ThermaComfort Calming Wrap Review

What is ThermaComfort wrap?

ThermaComfort Calming Wrap

Constant stress and hectic lifestyle can lead to cramp in the neck and shoulders. Rigorous working hours can also cause stress, which may have other consequences such as pain in the back or spine. One of the solutions to alleviate the pain in the neck and shoulders and distress is to use ThermaComfort soothing wrap, which is designed to offer hot and cold weighted therapy. The wrap uses weighted clay beds that are known to offer relaxation and de-stress.

One can either use the cold wrap by chilling it in the freezer or use a warm one by keeping it in a microwave for some time. As per the makers of the product, using the wrap around your neck can help in cold and hot therapy. The product is designed such that it fits the natural contours of the body perfectly, giving the shoulders and neck quite some relaxation. Being made of non-slip material, the wrap does not fall off, making it steady on the shoulders and neck. The breathable and soft material are not only provided for utmost comfort, but also makes it extremely great for people with sensitive skin. Also, the material is great to be used for all year round.

How to use ThermaComfort?

ThermaComfort Calming Wrap

You are supposed to wear ThermaComfort wrap around your neck or place it on your shoulders. Placing the wrap on the shoulders or around the neck helps in alleviating the pain and de-stressing.

The name “ThermaComfort” wrap

This product is named ThermaComfort that gives customers the impression that the product is made to offer comfort. This true to a certain extent as some of the studies regarding calming and soothing wraps prove that these wraps have different effects on different people. So, it is absolutely necessary to read various customer reviews before you go ahead and buy the product. Going through different reviews will help you to understand how the product works on different people and how effective it is.

ThermaComfort Calming Wrap

  • “Deep Tissue Stimulation”
    The first claim of the product is deep tissue simulation. The official website of the product claims that the wrap uses weighted clay beads that helps in relaxing the muscles and promoting calmness. Deep tissue stimulation is done through professional massages and also requires pressure on the tissues, which is quite impossible with weighted beads alone.
  • “Hot and cold therapy”
    The second claim is that the product provides hot and cold therapy, which can be done by heating the wrap in the microwave or cooling it by placing it in the freezer. The calming effect of the wrap can help in providing deep penetrating relief. This can be true to a certain level. However, some muscle pain can require extreme heat or cold, depending on the muscle strain or pain. In that case, it is recommended to go for a professional helps rather than buying a product that may or may not work for a particular pain.
  • “Contours to you”
    The third claim talks about how the wrap perfectly fits the shoulders and sits comfortably due to the non-slip material. This is true. Also, the wrap is lengthy and covers most of the shoulders.
  • “Herbal Aromatherapy”
    The makers of the product claims that the wrap proves to offer aromatherapy and offer comfort to the mind and calmness to the soul. Aromatherapy is the use of plant material and essential oils to soothe the mind and body. That is why, the claim of the product that is proves aromatherapy is false as there is no mention of any essential oil used in the materials used for the product.
  • “Luxurious material”
    It is mentioned that ThermaComfort™ wrap uses breathable and luxurious material that can be used throughout the year. Nowhere in the official website does the brand mentions what is the luxurious material used. It is necessary for them to support such tall claims for the customers to believe it. Also, there might be times when the weighted clay beads may not be as effected as they would be in the first few weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to read the reviews and see what the customers have to say about this wrap. Getting a first-hand experience is must.

Price of Therma Comfort

ThermaComfort™ wrap is priced at $39.99 plus $4.99 for packing and handling. In total, the product comes at around $45, which is slightly higher than other comfort wraps in the market, which are budget-friendly as well as effective.

“ThermaComfort™ what do I get offer?” (Offer Analysis)

ThermaComfort Calming Wrap

You get a single ThermaComfort™ wrap at $39.99 along with an additional $4.99 for packing and handling. The product comes with a buy one and get one offer. In this offer, when you buy one regularly priced ThermaComfort™ soothing wrap, you will also get another wrap free of cost. All you have to do is pay the additional packaging and handling price of $4.99. This buy one get one offer also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Moreover, an additional surcharge of $10 is charged for delivery to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, and US Virgin Islands.

Our verdict on ThermaComfort

Stress and muscle strain are culminations of multiple factors such as hectic lifestyle and working schedules, sudden impact on the muscles, and irregular sleeping cycles. All these together lead to discomfort and pain in the neck and shoulders. The makers of ThermaComfort sell the product by providing false claims. Depending on our detailed review, we conclude that ThermaComfort is highly expensive as compared to other comfort and soothing wraps in the market and provides exaggerated claims without backing them with thorough research materials and supporting explanations. In order to de-stress yourself, you can indulge in mediation and yoga that are free of cost as well as can prove to be effective in alleviating pain not only in your shoulders and neck, but throughout the body. Moreover, instead of paying $39.99 plus $4.99 for packaging and handling, you can ask a professional masseuse who can help in massaging and relax your muscles.

In our verdict, it is helpful to go back to our basics and go with the tried-and-tested yoga, meditation, and exercises in order to relieve your body of pain and de-stress your mind.

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