Shimmy Scrub Review | Does Work?

What is Shimmy Scrub?

Shimmy Scrub is a soft, two-sided, stretchable body scrubber that guarantees flawless results every time you use it to scrub your body. The Shimmy Scrub is also called as a “Shower Belt”. The makers of Shimmy Scrub project it as the perfect scrubber that also removes dirt, oil and dead skin while exfoliating gently. The scrubber also imparts a healthy glow to your skin, deep cleanses even hard to reach parts and makes your body feel completely rejuvenated. All you have to do is add your body wash or soap on Shimmy Scrub and scrub it gently on your skin.


Shimmy Scrub Review | Does Work?


Features and Functionalities

The secret to Shimmy Scrub’s uniqueness and effectiveness are the thousand-plus soft-textured micro-bristles that provide impeccable results quickly and instantaneously. The scrubber also comes with stretchable handles which offer maximized flexibility to scrub your body. Further, it’s made from material that prevents stretching and straining, so you can access and scrub parts such as neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet, which are usually not so easy to clean.

Shimmy Scrub can also be reversed and used since its other side is designed to massage your body. Its ergonomic design facilitates ease of use and handling. Its makers claim that its large massage beads rejuvenate the skin and improve blood circulation that helps you relax. According to them, Shimmy Scrub even protects you from bacteria and unpleasant odors. As for storing it after use, you can rinse it with water and hang it to dry. It can also be rolled up after use and stored conveniently.



Shimmy Scrub Advantages

  • Rejuvenates Skin – Shimmy Scrub removes the dead skin cells, impurities, and dirt from the back which is hard to reach by hands. You skin feel rejuvenated as it is unclogged
  • Flaky Skin – Shimmy Scrub gets rid of the flaky skin formed by the deposition of dead skin cells.
  • Sun Tan – The Shimmy Scrub when used with active ingredients like lemon, tomato, curd – removes the skin tan.
  • Good Alternative – Shimmy Scrub is a better alternative to plastic bath brushes which are scratchy and stiff and can damage your skin.
  • Removes Sebum – Use the Shimmy Scrub to exfoliate your back to get rid of the sebum that is deposited on the back skin, preventing back acne.



Be Gentle – It is good to scrub your back with the “Shimmy” but do take good care while scrubbing. Don’t do it too fast and don’t over scrub your back, you might have a sensitive skin and scrubbing too much can cause irritation. Also make sure use the Shimmy Scrub with lots of water and soap [in the shower] so the skin is well lubed.


Shimmy Scrub Price Review

The Shimmy Scrub is available at the Official Website The scrubber is priced at $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping & handling. You get a free hook to hang the Shimmy Scrub in your bathroom so there is no water/moisture accumulating around the Shimmy Scrub. For an extra $5.99 you can get another Shimmy Scrub [Buy One Get One Free Offer] and an extra hook, i.e. $13.48 per Shimmy Scrub.

When we compared the price of Shimmy Scrub with other similar silicone scrubbers we found that the Shimmy Scrub is slightly costlier than its competitors. The average cost of other silicone back scrubber is $12 while that of Shimmy Scrub is $13.48.


Shimmy Scrub REVIEW

A number of customers who’ve used Shimmy Scrub are of the opinion that its concept is impressive and that it’s a ‘nice’ product. They are happy with it since it’s gentle to the skin and even allows you to clean hard to reach parts like the back well. Some of them have said that it creates a good amount of lather and does a fabulous job of cleaning the back, which is not so easy to reach.

However, a majority of them find its length a bit small and inadequate. They think its size is more suitable for a child and not really for them.

Too Small for Comfort Other customers who’ve sent in their reviews for Shimmy Scrub have pointed out some more drawbacks they’ve come across. According to them, the scrubber doesn’t create enough lather, and whatever little it does, doesn’t stay on the bristles. As a result, it gets difficult to get body wash as well as soap from the scrubber on the skin since it gets stuck in the nobbles.

Many customers have, in their reviews, talked about the discomfort they experience while using the scrub. They find it difficult to handle the scrub since it’s rather small in size. A majority of users have expressed disappointment with its small size and said they’d have been happier if it was larger. As a result, some actually experience pain in their hands since they have to distort their arms to handle it properly.

Some users have written in that they bought it specifically for the purpose of scrubbing their back, but unfortunately, it was not to be. They wish it was designed to offer better control over it. They are complaining that they’re quite disappointed with its make even though it looks great.



Not Efficient and Effective

As for the dual use feature of the scrub, most customers have said they’re unable to massage their body with its reverse side. They have even notified that it doesn’t even exfoliate properly. It feels too mild to the skin since there’s often no liquid or soap on its surface.

It has been a major disappointment for them. One customer has actually said that using Shimmy Scrub feels like a rubber strap rubbing against her back. Overall, they are disappointed with several major aspects of the scrub, due to which they feel it shouldn’t be promoted recklessly by the advertisers.


Small Grip

There are complaints of the grip of the Shimmy Scrub being too small. An adult can hardly put his four fingers through it. It barely takes three fingers and is somewhat awkward to use. You cannot really effectively scrub unless you have a small hand. Good for children.


Shipping Cost

Some people find the shipping cost of $5.99 to be higher. If you ordered the “Buy One Get One Free” offer and decided to return the Shimmy Scrub, you would have to pay $11.98 s/h.


Cannot Satisfy Everyone

Not all people have the same liking when it comes to products like the Shimmy Scrub. Some people find the the bristles and the massage dots to be too soft while other find them to be too hard. Unfortunately the Shimmy Scrub does not come with multiple bristle options like the toothbrushes.



Our Verdict

Shimmy Scrub is not an unique product out there in the market. There are several of these Silicone back scrubbers available which are tried and tested and come in various size options. This is where the Shimmy Scrub lacks when compared with other scrubbers, Shimmy Scrub comes in one size only. That is why big people find this Shimmy Scrub inconvenient to use, if you are a big person we would suggest buying a silicone scrubber that has multiple size options available, many of them are available on Having said all this we do recommend the Shimmy Scrub.


Shimmy Scrub vs Loofah

Loofah Works Better – Our product experts recommend using a shower loofah instead of the Shimmy Scrub. The experts reveal that the silicone scrubbers like the Shimmy will loose their bristles pretty fast and would render the scrubber unusable. The loofah lathers up pretty good compared to Shimmy Scrub and has larger handle for a firm grip.

A better alternative the Shimmy Scrub is the “Aquis – Exfoliating Back Scrubber” which is made from moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly. The Aquis loofah has two surfaces one is rough and other is soft, use the one that suits your liking.

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