Vitamin ME REVIEW | As Seen On TV Multivitamin for YOU or (ME)

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What is Vitamin ME?

As the name suggests, Vitamin ME is a multivitamin supplement that according to the claims is specially formulated for YOU, hence the name VITAMIN ME. In this review we will analyze the claims made by the Vitamin ME promoters (Telebrands) and determine whether it is a real deal or a rip-off.

Why do you need Vitamin ME?

Multivitamins like Vitamin ME are in great demand, the point is people need multivitamins for various purposes. Take a look at these searches people make on Google.

What type of multivitamins do people search for

Human Body and Multivitamins

No two humans are identical“. We are all different. All human bodies are different, no two human bodies are exactly the same, that is the beauty of nature. The promoters of multivitamin claim that this inherent uniqueness of human bodies makes it difficult to have ONE “common” solution (in the form of multivitamins) for everybody. Over and above this we all have different lifestyles, belong to different age-groups, our metabolism differ and hence we should have “customized” multivitamins like Vitamin ME, claim the marketers of Vitamin ME.

Benefits of Vitamin ME

It is claimed in the infomercial that Vitamin ME is beneficial for hair, skin and nails, energy levels, eyes, metabolism, heart health, immunity, muscle function etc. BUT Vitamin ME fails to give concrete proof like studies conducted or case-studies to backup the fancy claims.

How does Vitamin ME work?

You are supposed to take an assessment test on the official website or by calling them over the phone on 18003649223. The assessment test determines what kind of Vitamin ME dose would be suitable to you considering all the above mentioned parameters. The typcial questions asked in the assessment are:

“How often do you drink alcohol?”

“Do you consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day?”

“Do you feel that you have less energy than you should have?”

“How often do you exercise?”

“What are your fitness/health goals”

Vitamin ME claims to use non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients packed in easy to swallow pill. They further claim that there are hundreds of multivitamins out there in the market but you never know which one would actually suit you. Vitamin ME manufacturers claim that now you need not do the guessing as they have a tailor made multivitamin for you, in the form of Vitamin ME.


When we asked our reviewers if they would try the Vitamin ME and what the felt about it, this is what they had to say.

Review 1 – Un-tested Concept

Jennie Hill our health product reviewer mentions in her Vitamin ME review that the concept of assessing the users and accordingly proffering them multivitamin dose sound very promising but from the marketing POV. She further says in her Vitamin ME review that the concept is flawed totally, had this concept really worked then the pharma companies would have implemented this long back and it wouldn’t have been for an “as seen on tv” company to come up with such an revolutionary idea. She says in her review that the assessment thing is just to win the hearts of the gullible buyers and continues to say that she doubts if two people with different assessment results would receive different Vitamin ME supplement.

Review 2 – Not a Reputed HEALTH Brand

Our second reviewer Maurice Bryan reveals in his Vitamin ME review that Telebrands is not a reputed HEALTH brand. Her further states in his review that he wouldn’t buy a multivitamin supplement from an “As Seen On TV” company who does not have any credible experience of making these supplements.

Review 3 – Vitamin ME INGREDIENTS

Ricky Copeland mentions in his Vitamin ME review that the first sign of a health product scam is the missing ingredients list. He says that no genuine health brand will hide the ingredients from its buyers. In his review he appeals to buyers to stay clear of the Vitamin ME he further says since they are not disclosing the ingredients and he is certain that Vitamin ME is a scam. He says he wonders how the Vitamin ME ingredients change from person to person and the manufacturer throws no light on this.

Review 4 – Reviews in the Vitamin ME Infomercial

Ryan Scott, one of our product reviewer cautions buyers in his Vitamin ME review. He says it has become typical for as seen on tv infomercials to feature FAKE positive reviews of their products. In his review Ryan points to the fact that half of the Vitamin ME is loaded with the PAID testimonials. Gullible buyers don’t realize that these are paid reviews and end up getting sucked into buying the product based on the infomercial reviews.

Ryan too confirms Jennie Hill’s (reviewer 1) theory that if tailor-made multivitamins really worked, they would have been in the market long back.

Review 5 – Vitamin ME is OVER-RATED

Sofia Freeman mentions in her review that the benefits of Vitamin ME are over-rated (again typical of an as seen on tv product). She is furious that these scam companies portray multivitamins are “life savers” which they are not. She further mentions in her review that multivitamins like Vitamin ME have a very limited benefits. And the benefits claimed by Vitamin ME are complete lies.

Review 6 – Vitamin ME Availability

Leona Harvey mentions in her Vitamin ME review that the multivitamin pills are available only at the official website, the promoters of the Vitamin ME do not sell their product on other online retail websites like because the reviews would reveal that Vitamin ME is a rip-off.

Our Verdict on Vitamin ME

Multivitamin is multi-million dollar market in the US. Telebrands has scored a bulls eye hit by launching the Vitamin ME multivitamin supplement, this first in the “As Seen On TV” segment. And the first company to launch the tailor-made multivitamin. But the million dollar question is “Does the Vitamin ME really work?”

Vitamin ME is a multivitamin and hence it inherits all the benefits and disadvantages of a multivitamin. confirm our doubts about the benefits of Multivitamins like the Vitamin ME.

“Vitamin ME will not reduce the risk of heart-attacks, memory-loss or cancer”

There is no shortcut to better health and vitamin deficiency. If your vitamin deficiency is “CLINICAL” then yes, physician prescribed multivitamins would help you replenish the vitamin deficit. But if you are expecting multivitamins to be a “miracle” then you got it wrong. Experts suggest better diet over the supplements. So we stand by the experts and DO NOT RECOMMEND VITAMIN ME. Our verdict is based on hundreds of reviews from all over the internet, people are getting lured in to buying multivitamins as though they were some life-saving drugs.

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