Medissage Review | Reviews

What is Medissage and How does it work?

Medissage is a wearable wireless massager that guarantees instant pain relief in the form of targeted therapy. It facilitates customizing and administering your own pain relief therapy to overcome stiffness and strenuousness in several areas on the body, including wrists, legs and soles. Medissage is basically a handy and non-invasive wireless device with self-sticking electrodes. and reusable gel pads. It is powered by EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology, which coupled with gel pads, claims to eliminate pain effectively.


Medissage Review | Reviews


How does Medissage work?

Medissage works on EMS technology, which causes muscles to gently contract and relax. It stimulates the muscles, removes tenseness and guarantees a relaxing effect, which strengthens them from within. This process aims to drive out pain in the shoulder, back, hips and other parts of the body.

Using Medissage is a simple and easy process, which involves:

  • Connecting the massager body and the gel pad properly
  • Removing the protective film on the pad
  • Fixing the pad on the affected area
  • Operating the device with the help of the buttons on the device

The gel pads, available in three different sizes, are created to treat specific parts. Massaging with Medissage can be customized with two different courses that perform three different massage functions. Further, the device offers 15 different intensity levels you can choose from as per your requirement. The makers of Medissage claim that it yields the same results as curative therapies like acupuncture, massage, kneading and tapping (soft and strong) do. The device guarantees utmost convenience as it is compact, lightweight and portable. It can be used conveniently whenever needed, covered safely beneath clothing and even worn and taken outside comfortably.


Medissage Price

Basic Offer Includes:

  • 1 Medissage Controller Unit
  • 2 Basic Pad
  • 1 Large Pad
  • 1 Mega Pad
  • Price – $39.99 + $6.99 P&H. Total: $46.98

The Medissage Buy 1 Get 1 Offer Includes:
  • 2 Medissage Controller Units
  • 4 Basic Pads
  • 2 Large Pads
  • 2 Mega Pads
  • Price – $39.99 + $13.98 P&H. Total: $53.97
Medissage is available only at the official website:


Medissage Review

Medissage is projected a sophisticated wearable and rechargeable pain relief device that guarantees instant relief from pain when worn on different parts of the body. According to its manufacturers, it is an easy to use device which can be mounted on affected areas like the neck, shoulder, back, wrist, calf and various other places with a simple procedure. They claim that the device can even be worn outdoors while being engaged in normal activities. Further, according to its promoters, Medissage also performs multiple healing functions on the lines of acupuncture, massage, kneading and tapping.

However, people who bought this device in the hopes of getting rid of distressing pain for ever have overall been less than happy with its outcome. Its users have narrated their experiences and impressions in the reviews they’ve posted, which throw light on the reality of its effectiveness.



Not Effective at Relieving Pain

The makers of Medissage present the device as the ultimate pain reliever that works easily and instantly. However, reviews posted for the device portray a completely different picture. Most of the reviewers have been complaining that Medissage simply does not relieve pain they experience, no matter how much they’ve tried. They have tried wearing the device in different ways in the hope that it will work. Some even got other people to help them out with it, but nothing has worked.


Inadequate Size

Many customers have also noted that the size of Medissage is too small to create the desired impact. The gel pads are too tiny to cover the affected areas entirely. Another issue that the users face is the short-lived battery which drains out way too early. They feel there’s no point in increasing cost by spending so much on the battery of a product that doesn’t work.



Not Very Convenient to Use

Although the advertisements of Medissage proclaim that it’s a handy device that can be worn and used conveniently, customers seem to think otherwise. Most of them have posted in their reviews that Medissage doesn’t feel so comfortable and gentle when worn but causes immense discomfort when in contact with skin.

Worse, Medissage is also not easy to position at the right spot that needs to be treated. For instance, if one wants to treat pain in the back, firstly, it’s not very easy to fix it at the exact spot. Secondly, it’s not possible to switch on the right buttons to activate it since the device cannot be seen when it’s at the back. The buttons and controls are arranged in a very congested manner, which makes operating the right buttons difficult.

Selecting the right intensity level while it’s out of sight is also an impossible task to accomplish. Some of them say they have to press the settings button continually and pass through various cycles until you find the right setting after multiple trials.

The only solution to this issue is to get someone to help you operate it, which is not always possible.

Some customers have also complained that the controls of the device don’t work properly. The middle part of its surface where the controller is fixed to the pad is blank. It gives out no vibrations though they occur in the pads around the controller instead of at the lower part of the unit.



Does Not Address all Conditions

Contrary to what Medissage claims, fact is, it doesn’t treat all conditions one expects out of it. For instance, it doesn’t provide relief from problems like muscle knots which can affect anyone. Other devices can solve this problem, but not Medissage.


Non-sticky Gel Pads

According to some users, Medissage’s gel pads do not stick properly after a few uses. That beats the purpose of using this device on an affected area as there’s no other way to use it. Further, the gel pads are not malleable and so don’t sit properly on all body parts. The gel pads even turn dry after a few uses due to which they don’t stay fixed on the skin. Most of them have started using external adhesive tape to fix it on the affected area.


Damaging for the Skin

A few customers in their review for Medissage have posted that this device causes extreme discomfort to the skin in certain situations. The gel pads create a jabbing feeling when fixed to the skin, which worsens when the device is switched on. There’s no soothing, gentle feel during the treatment, unlike what its makers claim.



Overall Verdict

From the reviews posted by numerous customers, it is evident that Medissage is not able to do what it claims. It seems nothing more than a stunt gone wrong as there’s probably no area left that needs improvement. It falls short on virtually every parameter, including battery life and quality of gel pads. The size of the device is too small to treat pain effectively. Its surface area from where it can be operated isn’t comfortable at all either. If it does not cover the affected areas adequately and there’s serious paucity of space, there’s just no reason to invest money in it.

Moreover, Medissage doesn’t even have all the features that most other brands have. It has been making most customers wonder why they bought Medissage while there are much better options in the market.

Therefore, on the whole, this product is not up to the mark and is nothing more than a waste of money.

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