Thermo Back Buddy Review | Exposed

What is Thermo Back Buddy?

It claims to be a lower back stretcher and massager with heat function. It features Stretching, Massage and Heat functions – all in one back support device. The Thermo Back Buddy consists of reinforcing plate that rests on the floor. Then comes the inflatable air bag and the massage desk over the air bag. At the center of the massage deck is the heating zone.


Thermo Back Buddy Review | Exposed



Reciprocating Movement

The Thermo Back Buddy has an unique inflation mechanism. The airbag in the Thermo Back Buddy inflates and deflates, causing the Thermo Back Buddy go up and down making your lumbar region go up and down as well, this causes the lumbar disc to stretch. Ergonomic Curve Design helps restore the natural 26 degree curve of the lumbar spine.



The Thermo Back Buddy has a heat function and features three temperature settings – 40 Degree Celsius, 50 Degree Celsius and 65 Degree Celsius. The heat from the Thermo Back Buddy relieves the stiffness caused in the lumbar region.



The Thermo Back Buddy also features a “Massage” function. The built-in motor produces high-frequency vibrations that massages the lumbar region of your lower back. Thermo Back Buddy


What does Thermo Back Buddy Work For?

The Thermo Back Buddy claims to help with back decompression. It is easy to use, compact and comes with a remote control. The Thermo Back Buddy also claims to work on all common lower back issues like:
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Slipped Disc
  • Compression Fracture
  • Degenerative Disc


Thermo Back Buddy Price

You get 2 units of Thermo Back Buddy for $99.99 + $6.99 S/h at the official website



Price Comparison

  • Real Relax 2021 Lumbar Traction Device – Price $119.99. Has six reviews and 4 star rating.
  • VeyFun Professional Lower Back Massager – 44 Reviews and 4-star rating.
  • CLORIS Waist Pain Relief Waist Traction Massager – Price $59.99, 7 reviews and 3.7 aggregate rating
  • Verdict – The Thermo Back Buddy is priced at $49.99 but there is no option of buying just one device. You have to pay $99.99 for two devices which many users complain is a bad sales technique. As for the Value for Money, many buyer complain that the product is not at all worth the price of $49.99. It does not provide any better support than a small couch pillow. As for the “traction” the word is very misleading as the Thermo Back Buddy does not provide any traction that one would expect from a traction table.


Thermo Back Buddy Review

Uncomfortable to Use

Most users of Thermo Back Buddy find it uncomfortable to use and does not give any relief from lower back pain. The reviewers even complain that the Thermo Back Buddy actually worsens the lower back pain. It is even more uncomfortable for taller and heavy people. If you are above 6 feet or weigh more than 250 lbs. [or worse satisfy both the conditions] just forget about the Thermo Back Buddy. A small couch pillow delivers much more support than the Thermo Back Buddy.


Does Not Relieve Pain

The Thermo Back Buddy does not relieve lower back pain. User reviews mention that the pain goes away for about half-n-hour and comes back with more intensity. Many users complain that the Thermo Back Buddy is not designed well do address the lower back pain, this could be because the Thermo Back Buddy is hard on your back. Many people complain that the device is very hard and needs to be more soft to make it bearable. The Thermo Back Buddy lacks the curve to give your lumbar region the requisite stretching relief. You certainly cannot rely on the Thermo Back Buddy for lower back pain-relief. Users complain that it is difficult to get off the floor after using the Thermo Back Buddy.



Inflatable Lumbar Traction

The Thermo Back Buddy does not inflate to a level where it can provide adequate lumbar traction. Most people don’t find any difference between the inflated and deflated positions of the Thermo Back Buddy. It is just like a plastic bag with some fabric on it.


Insufficient Massage

The massage is not at all great – complain the users of Thermo Back Buddy. The massage on the highest setting is nothing like a a real massage, the massage is just a joke. Also the massage is not along the entire area of the Thermo Back Buddy device the massage is localized only at two locations, it does not help. Also the rollers do not move, they are stationery so only a small area of your lower back actually receives the massage [if you want to call it “massage”]. As for the heat, there is no better option than the “Heated” lower back belt which you can wear while sitting, driving and walking.


Our Verdict On Thermo Back Buddy

The Thermo Back Buddy does not work as promised by the manufacturer. There are not too many products like the Thermo Back Buddy because the concept looks good on drawing board but has very little practical value. The Thermo Back Buddy comes with too many features stuffed in one device and none of these features work to the extent of being of any use. Based on the reviews we do not recommend the Thermo Back Buddy. If you are looking for stretching exerciser then a “Back Stretcher Device” is well suited for you, it is tried and tested method to exercise your lower back.



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