PurePAP Review

What is PurePAP?

PurePAP is a portable ozone-based CPAP cleaner that claims to kill more than 99% of bacteria that can cause health problems. The PurePAP machine claims to use the same technology used by the hospitals.

How does PurePAP work?

As per the manufacturer’s review, PurePAP uses activated oxygen, [Ozone (O3)] to disinfect the CPAP systems. Activated oxygen is known to kill bacteria and mildew. The manufacturer of PurePAP claim in their review that in this time of crisis no CPAP user should ignore disinfecting their systems with the PurePAP.

PurePAP Review

Are you sure that your CPAP system cleaned thoroughly? The health risk of the contaminated CPAP can be severe because it can introduce germs into your CPAP machine, mask, hose and chamber leading to multiple health issues originating from virus infections. Merely wiping your CPAP mask does not get rid of the harmful germs, claims the manufacturer of PurePAP. The PurePAP device is hands-free, speedy, portable (weighs just half a pound), effective and quiet. The PurePAP machine claims to sanitize your entire CPAP system including the mask, hose and the chamber. PurePAP features an universal design that makes sure it works on all CPAP models and it takes just 30 minutes to sanitize! The makers of PurePAP claim it to be the smallest, fastest and and most convenient CPAP sanitizer in the market.

The manufacturer also claims in his review that the PurePAP is almost half the size of other similar CPAP sanitizers and is also half the price of the nearest competitor. The PurePAP unit is rechargeable and there are no filters to replace, saving more money. The PurePAP also claims to be compatible with APAP & BIPAP machines.

How to use the PurePAP Machine

  • Disconnect the hose from your CPAP machine and connect it to the PurePAP. Make sure the mask is left “connected” to the other end of the hose.
  • Use the sanitization zip bag (included in the purchase) keep the water chamber, mask and the hose. Zip the bag and make sure it is airtight. See that the water chamber is empty and dry. It is recommended to clean the water chamber once per week.
  • Press the start button and hold it down for a few seconds to start the PurePAP unit. The sanitization unit will pump activated oxygen [Ozone (O3)] into the sealed bag, disinfecting the contents inside. The machine will beep and turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
  • Do not remove the contents of the bag immediately. Leave them in the bag for one hour after the sanitizing cycle of 30 minutes is complete. This converts all Activated Oxygen [Ozone (O3)] back to Oxygen (O2).

What do I get?

  • 1 PurePAP Device
  • 1 Sanitizing Bag
  • 2 Universal Adapters
  • 1 Charging cord
The PurePAP Device is available at the PurePAP.com Only and is priced at: $99.95 + $9.95 S/h.

PurePAP Review

One of our product expert who specializes in ozone based disinfectant states in his review that PurePAP is just one of those CHEAP cpap cleaners that have come into focus in the current pandemic situation. He mentions in his review that these are “Made in China” alternative to the much expensive CPAP cleaners like SoClean, Lumin and VirtuClean.

Is PurePAP safe?

“The device itself will not cause you any harm, the question is does the PurePAP really disinfect?, I think NO.” says one product expert.

Bag is Small

One reviewer mentions in his review that the bag included with the PurePAP is really small and it cannot fit all the CPAP equipment at once. You will have to do the sanitization in batches.

No Tests

Another user brings to our notice that there is no mention of any tests performed on the PurePAP machine that attest the efficiency of the machine. Given the sensitive and critical function these devices perform, they need to be thoroughly checked before they are sold.

Absence of Filters Raises Questions

“The PurePAP device claims that it does not use filters, then then question naturally arises is how is the Oxygen (O2) filtered to create Ozone (O3) or Activated Oxygen”. one reviewer asks. Another user’s review says – “This is so small not sure if it really produces enough O3 to disinfect effectively”.

Does PurePAP cleaners kill viruses?

While theoretically Ozone based CPAP cleaners like PurePAP are known to kill all the germs “including the viruses”, it has not been tested to prove that it does kill the viruses. “There is no way for you to test the efficiency of your PurePAP device in this respect. That is the reason why FDA have raised serious doubts on the effectiveness of such CPAP cleaning devices“, says one product expert in his review.

Does PurePAP cleaner use Ozone?

Yes the “Activated Oxygen” is Ozone (O3) that is used to kill the germs.

Is the PurePAP FDA approved?

Nope. It is NOT. FDA does not approve CPAP cleaners like the PurePAP.

Does PurePAP cleaners really work?

Nobody knows, we even don’t know if it really produces enough ozone to kill viruses and bacteria. There is not information on the website about the quantity of ozone it creates.

Does not have UV Light?

One reviewer mentions that the PurePAP unit lacks the UV-light feature that is known to disinfect and kill germs. Many devices like the PurePAP use both Ozone and UV-Light to disinfect.

3 Comments on "PurePAP Review"

  1. I got a Purepap cleaner about a week and a half ago and it just quit. It will not charge up

  2. Thelma Tomkins | June 17, 2020 at 12:28 am | Reply

    How do I track my purchase.

  3. John E Erickson | June 9, 2020 at 3:07 pm | Reply

    Ozone is sure to be the answer to killing the germs bt the lingering odor is terrible in the whole system that was cleaned. Ozone is a strong odor that will not leave the hose and face mask even after washing with dish detergent several times. So it is not a time saver if you have to clean out the smell anyway.
    I tried washing with white vinegar to clear the smell and it is almost gone. I will see tonight if I can stand the smell otherwise I will try an ultraviolet light system, but don’t know if they work on closed items like tubing.

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