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What is “InBe”?

As the name suggests “InBe” stands for “In-Between”. It is a vibrating flosser with quick change replaceable floss heads. “Inbe” claims to get in-between your teeth to clean. The “InBe” flosser claims to be a better alternative to finger held flossing bands. The traditional way of flossing strangles your fingers and have to shove your hands inside the mouth. With Inbe flosser, you just have to press a button to floss.


InBe Vibrating Flosser Reviews


How does InBe work?

Inbe delivers gentle ultrasonic vibrations that remove plaque, tartar and debris on contact, even from the back of your mouth where the traditional flosser does not reach. The manufacturer claims in the official review that Inbe features “Focused Ultrasonic Technology” which supposedly delivers the ultrasonic energy to the floss string which dislodges the plaque. Other features of Inbe are ergonomic, light-weight, well-balanced and low profile design which claims to navigate effortlessly in your mouth to reach every tooth. Changing the flossing head too is easy with just a push of a small lever you detach the used floss head.



Benefits and Features of InBe Flosser

Sanitary – You need not put your hand in your mouth, this is particularly important considering the ongoing pandemic.

Less Efforts

Handheld flossing bands can be frustrating to use and to reach to those remote areas but with the sleek and curved design of the InBe, it reaches deep in your mouth – to the last teeth as it were. You can press the neck part with the pointer finger to make the floss head go in between the teeth. The floss head release mechanism does not require you to touch the used head. With one click you can empty the head in a bin.

AAA Batteries

The InBe vibrating flosser is powered by a single AAA battery. This is seen as a major disadvantage as you have to replace the battery every fortnight if you used the flosser daily. A rechargeable InBe version is nowhere in sight.

3 Speed Settings

The InBe vibrating flosser features three speed settings – Low, Medium and High. If you have sensitive gums you might want to use the lowest setting.

Sonic Vibrations

Claims to deliver 30000 sonic vibrations . That supposedly dislodges the plaque. But it is not clear how these sonic vibrations are transferred to the flossing head of the InBe. As one reviewer points out that it [30000 sonic vibrations] is just a marketing gimmick and has very little value in terms of usefulness.

Built in Smart Timer

The InBe vibrating flosser has an in-built timer that shuts off the flosser after one minute. But as per our product expert the standard time required to floss the entire mouth is two minutes. So you have to do multiple flossing cycles.



What do I get?

Option 1: Basic Offer

  • 1 InBe Flosser
  • 90 Floss Brush-Heads
Price: $19.99 + $4.99 P&H

Option 2: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

  • 2 InBe Flosser
  • 180 Floss Brush-Heads
Price: $29.99 + $4.99 P&H

You have two [2] options when it comes to buying the InBe Flosser. The single offer and the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer. But given the reviews we would recommend buying the single “InBe” flosser. InBe is available only at the official website

InBe Review | InBe Vibrating Flosser Reviews


InBe Review

As Seen On TV marketers are known for their inventiveness, though often these “new inventions” offer zero value. InBe vibrating flosser is just one of those inventions. As a buyer you should ask the question, “If InBe is really such a revolutionary concept, why didn’t the oral hygiene brands capitalize on it? why was it an “As Seen On TV ” company to come out with this product.” Well the reason is that the “Vibrating Flosser” concept of the InBe does does not work. While the “Sonic Technology” in the electric & sonic toothbrushes create rotating and to-and-fro movement of the brush-head, the same simply cannot be applied to a flosser. The “vibrating” flosser like the InBe does nothing to remove the plaque between the teeth because unlike a “Sonic Toothbrush” the rotary motion of the motor is not transferred to the flosser string in the form of vibrations. This is evident from the fact that the manufacturer does not reveal how the rotary energy is converted and transferred to the floss head of the InBe unit.



Not Different from a String Floss

The promoters of the InBe have picked up the concept of “Sonic Toothbrush” and applied it to the InBe [“In-Between”] flosser. It is a gimmick to sell their “ground breaking invention”. You would get the same results from $5 floss pick. You would be better off using it switched off.

Other Issues

Then there are various other issues too like the supply of the floss heads. As Seen On TV products like the InBe do not last long in the market. Once they are gone you have no other place to buy the floss heads. The long handle of the InBe vibrating flosser makes it difficult to reach the interior of your mouth. Also the vibration of the string can cause your gums to bleed.

Deceptive Marketing

In the advert, the promoters of the InBe vibrating flosser use high-sounding phrase like the “Ultrasonic Energy” and “Ultrasonic Vibrations” which have no relevance to the product [InBe]. For example the [paid] review by the Doctor of Dental Medicine Dr. Craig Spodak mention the term “Ultrasonic Energy” which is actually related to the Sonar devices used by the military. The term “Ultrasonic Vibrations” too is a scientific terminology used in microbiology. The promoters of the “InBe” vibrating flosser use these jargons to intentionally mislead the viewers.

Not Sturdy

The InBe flosser unit looks delicate [we would not say it is flimsy] and can be damaged easily. Especially the part which connects to the floss head. A small damage to the head will render the entire unit unusable. Also the long handle of the InBe flosser makes it difficult to control it when you have to reach the back of your mouth, this can hurt your gums.

Limitations on the Use

People with dental braces, implants, crowns and bridges won’t be able to use the InBe vibrating flosser.

Small Floss Head

The flossing head of the InBe is really small and you will have to struggle to get it in between the teeth. It is not like the normal floss pick which has a wide head.

Flossing Time

The InBe does not reduce the flossing time since the “vibrations” [if there are any in the first place] do not dislodge the plaque and tartar accumulated between the teeth. So it is neither fun nor easy.



Our Verdict

The InBe Vibrating Flosser looks very promising but that’s is theory. In reality it is just an exaggerated floss pick. Stay away from the InBe vibrating flosser and get the tried and tested water jet flosser or a simple string floss.

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