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What is Hempvana Pep Step?

Hempvana Pep Step is a medicated foot pad that claims to stop foot pain and claims to to energize your foot – hence the name “pep step”.


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How does Hempvana Pep Step work?

The promoters of the Hempvana Pep Step claim that the food pad works instantly and is effective for up to 8 hours. The Hempvana Pep Step supposedly has a FDA approved pain fighting active ingredients which they can’t name [such a shame!]. The foot patch is enriched with hemp seed extracts, lavender, bamboo, charcoal and copper.

Pain in the feet can give you real trouble. It can sometimes make even walking impossible. Standing every day can take a heavy toll on your feet. Hempvana Pep Step blocks the nerve impulse transmission, to give you soothing cooling relief from the foot pain. You can use the Hempvana Pep Step while you go to sleep at night. The Hempvana Pep Step supposedly extracts all the dirt from your feet, the ingredients of the foot pad react [naturally, we are not sure what a “natural” chemical reaction is. ] with the sweat glands on your feet and remove all the impurities, well the latter is clearly a marketing ploy. The next morning Hempvana Pep Step promoters guarantee that you would have energized and rejuvenated feet ready to take on the day.

The Pep Step by Hempvana claims to be mess-free, super thin and comfortable to wear. You can wear your shoes over it. The Pep Step contours to stay put all day. The promoters of Hempvana Pep Step claim that it is effective on conditions like:

  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Turf Toe 
  • Bunion Pain
  • Arthritis


Hempvana Pep Step Pricing and Where to Buy It?

You can buy the Hempvana Pep Step Foot Pads at the official website GetPepStep.com. The foot pads come in three buying options:

  • 10 Pack for $19.99 + $6.99 S/h
  • 20 Pack for $32 + Free S/h
  • 30 Pack for $29.70 + Free S/h

When we compared the price of the Hempvana Pep Step with other foot pads we found that the Hempvana Pep Step is more expensive than the ones available in the market. The extra price is for the so-called “pain relief” that the Pep Step foot pads claim to offer, but the reviews render them out of the equation. So you are left with expensive Detoxifying Foot Pads.

Here is the price comparison of Hempvana Pep Step with other Foot Pads

Hempvana Pep Step REVIEW

Okay so let’s look at the reviews of the Hempvana Pep Step. Does it really work?

Does Hempvana Pep Step really work?

Almost 50% of the people to whom we asked if the Hempvana Pep Step really works, reported that it is a HOAX. The Hempvana Pep Step simply does not work as CLAIMED. It does not work the way it is projected. Reviewers claim that the promoter makes unsubstantiated claims about the foot pads. The Hempvana Pep Step does not get rid of the pain. There are some reviews that say that the Hempvana Pep Step are over-glorified detoxifying foot pads and nothing more. There is no way they can work to reduce pain. The ingredients at the most can give you a soothing feeling for some time but no way 8 hours of pain free feet.


Let’s Analyze the Ingredients of the Hempvana Pep Step


The Lavender oil is reported to have some antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and has some psychological benefits. It can help reduce stress anxiety, but there is no evidence that it plays any role in pain relief. So the reason why the lavender is used in the Hempvana Pep Step has got more to do with the aroma then pain relief.


Bamboo is one of the ingredients used in the Hempvana Pep Step but it has not known “medicinal” properties. Bamboo has good nutritional value but there is no study that attests that Bamboo is effective in dealing with the pain. Bamboo tapping is altogether a different method.


Activated Charcoal is used as an anti-aging cosmetics, teeth whitening etc. In the Hempvana Pep Step it is probably used for its detoxification properties. In no way charcoal [or activated charcoal] plays any role in pain relief.


Copper too has nutritional value like bamboo but there is no scientific evidence that it can be used to relieve pain. Copper is already used in compression sleeves with the claims that it helps reduce pain associated with arthritis. But again this is not verified.


Disadvantages of the Hempvana Pep Step


The Hempvana Pep Step foot pad uses some adhesive that sticks to your feet and is difficult to get it out even in the shower.

Not Meant for Walking

Many reviewers suggest that the Hempvana Pep Step are not meant to be worn while you work. They are supposed to be worn at night to provide soothing and relaxing sensation.

No Proven Health Benefits

There is no scientific proof that the Hempvana Pep Step really works. Unlike what the official promoter review says about the foot pads, the Hempvana Pep Step has no real health benefits. Even the FDA has questioned the authenticity of such claims.

Misleading Advertisement

The Hempvana Pep Step official review is misleading. They have generalized the benefits of the ingredients used in the foot pad to market their product. They even use the FDA name [“FDA approved ingredients’ ‘] to make their product sound legitimate. The Hempvana Pep Step is NOT approved by the FDA.


Our Verdict

Hempvana Pep Step is a poppycock. No foot pad is going to help you relive the foot pain. The foot pads do not work and they do not relieve any soft of pain. As the reviewers say, the Hempvana Pep Step are overrated detoxifying foot pads and nothing more. When we analyzed the ingredients of the foot pads we found that none of them are effective in relieving the pain. The “foot pain relieving” property of the Hempvana Pep Step is an advertising gimmick to make them look more useful than the other detoxifying foot pads in the market. Reviews mention that the Hempvana Pep Step are the worst foot pads considering the claims they make.

GetPepStep.com comes from the company [HEMPVANA] that is not known for quality health products. When we analyzed the reviews about their other products we found that most complaints are about the false advertisement the company makes about its products. There have been considerable amount of complaints about their products not standing up to the claims made.

Hempvana Pep Step does not work. Stay away from them.

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