germ Mask FDA Approved?

No. FDA does not approve individual mask like Zero Germ. So why does the manufacturer claim the Zero Germ Mask is FDA approved?, well there is a thin line here which the manufacturer is exploiting. “FDA approved” does not mean that FDA has independently tested the Zero Germ Mask and found it to be 95% effective, NO. FDA recommends using masks, that.s it. FDA recommends using masks but they do not confirm the efficiency of individual masks. We checked the CDC website and found that the Zero Germ Mask is neither approved by CDC.

Does Zero Germ Mask Stop Spread of Virus?

Yes. Not only the Zero Germ Mask but all masks (even homemade ones) help the spread of virus. Covering your face and mouth stop you from spreading the disease if you already have the virus. Masks like the “Zero Germ” may not be much efficient at stopping the virus from entering your body (through mouth and nose) though.

Is Zero Germ Mask N95

NO! Zero Germ Mask is not a N95 mask. “95” does not mean that the Zero Germ Mask blocks 95% of viruses. The FDA states that when used correctly tests have shown that the masks (N95 and not Zero Germ) block at-least 95% of the 0.3 micron particles.

Zero Germ is a Thin Mask

Many people complain in their reviews that the Zero Germ Masks are thin as tissue paper and in the time of Covid-19 you would need two to three such masks to provide adequate protection. Some reviews say that the Zero Germ Masks are see-through and wonder how this mask could stop a tiny virus from getting inside you. Many reviewers say they don’t feel SAFE wearing the Zero Germ Masks because they look very flimsy. Many reviews claim that these are “use and throw masks”. Some reviews mention that this mask is just for looks and does nothing to actually filter the air. One reviewer though mention that Zero Germ is a surgical mask and all surgical masks are thin.

Cloth Face Coverings

Some experts caution people against buying these face masks (like the Zero Germ), they say covering your face (mouth and nose) with a cloth also serve the same purpose and there is no need to spend money on these masks. Even CDC recommends home-made cloth covering, says the reviews.

Something is Better

Then there are others who think “something is better than nothing”. Since these essential items are in short supply it is good that these masks (Zero Germ) are nonetheless AVAILABLE. Though they are not N95 masks, they do a fairly good job of covering your mouth and nose. They would certainly stop you from spreading the germs to others.

Zero Germ Mask Review

Our Verdict

Zero Germ is not the only 3-ply mask in the market. There are many such surgical masks listed on But the question is AVAILABILITY. As far as the quality of the mask is concerned, don’t expect it to match that of a branded mask. But you have something to cover your face with.

4 Comments on "Zero Germ Mask Review"

  1. DAVID A RAPSKE | August 8, 2020 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    I’ve tried vigorously to find out where these masks are made. This company is really good at hiding this information – very deceptive – would not use Zero Germ Mask even if they were given out free; bad enough we got the virus from China, now they want to provide the solution to the virus. No thanks.

  2. I ordered these masks almost two months ago. After repeated promises that the masks were
    being shipped, they have still not arrived. Please give me a factual date for delivery.

  3. Their website shows an American flag, implying the masks are made in the USA, but nowhere on the website does it actually say “Made in USA”. I can only assume China. If true, that would be an incredibly sleezy thing to do, especially now.

  4. Susan Lawson | June 9, 2020 at 4:43 pm | Reply

    Can you recommend a good quality, American made mask?

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