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    How does the Wush Powered Ear Wax Remover Work?

    Just Fill, Flip and Spray, that is how WUSH supposedly works. WUSH claims to safely and effectively remove wax from your ear using gentle massaging triple spray of water. WUSH directs the water spray is not in the middle but to the sides of the ear canal. WUSH features a foldable nozzle has a soft silicone antimicrobial irrigation tip that fits comfortably in the ear. With just a push of a button, WUSH sprays water in the corners of your ear canals, this gentle spray of water dislodges the wax as it build pressure from behind the wax and not from the front [pushing it more deep in the ear canal] and rinses it away. Users in the official WUSH ad claim that the ear feels like being massaged. The manufacturer of WUSH Ear Wax Remover claim that this is an innovative new way of safely and hygienically removing the ear wax.


    WUSH Earwax Remover Review | Does GetWUSH.com Ear Wax Remover Work?



    WUSH Ear Wax Remover has 4 water pressure settings. The 1 and 2 settings are termed as “Comforting Ear Maintenance” and “Setting 3” for removing the stubborn compacted wax. Using the WUSH twice a week in the shower will prevent the wax forming in the ear canal, the doctor in the official WUSH website GetWUSH.com says. WUSH Powered Ear Wax Remover comes with 6 reusable tips so that whole family can use the same machine with different tips. WUSH is water resistant and can be used in shower.

    Clogged Ears can cause an irresistible urge to remove the excess wax, excess wax can also cause hearing issues, dizziness and earaches.


    What do I get?

    • 1 WUSH Powered Ear Wax Remover
    • 6 Soft Reusable Silicone Antimicrobial Irrigation Tips
    • 1 Catch Cup For Use at Sink
    • Price – $49.99 + Free S/h. WUSH Ear Wax Remover is available at the official website GetWush.com



    WUSH Ear Wax Remover REVIEW

    What’s new in WUSH?

    Ear Wax Irrigation kits have been around for quite a while and people have had varying degree of success with them. Now these ear wax removers use manual spray bottles that work well. now the makers of WUSH mechanized the spray bottle, converting it into a “POWERED [Battery Powered] Ear Wax Remover”, the things got complicated but the results are nothing better than the manual irrigation systems.


    Is WUSH Really Innovative?

    Not really, there is a product by the name “WaxBGone” which works on the same principle as that of the WUSH Ear Wax Remover, but has several advanced features. WaxBGone has even more features than the WUSH, for example the WaxBGone has 5 settings while WUSH has just 3. Also WaxBGone sprays SEVEN jets of water while the WUSH sprays just 3 jets.


    Does not Work As Advertised

    When we asked our product experts whether WUSH works the way it is portrayed, the answer is NO! The WUSH Ear Wax Remover just works on the paper and not in reality. After using the WUSH you get a feeling of water is stuck inside your ear.



    Removes Healthy Wax Too

    The other disadvantage of the WUSH Ear Wax Remover is that it also removes the protective healthy ear wax too, which makes your ears vulnerable to foreign objects. Ear wax has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is an essential element to keep foreign bodies [like dust and insects] out of ear.


    Not Very Hygienic Ear Wax Removal Method

    Irrigating the ear canal with water is not considered a very hygienic wax removal method. The water that gets trapped in becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The ear needs to be dried quickly and kept dry for the next few days. The promoters of WUSH Powered Ear Wax Remover do not provide any information about the post-treatment guidelines. People have reported clogged ears and “Swimmers Ear” like symptoms for many days after using the products like WUSH Powered Ear Wax Remover. Do your own research before using the products like the WUSH Ear Wax Remover, understand what are the possible side-effects and is it necessary to remove the ear wax in the first place. There is also a potential danger of the silicone tips coming lose inside the ear, which would be difficult to remove.


    Battery Powered

    The WUSH Ear Wax Remover is battery [Li-ION] powered which means that you are going to need a tons of batteries to keep the WUSH running. This is a major disadvantage of WUSH Ear Wax Remover as such tools often come with a built-in rechargeable battery.



    Not Suited for Sensitive Ears

    People with sensitive ears should avoid using products like the WUSH Powered Ear Wax Remover. After the treatment the ear feels very cold and can cause a lot of discomfort and ear ache. Some users have reported that using the products like the WUSH Ear Wax Remover causes “dizziness”. People with Vertigo should also stay away from the WUSH Ear Wax Remover.


    Not Effective in Removing Ear Wax

    The Wush Ear Wax Remover is not worth the price. Same results can be achieved with mechanical [sprayer-pump] irrigation wax cleaners. A lot of water needs to be pumped to get a small amount of wax out. It is recommended to consult the doctor before using an ear canal irrigation product like the WUSH. The WUSH Ear Wax Remover is difficult to manoeuvre inside your ear, it s nothing like the “massaging” treatment shown in the TV ad. Many users consider WUSH Ear Wax remover as completely ineffective at removing ear wax. As one product expert points out that the water stream is mixed with air so this causes the pressure to drop, also the WUSH machine is quite noisy when being used. Many users who have used the similar product complain that they have never seen any ear wax come out. As one of the user mentions: “The WUSH does nothing to your ears, you hope you are getting your ears cleaned but in reality its just the water streaming out of your ears. You have an uncomfortable feeling in your ears for a couple of days”.


    Not Safe for Kids

    The WUSH Ear Wax Remover is not suited for kids. The ear canal irrigation systems like the WUSH are designed to be used by adults, unsupervised and improper use of such tools by kids can cause serious ear injuries including bleeding and deafness.



    Missing Information

    The WUSH website does not mention crucial information like the pressure of the water jets. This is important to determine if it is within the safe range.


    Our Verdict

    We do not recommend the WUSH Ear Wax Remover given the fact that it does not work as claimed and is potentially hazardous. If you are already used to ear irrigation then stick to the tried and tested spray bottle, basin bulb and syringe.


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    1. Winston Versola | July 18, 2022 at 9:48 pm | Reply

      Where can I purchase this from

    2. Winston Versola | July 18, 2022 at 9:47 pm | Reply

      Where can I order this from

    3. Eric Rehwaldt | July 14, 2022 at 5:26 pm | Reply

      Didn’t you bother to read the reviews on this terrible, crappy product? My God man, this thing can cause swimmers ear, bleeding, and deafness. You’d be better served using my moms method of cleaning our ears when I was a kid. Q-tips were for sissies, my mom used Bobby-pins. True story.

    4. How can I order the product for Wush ear wax removal? Your site does not work. Is there a phone number I can call to order?

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