Hempvana Heat Pain Relief REVIEW | HempvanaHeat.com Review

What is Hempvana Heat Pain Relief?

It is a warming gel that provides heat therapy-like instant relief from chronic muscle pain, arthritis, stiffness and body pain. This pain relief formula contains a combination of an FDA-approved component and pure hemp seed oil to eliminate pain.

Hempvana Heat Pain Relief REVIEW | HempvanaHeat.com Review

How does it Work?

Hempvana Heat Pain Relief provides instant relief by targeting chronic pain and other problems like arthritis and stiffness with its special heat therapy. It provides relief from pain by working like a heating pad that’s held by hand and applied to the affected spot directly. The gel oozes out of glide-on dispenser at its tip which, when applied, starts working instantly. It is the heat of this formula that relieves you of pain upon application.

What to Expect from Hempvana Heat Pain Relief?

The makers of Hempvana Heat Pain Relief claim that you can expect relief from chronic pain for up to eight hours from the moment it is applied. According to them, it is an easy to use gel that also relieves you of chronic muscle pain, arthritis, stiffness and other issues. Hempvana Heat Pain Relief is also a mess-free and odor-free gel that gives you the confidence of using a solution that contains an FDA-approved ingredient.

Hempvana Heat Pain Relief Reviews

Disadvantages of Hempvana Heat Pain Relief

No Relief from Bruises and Pain caused by Collisions

The makers of Hempvana Heat Pain Relief themselves say that this pain relief gel is meant only for chronic muscle pain, arthritis, stiffness and body pain. It cannot be used for treating injuries and knocks, for which you’d need ice. This formula therefore, has limitations and offers no multi-purpose use. Using some other pain relief solution would instead be a better idea.

Incorrect Information about the Chief Ingredient

Some users have pointed out that hemp seed oil, which is a key ingredient of Hempvana Heat Pain Relief, is considered an inactive ingredient. Emphasizing on the inclusion of hemp seed oil as a highlight is deceptive. The actual active ingredient in this gel is altogether different, which used in other pain relief formulas that are much cheaper.

No Instant Relief as Promised

According to a number of customers, Hempvana Heat Pain Relief does not provide relief instantly; in fact, some have actually complained that they felt no relief even after using it for almost a week. Those who are suffering from arthritis have reported similar disappointing results. Many reviewers have said they got better results from other hemp-based pain relief solutions. For them, Hempvana Heat Pain Relief has been just a waste of money, which they truly regret and won’t recommend to anyone.

Below Average Results

At the same time, there are some customers who’ve not written off Hempvana Heat Pain Relief completely. They have posted that this gel provided limited relief from pain, which has been a disappointment for them. One of the users applied it on her hand to get relief from arthritis, but it didn’t help much. It doesn’t seem to work well in any circumstance, even when combined with some other line of treatment.

Expensive on the Pocket

Most of the customers who bought Hempvana Heat Pain Relief and have also used other products have complained that this one is very expensive. Worse, it doesn’t provide any positive results either, so they are feeling cheated and regret even thinking of trying it out. Those who have bought twin pack are all the more upset.

Smelly and Unpleasant

According to quite a few customers, Hempvana Heat Pain Relief has a foul odor which turns them off. They are aghast at this drawback, especially since its advertisers have made contradictory claims.

About the Company

The Hempvana Company claims to be US-based but does not reveal any information where the product [Hempvana Heat Pain Relief Gel] is manufactured. Many reviewers mention that they would not buy a health product from a company like Hempvana


The promoters of the Hempvana Heat Pain Relief claim that the main ingredients of the gel is “Hemp Oil Seed” which is claimed to be beneficial in relieving pain. But there are is no scientific evidence that the hemp oil seed actually work for humans, all the trials that have been done are on mice. Many reviewers feel that the hemp oil seed is just a marketing ploy. Interestingly the Hempvana Cold Ice Roll-On also claims to use the same ingredients. The manufacturer of Hempvana Heat Pain Relief does not reveal the details of the other ingredients used in the gel, raising questions over the authenticity of the claims.

Nothing Revolutionary

Users who have tried the Hempvana Heat Pain Relief Gel mention in their reviews that there is nothing miraculous about this product. There are far better pain relief gels available in the market and there is no specific reason why you should prefer the Hempvana over the tried and tested pain relief gels.

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