Hydro Renu 3X REVIEW | HydroRenu.com Review

What is Hydro Renu 3X?

Hydro Renu 3X is a sport drink. It is an all natural electrolyte replenishing drink mix. The Hydro Renu 3X claims to deliver 3 times the cellular hydration of water, hence the prefix “3X”.


Hydro Renu 3X REVIEW | HydroRenu.com Review


As the name [Hydro Renu 3X] suggests, the sport drink claims to hydrate your body at cellular level three times faster than water. “Rapid Hydration” is the word they have coined to emphasize on the benefits of Hydro Renu 3X. According to the claims made in the official review [HydroRenu.com], water alone is not capable of providing rapid hydration when you are sweating hard at work. The promoters of Hydro Renu 3X claim that you need something more than water for peak performance. Open the Hydro Renu 3X pouch and empty the powder in a bottle of water, shake the bottle to mix the solution. You have super-charged hydration that claims to work 3 times [3X] faster then water.



The official review states that the proprietary blend is scientifically formulated to speed up water absorption at the cellular level. Traditional sports drinks contain harmful sugar and thick colors


Hydro Renu 3X Ingredients

The official review of the Hydro Renu 3X claim that this sport drink is an “healthy” alternative to other sugar-laden drinks as all ingredients are NATURAL and has no preservatives
  • Coconut Water – Natural source of antioxidants and low calories hydration. Rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Contains Amino Acids and Cytokinin.
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – Though the health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt used in the Hydro Renu 3X are not completely known, it is claimed that this salt has several benefits like improving respiratory conditions,
  • Vitamin C – Keeps our body cells healthy. Also helps in improving health of your skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. Also promotes wound healing. A must have when you are engaged in sports activity.
  • Magnesium – This ingredient of Hydro Renu 3X is tasked with improving your performance when exercising as it fights lactate buildup, magnesium is known to help with depression, proven benefits against type2 diabetes, and has the properties to lower blood pressure.
  • Stevia – Hydro Renu 3X is sweetened with Stevia – the proven natural alternative to sugar.



Where to buy Hydro Renu 3X

Hydro Renu 3X is available only at the official website HydroRenu.com. You have two buying options:
  • Option 1 – 20 Hydro Renu 3X Sticks/Packs for $19.99 + $6.99. Total cost $26.98.
  • Option 2 – 10 sticks for $19.99 + Free Shipping.
Returning the Hydro Renu 3X will cost you $6.99. The company behind Hydro Renu 3X is Emson INC.


Hydro Renu 3X Review

Okay now lets see what the actual reviews have to say. Our review of Hydro Renu 3X is based on the opinion provided by our product experts.

Disadvantages of Hydro Renu 3X

While we have seen all the glaring advantages of the Hydro Renu 3X sports drink powder in the promoters review, let’s see what are the disadvantages.

Hydro Renu 3X is Bad for Your Teeth – This report from WashingtonPost.com claim that even non-sugar based drinks like the Hydro Renu 3X can cause tooth erosion. This article from everydayhealth.com reveal the darker side of sports drinks like the Hydro Renu 3X. The acidity of Hydro Renu 3X can dissolve your teeth. The sodium from the Hydro Renu 3X can cling to your teeth and damage the enamel. There is a consistent lack of saliva in the person engaging in exercise routines which further worsens the situation as there is not enough saliva in mouth to wash away the sodium. The sports drinks [like the Hydro Renu 3X] are 30 times more corrosive than water.



Does Hydro Renu 3X REALLY Work? According to MDAlert.com the sports drinks like the Hydro Renu 3X does not have any health benefits. They cannot stop the muscles from cramping, the report says. The only benefit these sports drinks provide is – sugar. The is no scientific evidence to prove that the low-dose electrolytes boost performance.

Do you really need Hydro Renu 3X? Not really, according to Healthline.com only serious athletes are benefited by the sport drinks like the Hydro Renu 3X, talking in terms of statistics only 1% of all the people who consume sports drinks are actually benefited by it. The use of Hydro Renu 3X [and all other sport drinks] is recommended only if you engage in strenuous cardiovascular and aerobic activity for over 45 minutes in a stretch.

The Myths Prorogated by Sport Drinks Manufacturers Here are the myths that sport drinks manufacturer spread to sell their products – source:
  • Myth 1: Sports drinks [like the Hydro Renu 3X] are better hydration than water
  • Myth 2: You need a sports drink any time you exercise.
  • Myth 3: Sports drinks always boost your performance.
  • Myth 4: You need a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
  • Myth 5: Electrolytes in sports drinks are good for your heart.
  • Myth 6: Sports drinks are a healthy choice even when you aren’t exercising.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – There is a big question mark on the supposed health benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt used in the Hydro Renu 3X sports drink. There is no scientific evidence to prove the health benefits of this salt. FDA has issued warning to a dietary supplement manufacturer not to make false claims regarding the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.

Lack of Flavors – While sports drinks come in a variety of flavors, Hydro Renu 3X comes in only one flavor and we don’t know what it is. The official website indicate that it could be lemon flavor but then that’s it.

Taste of Hydro Renu 3X – Since Hydro Renu 3X uses Stevia as a sweetener, it tastes licorice flavor and has a little bitter aftertaste.

Quantity of the Powder – The quantity of the powder in the sticks is not mentioned.



Our Verdict on Hydro Renu 3X

Hydro Renu 3X is nothing new, there are tons of sports drinks available in the market. And you don’t want to buy an “As Seen On TV” drink when you have branded ones out there

We are not condemning the Hydro Renu 3X but putting the plain facts of all the sports drinks. There is no scientific evidence that ascertain the claims made by the promoters of Hydro Renu 3X. Based on the reviews and the research papers published it is clear these sports drinks offer very little benefit [close to none], you are better off drinking plain water.

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