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What is Mission Gaiter?

Mission’s Neck Gaiter is a cooling multi-functional neck and face cover that helps keep you guarded from dirt, debris, dust, debris and heat. The Mission cooling Neck Gaiter provides complete cover for your nose, mouth and neck in these uncertain times.

Mission Neck Gaiter Review

How does Mission cooling Neck Gaiter Work?

The neck gaiter fabric uses what is known as “HydroActive Technology“. The fabric used in the Mission Neck Gaiter enhances the natural process of evaporation to deliver instant cooling which is long lasting. The method does not use any chemicals to cool down, it works when the fabric gets wet – either from your sweat or you spray some water on it.

The promoters claim that the neck cooling gaiter fabric features an inner layer with micro-grooves that channels and retains water, the outer layer of the fabric enhances evaporation that results in cooling of the temperature of the gaiter. Reviewers mention that there is nothing special about the “cooling” technique used in the Mission neck gaiter, you can achieve similar results by using a wet towel. You don’t need an expensive cooling gaiter for it, the reviews say.

Face Mask vs Mission Gaiter

The promoters claim that face Masks are hot and keep slipping from your face. The promoters of Mission cooling Neck Gaiter claim in their review that these cooling gaiters are easy to put on and stay put, courtesy – lightweight and breathable performance stretch fabric that claim to offer upto UPF 50 sun protection. Mission’s cooling fabric technology can be water activated to cool won up to 30 Degree F below body temperature. The Mission cooling Neck Gaiter claims to provide chemical-free cooling and the neck gaiter is machine washable. The Mission Neck Gaiter can be used in 12 different ways, the gaiter can be used as a face mask, hair wrap, full head cover and more.

How to use Mission cooling Neck Gaiter?

Wet, Wring and Snap. That is how you use the Mission cooling Neck Gaiter. It is essential to make it wet prior to using it. As per the claims, the neck gaiter cools down in about 30 seconds.

Material Reviews

Our reviewers write to us that the material of the Mission cooling Neck Gaiter is a blend of polyester and spandex. This combination wicks moisture and keeps your skin dry and cool. The other benefit of Mission Neck Gaiter is that it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A heavy fabric is also hemmed into the gaiter to make it last long. While the promoters claim their gaiter to be sturdy, many users complain that the material of the gaiter is thin and feels flimsy. But the material is definitely comfortable to wear for long hours.

Mission Neck Gaiter Uses Reviews

The primary use of the gaiter is to save you from the sun. It keeps your neck and face cool protecting you from the heat of the sun. That is why the gaiter features sun protection upto UPF 50. The Mission Gaiter offers neck protection which a cap cannot. The light color neck gaiter would provide you protection from the sunlight as it reflects the heat energy while a dark colored gaiter would provide you the warmth in winter as it absorbs the sun’s energy. Reviewers mention that this Mission Neck Gaiter is not something that you can wear as a mask and do any activity let alone sports and running, the velvety nature of the fabric makes it fall down of your ear and nose when you move your head. It becomes more of a hassle than it is worth, wearing it on the go to constantly adjust and fix it. One reviewer mentions that the trick is to cover the entire head and then cover the face and use a safety pin to keep it from sliding down. Wearing glasses on the gaiter is also troublesome as it fogs the glasses.

A buyer complained that he bought the Mission cooling Neck Gaiter to be used as a face mask while cycling, given the Covid-19 scare. The gaiter is almost impossible to use as a mask no matter what you do, you all the time feel like this is going to slide down.

Mission Neck Gaiter as a Mask Reviews

Many users who have tried this neck gaiter mention in their reviews that the material is very thin and it looks very flimsy. Also the pores in the fabric of the gaiter are big enough for your beard hair to poke through, people do doubt if it can really protect you from viruses. Though the cooling neck gaiter is versatile and can be used in different ways, reviews mention that it is hard to use as a mask because it keeps slipping down. and since it does not have the multi-layer protection, germs can easily pass through the porous material. One review reveals that when you pull the gaiter to cover your nose and mouth, it slips down to your chin. So we conclude that the Mission cooling gaiter is not an alternative to a face mask.

Does it Cool?

Yes, the gaiter does what it does the best – to cool down the temperature. reviews mention that the material is pleasant to put on and does not scratch, though it is velvety and tends to slip down if not fastened properly.

Mission Neck Gaiter Sizes

The cooling neck gaiter comes in one universal size, which is the biggest disadvantage of the product. People with smaller heads are going to find it more difficult to effectively use it.

Mission cooling Neck Gaiter Price

The Mission cooling Neck Gaiter is priced at $19.99 and the gaiter is available only at the official Mission websites Mission.com and MissionGaiter.ca. Many users feel the gaiter is way overpriced, similar gaiters are priced at below $10 at Amazon.com and give the same results if not better.

Mission cooling Neck Gaiter Lies

Let’s find out if the claims made by the promoters are true, by comparing them with that the reviews have to say.

“This is a great product to use while running in the heat! It does a great job keeping my son cool!”

Reviews have made it clear that you cannot use the Mission cooling neck gaiter like a face mask while doing even basic activities. Running is definitely not possible wearing it as a mask. Yes as a cooling neck gaiter it is great to have one.

“Keeps you cool and covered when outdoors”

The gaiter definitely keeps you cool but does not cover your head effectively. The graphic showing a woman wearing the neck gaiter and covering her face with it is misleading. Almost 90% of the reviews talk about how inefficient the gaiter is in covering the face.

“Stays Comfortably in Place”

Nope. It is a lie, this is just a gaiter and don’t get tricked into believing that it can be used to cover your entire face. The images on the website (missiongaiter.ca) are misleading.

Mission Neck Gaiter Review

“12+ Ways to Wear It”

Not really, this statement is just a marketing trick. This works well only as a neck gaiter.

Our Verdict

The official Mission cooling neck gaiter review does not mention the cooling effects of the fabric as they stress more on using the gaiter as a face mask, clearly they are taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation. The Mission cooling Gaiter is not an alternative to face masks. So do not buy it assuming that this is also a good face mask. This works fine as a cooling neck gaiter in summer though. Comes in handy when you are traveling also but again given the universal size puts restrictions on its usage. In these difficult times of the pandemic, wearing a mask is the most effective way of fighting the Covid-19 infection. We recommend the BuyNeverLost Mask for this purpose.

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  1. They don’t tell you that they charge you exchange fees even if you order through the Canadian store. Cost me another &25.00 dollars for the product so i guess i didn’t get one free it cost me more.

  2. Darlene Clark | August 10, 2020 at 7:27 pm | Reply

    Buyer be ware. never received the free one and was billed 94.17 Cnd dollars on my credit card. I understood where it was a .ca it would be 68.97 Cnd dollars no US dollars. Very disappointed

  3. The Mission company is a fraud on promises. They specifically6 told me the items would be in stock and shipped within 10 days and after waiting I found they put off expected ship date for 4 items I ordered by 6 weeks.

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