Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Compare what is it? Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource


It is an acupressure mat and pillow set that features thousands of acupressure points that address key areas on the body, enhance blood flow and stimulate healing. It guarantees relief from stress, back, neck and sciatic pain and provides better sleep, stress relief, improved circulation, muscle relaxation and calmness with regular bare skinned use for up to 20 minutes a day. 


It is an acupressure mat (available as a three-piece combination set comprising a  regular size mat, travel size mat and groove ball) that claims to provide relief from back and neck pain, sciatic nerve, stiff neck and shoulder pain, and sleeplessness. It also promises to induce deeper sleep and provide boost in energy if used for 20-40 minutes a day.

Pranamat ECO

It proclaims to be the world’s number one acupressure massage set ideal for deep and concentrated massage beneficial for a range of health and self-care purposes. it supposedly eases muscle-tension, provides relief from headaches and migraines, improves skin tone and the quality of sleep and placidity when used for 15 to 30 minutes


A cushioned foam mat that claims to reduce muscle tension, back pain and headaches naturally, ProSource is an acupressure mat and pillow set to be used daily for 10 to 30 minutes. It also supposedly releases endorphins for relief from pain, relaxing the muscles in back, neck and feet.

Compare Features: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya Mat

Nayoya Acupressure Mat
Nayoya Acupressure Mat
  • 6,210 acupressure points on mat
  • 1,782 acupressure points on contoured pillow that reach between neck and shoulder
  • Composed of miniscule little sharp plastic acupoints
  • Designed to tackle tension headaches and neck muscle pain at source
  • Lightweight
  • Designed to be used at different levels- Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Doubles into a tube while traveling

Spoonk Mat

Spoonk Acupressure Mat
Spoonk Acupressure Mat
  • Available as a 3-piece combo set comprising one regular size mat, one travel size mat (that doubles as a neck massage pillow or a mini Spoonk) and one massage Groove Ball
  • Composed of ECO foam no fire retardant toxic chemicals
  • Safe to use
  • Portable, rolls easily for travel
  • Fortifies with benefits of deep tissue massage and releases endorphins (‘feel good hormones’)
  • Made from superior quality material
  • Velcro panels for convenient handling
  • Easy to store
  • Doubles as a neck and head massager
  • Can be placed under abdomen for relaxation and for better digestion and energy levels

Pranamat ECO Mat

Pranamat ECO
Pranamat ECO
  • Made from 100% organic and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Superior quality
  • Made from 100% linen, odour-free cotton, natural coconut fiber and HIPS plastic
  • Hand-made in Europe
  • Created with ethical means
  • First therapeutic massage product certified by the US FDA as a medical device

ProSource Acupressure Mat

Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat
Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat
  • Cushioned foam mat 
  • Nearly 8,000 acupressure points- the acupressure mat with 6,210 acupressure points and neck pillow with 1,782 acupressure points
  • Requires daily use for 10 to 30 minutes
  • Facilitates release of endorphins
  • Large size that covers full back
  • Made of 100% thick cotton and plant-based eco foam

Compare Accupressure: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource


  • Small, sharp plastic acupoints that stimulate the correct pressure points on the body
  • Features thousands of acupressure points
  • Offers exceptional direct acupressure point stimulation for back


  • Provides healthful benefits of the famous healing art, Shiatsu massage
  • Works on basic premise of acupressure
  • Better circulation, deep tissue massage, supports relaxation and relief from pain in muscles, nerves and back and releases endorphins
  • Has 6,120 taller acupressure points that maximizes its effectiveness and ensures the pressure stays low.

Pranamat ECO

  • Features thousands of acupressure points that guarantee relief from tension, treat the back with massage and provide relief from knots and spasms in the muscles.
  • Claims to be a clinically proven acupressure solution that nurtures physically as well as mentally
  • Massages like classical massage


  • Has nearly 8,000 acupressure points- foam bed having acupressure points, neck pillow plastic needles.
  • Pressure points work like acupuncture treatment

Compare Benefits: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource


  • Instant relief from stress, tension and pain in the back and neck
  • Ideal for use at home
  • Effective replacement for expensive treatments and hiring services of professionals
  • Prompts wholesome relaxation
  • Provides relief from headaches as well as chronic and mild pain in back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain
  • Induces better sleep, improves blood circulation
  • Elevates mood, boosts energy levels.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee


  • Provides thorough massage experience from head to toe
  • Relieves pain in back and neck and sciatic nerve
  • Targets stiff neck and shoulder pain
  • Effective solution to insomnia, induces deep sleep and boosts energy level
  • The only acupressure mat available in market having USA made ECO foam
  • Devoid of fire retardant toxic chemicals
  • Wholly safe, shields immune and hormonal balance
  • Portable and handy
  • Made from superior quality material
  • Has Velcro panels for hassle-free removal and fabric hanging loops for convenient storage.

