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What is Posture Doctor?

The quick and easy posture corrector that instantly aids you in straightening up your back! Posture Doctor is an innovative fresh method of helping you stand in an upright position and feel terrific! Posture Doctor helps in aligning the back, straightening the muscular area near the neck, as well as in aligning your shoulders to the perfect position. Another important feature is that it helps decompress the spine in order to avoid pain caused by slouching. Look and feel more confident standing up straight with Posture Doctor. ensures proper alignment and stability to keep you feeling healthy .

Posture Doctor with Copper


The main focus is to relieve back & neck pain since the product contains easily adjustable straps for all body types with a lightweight, breathable, & flexible material including a discreet Design – hidden under clothing technology that is available with a single size that fits all men as well as women.

Your posture says a lot about your personality. It speaks volumes about how your joints and muscles are working. Picture a strong, energetic, confident person standing in front of you. What kind of posture does that individual have? Undoubtedly, the person in front of you is standing tall with an open chest and a head held high. It’s a person who appears to be ready to take on the world and all of its challenges.

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Posture Doctor REVIEW

Too Stretchy and Bulky

Lisa Adams claims in her Posture Doctor review that the posture brace is unusually discomforting near the under arm areas precisely the armpits which makes it tricky to take off easily. Apparently Posture Doctor was falsely promoted and the description given did not match the actual product. The reviewer also mentioned that not only does Posture Doctor irritate your armpits but also hurts the shoulders. For a person with a desk job a resulting slouching issue tends to arise along with the hopes that Posture Doctor could actually aid in alleviating this issue however it is a complete waste of time and hard earned money. She further mentions in her review that Posture Doctor does nothing to affect the posture since it is extra stretchable and does not support or drag anything into the right place. The user also tried reducing the size as small as possible but it was of no use.

Intolerable Discomfort

Another unhappy user Bruce Campbell mentioned in his Posture Doctor review how inexpensive materials must have been used to create this product because it took an extra person to put Posture Doctor on everytime!! This fact that it was really difficult to put on Posture Doctor without someone’s help no matter how well the straps are adjusted is a big issue since it slits the armpit area making it really uncomfortable even on top of clothes. The Posture Doctor user further states in his review that this posture correcting device that seemed to have appeared almost out of a horror movie didn’t seem to really make any efforts in correcting the posture. This is something that you will instantly want to return or request for a refund. The reviewer being an average sized female, just shy of 5″ 8.5″, slightly busty spoke of the product having zero comfort value and would need you to specially hire a handmaid to dress you since you won’t be able to do it yourself bringing down the total point of buying this product in the first place.

Awkwardly Clumsy

Many users mention in their review that Posture Doctor is really uncomfortable to the point that it starts hurting in the most awkward angles. When it’s not tight enough, it hurts, doesn’t do anything to adjust the posture at all, over all a pathetic experience.

One size does NOT fit all

As per the Posture Doctor infomercial it is suitable for all sizes, there’s no chance that could be true! Many users who have tried posture correcting braces like the Posture Doctor reveal that there cannot be a “One Size Fit All” posture correcting brace. That is an initial pointer that this is a rip-off.

Slouching never gets over

Posture Doctor user Diana Hall states in her review that she had a tendency to slouch and the Posture Doctor did not prevent or try to make a difference in the situation. Even though it was tightened all the way Posture Doctor was no good and the Posture Doctor user still found herself slouching.

Product Design applies heavy pressure

The particular make of this posture correcting strap puts A LOT of pressure on the back of the neck as well as in between the shoulder blades ultimately making the upper back sore which gives a slightly ripped sensation if it’s been on for a few hours.

Gym is a better option

Another unhappy Posture Doctor user Martha Jones complains in her review that she bought Martha Jones for her daughters who were 11 but it didn’t really do the job it was supposed to. In-fact it was surprisingly very uncomfortable and useless so they had no other option but to return it to the shipping since gymming would be a wiser choice for a better posture instead of this rip-off.

Posture Doctor Causes Headaches

One of the Posture Doctor users specified that a big issue was, even with adjusting and loosening the straps, the posture correcting strap pressed into the artery in the armpit and actually caused headaches and slight dizziness in certain cases.

Posture Doctor Odor

A user Donald Parker mentions in his review how uncomfortable Posture Doctor was for him that it actually left a sore painful area on the back followed by a peculiarly strong neoprene rubber smell. Returning it was the only right option.

Posture Doctor promises one size fits all, probably must be for children since there is no possibility of this fitting an adult male. He continued by saying that his height was 6’2” with an athletic build at 195lbs – even at the largest adjusted size it was hard to get this over his arms and once it was on there was no way one could possibly self adjust the straps for a better or comfortable fit.

Posture Doctor Difficult to Re-adjust

Another user review read about a 6’2, 190 pound, fit male who fell for the impression that the 1 size fits all would be okay. His opinion of it was that it’s definitely more fit for females rather than bulky or well built males. He also said that he didn’t know if it worked well because once he put it on, it was basically impossible to re-adjust without taking the entire thing off again and making micro adjustments to it which would require a lot of time and patience. He said that maybe for a bit smaller of a body it could be fine, but since there were hard to reach spots and difficult re-adjustable straps he said that the product lost most of its significance for him.

Tough while putting on or taking off

More users state in their reviews said that the Posture Doctor was sadly pretty uncomfortable where in the material irritated the skin even if two layers of clothing were tried on just to get a feel of the item . Most of the irritation was noticed to be where the chest and armpits met. It’s also inconvenient to adjust or take off.

False promises

Reviews have confirmed that Posture Doctor may work for someone who needs a lot of thoracic correction. Posture Doctor do not offer any advantages as such and when tried to return it one has to pay 1/2 the cost for shipping. LetGo or Offerup were a few options suggested by them to try to get rid of the item since it wasn’t all that easy to completely let it go to waste.

Posture Doctor Front View

Our Verdict on Posture Doctor

Technically Doctor Doctor is “posture correcting strap“. Doctor Doctor is not the only Posture Correcting Straps available in the market. Doctor Doctor is Digital Target Marketing’s response to Telebrand’s “Arrow Posture” and “Hempvana Posture”.

Posture Doctor is named so to impress upon the gullible users that it is a “doctor” certified posture correcting brace.

One thing to notice here is that a special double offer of Posture Doctor stating $6.99 for an additional unit which means one can almost get 2 for the price of a single product. Another included bonus is that they have added Copper Stitching woven right into the Posture Doctor to help reduce odors and help with instant relief! That being said, an individual’s posture requires a little taking care of. Our body responds to the gym and things like that in a much better way as compared to these false products that have claims which make it seem like the perfect thing for you but little do we know that we are in for a surprise. Not only is this product worthless, but it is also difficult to return and claim the refunds so we would suggest you to look elsewhere and try more natural remedies in order to get relief.

Posture Doctor

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