Power Ear Review | Does MyPowerEar.com Rechargeable Hearing Aid Work?

What is Power Ear?

Power Ear is an Over-The-Counter [OTC] rechargeable Hearing Aid. The “Power Ear” is not an ordinary personal sound amplifier, as per the claims made in the official review on MyPowerEar.com, it is a patented “digital hearing aid”. Now that is interesting, until now we have had a lot of “Personal Sound Amplifiers [PSA]” in the as seen on tv category but now there is a product that claims to be a Hearing Aid [mind you, Hearing Aids are very different from PSAs].


Power Ear Review | Does MyPowerEar.com Rechargeable Hearing Aid Work?



So How is “Power Ear” Different from a PSA [Personal Sound Amplifier]?

Personal Sound Amplifiers have one basic problem, they amply ALL the sound signals that they receive so you hear everything loud irrespective of the sound. But you don’t want to hear everything loud when you are watching TV or listening to someone, that is precisely what a Hearing Aid like “Power Ear” do. Hearing Aids [like the MyPowerEar.com] can distinguish between speech and other sounds and they “know” which sound [that of the speech] to amplify. The second important difference is that Personal Sound Amplifiers are recommended to people who DO NOT have Hearing Loss, while Hearing Aids like the Power Ear are specifically made to address the issue of hearing loss. Also the Power Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid can be customized [so do all other hearing aids] to a level that suits your requirement. You can adjust the high and low sounds which you cannot with the PSAs.


FDA Registered Hearing Aid

The manufacturer [Clear Zone] of Power Ear claim that their hearing aid is FDA-Registered and being OTC product, you do not need a Audiologist’s prescription to buy it.



Power Ear Price

The Power Ear is priced at $99.99 + $8.95 S/h. The official website is MyPowerEar.com.

Price Comparison

  • Enjoyee Hearing Aid – Price $49.99 | Over 400 reviews | 4.2 Aggregate Rating
  • Zyon Rechargeable 2.0 – Price $199.90 | Over 70 reviews | 4.0 Aggregate Rating
  • Aioze Hearing Aid – Price $49.99 | 180+ reviews | 4.2 Aggregate Rating
  • Britzgo Premium Hearing Amplifier – Price $89.99 | 140+ reviews | 3.6 Aggregate Rating
  • Onebridge Hearing Aid – Price $79.99 | 400+ reviews | 4.0 Aggregate Rating
  • Verdict – As you can see there are several hearing aids that have quite good reviews and ratings and are priced lesser than the Power Ear. We personally recommend “Britzgo”.


Power Ear Review – What they Do Not Tell You

Smaller Compared to Other Aids

The Power Ear Hearing aid though not as discreet as they claim in the MyPowerEar.com ad is definitely smaller than other similar hearing aids. You can cover it behind your ears and if you have hair on your ears it is completely invisible. But being small creates another issue, the Power Ear Hearing Aid falls off your ear if there is a sudden movements of your head.



What Makes Power Ear Special?

The Power Ear has 8 HIGH settings and 8 LOW settings, the combination of these HIGH and LOW pitch settings offer greater customization to cancel out the background noise and amplify the speech. These 16 settings make Power Ear unique when compared to other hearing aids.


How Often Should You Recharge?

The MyPowerEar.com website recommends recharging the hearing aid once a week and let it charge for two hours for maximum results.


It Does “Amplify” the Sound

Almost all the reviews mention that the Power Ear does amplify the sounds but each one of “us” is different and the so-called “customization” of the frequencies is not well suited for everyone. So there are many reviews that claim that the Power Ear hearing aid just amplifies all the sound signals for most of the people. Lot of people complain that they bought the Power Ear to hear what the other person is saying, but the Power Ear amplifies all the signals including the background noise.



The important thing is to constantly adjust the “High” and “Low” settings when you move in different acoustic environments. For example you may require a different setting when you are conversing with one or multiple people with no background sounds, but the same settings may not apply when you move in to a restaurant where there is lot of ambient noise, so you may have to adjust the settings regularly. Many Power Ear users don’t realize this and complain about the background noise.


Whistling Sound

Then there are complaints of the Power Ear producing high pitch whistle sound, here again you are supposed to reduce the volume level to the minimum before you insert the Power Ear hearing aid in your ear. Make sure that you are using the right silicone tip, because if there is any gap between the tip and your ear canal, the sound is also going to pass through the canal and bonce back on the Power Ear hearing aid, creating a hearing aid feedback.



Some People Find it difficult to Use

Many elderly people find the controls of the Power Ear difficult to operate. A general misconception about the Power Ear [and the misleading TV ad is responsible for it] hearing aid is that you put it on and that’s it. Its is not that easy. Read the manual carefully and get use to the controls and fine tune it when you move in different environments.


What is “Digital” in the Power Ear Hearing Aid?

Nothing, it is just a marketing ploy.


Our Verdict

One of the things we have noticed with these Hearing Aids [Amplifiers as they are called] is that none of them have an aggregate rating of more than 4. Their average aggregate rating does not even cross 3.5 stars! what does this indicate – they all fail to work as they claim. These hearing aids [amplifiers actually] are not much different from the Personal Sound Amplifiers which cost around $30. The reason is the hearing aids are made to address mild to medium hearing loss.

When we analyzed the reasons why these hearing aids get so less ratings we found that most often people don’t realize that they are losing their hearing ability and most have lost it to an extent where none of these OTC hearing aids actually work. When you look at the reviews of the Power Ear Hearing Aid, they are not very different from those of a PSPA, and they are consistently there.

So the Question is Should You Buy the Power Ear Hearing Aid?

There is nothing special about the Power Ear Hearing Aid, it is just like any other hearing aid meant for people with “mild to moderate” hearing loss. There are tons of such hearing aids available at Amazon.com, you can choose one of them



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  1. I ordered a Power Ear device on April 1st which has never arrived. Can’t get through to customer service by phone or email. Never got a charge on credit card.. I told my credit card company to decline payment

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