Pranamat ECO

  • First therapeutic massage mat certified by the US FDA as a medical device
  • Made from 100% organic and eco-friendly material
  • Provides relief from pains, tension, minor muscle aches and stiffness
  • Enhances natural energy, rejuvenation and self-care
  • Top-notch quality and make
  • Blend of traditional massage values and contemporary features
  • Stimulates entire body, revitalises mind and even guarantees spiritual awakening.


  • Almost 8,000 acupressure points that stimulate nerves, enhance energy and improve blood circulation
  • Based on  the proven healing principles of acupressure treatment
  • Reduces back ache, neck pain, muscle tension and headaches naturally with up to 30 minutes use                                                            
  • Large enough to fit cover user’s back fully
  • Releases endorphins and provides complete relaxation
  • Fights insomnia
  • Stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery
  • Available in seven colours

Compare Material: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – It is made of full cotton material.

Spoonk – Cotton line of mat made with conventionally grown cotton filled with USA made eco-foam free from fire retardant chemicals. Stimulation points made from recyclable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic ABS plastic.

Pranamat ECO – Natural and environmentally-friendly materials- made from 100% linen, odor-free cotton, natural coconut fibre and HIPS plastic.

ProSource – It is made from cotton.

Compare Washing: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – This acupressure mat is to be hand washed gently with warm water and soap after taking out the foam padding inside it. It is not to be put into a washer or dryer. After rinsing the mat, it should be hanged to dry.

Spoonk – To wash and clean Spoonk, the foam pad has to be removed first from the cover, after which the cover has to be hand washed in warm water and mild detergent. Aftr washing Spoonk, it is to be hanged to dry.  It should not be washed in a washing machine. 

Pranamat ECO – Its outer cover, which is made of linen, is to be removed and then washed gently (hand wash only) with lukewarm water and a mild detergent and then hanged to dry.

ProSource – Its foam core has to be removed after which the cotton cover has to be washed gently with hands (not in a machine). The cover can be turned inside out for the purpose of washing after which it should be drip dried.

Compare Dimensions: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – 9 x 7 x 15 inches

Spoonk – 16 x 14 x 2 inches 

Pranamat ECO – 28.7 x 17.7 x 1 inches

ProSource – 16.5 x 8 x 9.5 inches

Compare Weight: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – 2 pounds

Spoonk – 2 pounds

Pranamat ECO – 3.4 pounds

ProSource – 1.55 pounds

Compare Price: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – $39.97

Spoonk – $49.99

Pranamat ECO – $202.4

ProSource $16.99

Compare Warranty: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya – Not mentioned

Spoonk – One-year warranty

Pranamat ECO – 5-year warrant

ProSource – Not mentioned

Compare Pros and Cons: Nayoya vs Spoonk vs Pranamat vs ProSource

Nayoya Pros

  • Comfortable and pain free once the body gets accustomed
  • Good for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Efficient customer support services
  • Effective for relief from pain in lower back, neck, hip and legs
  • Improves posture
  • Stops back pain and headaches

Nayoya Cons

  • Quality not as good as claims made by promoters
  • Foam in the mat and pillow not very sturdy and long-lasting
  • Lack of adequate support to neck
  • Acupressure points cause discomfort to some new users
  • Injures fingers if not handled with extreme care
  • Storage bag not up to the mark
  • Pillow foam tends to crush after few uses
  • Doess not help with sciatica

Spoonk Pros

  • Durable and effective
  • Provides benefits of deep tissue massage
  • Boosts relaxation of muscles and entire body
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Feels comfortable to use and yields desired results
  • Good customer support service
  • Portable

Spoonk Cons

  • Cannot be relied upon for lasting relief and cure from problems
  • Overhyped with respect to benefits and comfort while in use
  • Does not work for every individual
  • Needs prolonged time to get accustomed to its use
  • Not very easy to lay on for long
  • Lying on it bare skin tends to be painful
  • Not too helpful for chronic back pain
  • Points rather painful, especially around the neck and head
  • Doesn’t induce very deep sleep as claimed

 Pranamat ECO Pros

  • Superior quality and make- handcrafted in Europe
  • Composed of environment- friendly coconut fibres
  • Strong and durable
  • The only patented product supported by health certificates and clinical data
  • Created ethically
  • Provides deep, powerful massage and multiple benefits
  • Enhances skin-tone, reduces headaches and migraines
  • Improves quality of sleep

Pranamat ECO Cons

  • Astronomical price- should’ve been lower
  • Exceptionally uncomfortable to use
  • Causes a lot of pain
  • Fibre material not entirely soothing
  • Hurts a lot when used on the floo

ProSource Pros

  • Yields great results if used with care it needs
  • Affordably priced
  • Provides relief with pain control of fibromyalgia
  • Regular use provides desired results
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Effective in curing headaches and backache
  • Soothes muscle tension, aids restful sleep
  • Provides relief from anxiety and stress issues
  • Lightweight and portable

ProSource Cons

  • Spikes rather sharp and piercing
  • Substandard quality of fabric
  • Much smaller in size
  • Does not cover all target areas as desired
  • Negligible consistency
  • Not too effective for headaches and all types of pain
  • Not very easy to store
  • Emits unpleasant smell

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