Hempvana Happy Vision REVIEW

Hempvana Happy Vision

What is Hempvana Happy Vision

According to the review on the official website of Hempvana Happy Vision, gethappyvision.com, these are mood elevating sunglasses that block bad light that depresses you and amplifies bright light that improves your mood.

How does Hempvana Happy Vision work?

We all know that our emotions are affected by the environment around. An overcast climate makes us feel gloomy and down. On the other hand a sunny day makes us happy and cheerful. Sun gives us energy that elevates our mood. The makers of the Hempvana Happy Vision claim that their sunglasses mimic sunny daylight which naturally makes you feel cheerful and energetic. If the claims are to be believed, the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses blocks red and blue rays, the same rays that are dominant in the hazy and foggy whether. Supposedly the Hempvana Happy Vision reviews claim that the lenses allow only the “good” light to pass through them, brightening your mood.

One female reviewer in the Hempvana Happy Vision infomercial claim that with these sunglasses on, everything turns BRIGHT, the trees, the buildings and her mood. Hempvana Happy Vision makes some unsubstantiated claims that are not backed by genuine reviews, they claim that the so called blue light has negative effects on your body and psyche. Th effects of the blue light include “Digital Eyestrain Syndrome”, blurry vision, focusing difficulty, dry and irritated eyes, headaches and even neck and back pain(? we seriously doubt this. We haven’t come across any review that says Hempvana Happy Sunglasses relieves head and back pain!).

The Hempvana Happy Vision demo review video on the official website gethappyvision.com shows a crude test in which the Hempvana sunglasses are shown blocking the blue light from a flashlight. But such claims are not attested by any independent agency, laboratory or neutral Hempvana Happy Vision reviews putting a huge question marks on such high sounding claims. Nonetheless, Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses review by the manufacturer claims that it comes in handy form people working with computers, or gamers who play games for hours.

The “Mood Elevating Sunglasses” Concept

When we analyzed the concept of “mood elevating sunglasses” we learnt that this concept is indeed taking roots and there are even psychedelic sunglasses around. This use of “light” for curing diseases is known for quite a long time now.

Technical Specifications of the Hempvana Happy Vision

The Hempvana Happy Vision review video does not provide any technical information about the sunglasses, the review video is full of the tall claims about the sunglasses. The only valuable information we could extract from the review video is that the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses are green in color and that it has UV protection. These Hempvana sunglasses are unisex design with great stylish frames that look great on men and women of all ages.

Hempvana Happy Vision REVIEW

When we were tasked with reviewing the Hempvana Happy Vision, the first question that came to our minds is “Can sunglasses have so much effect on your mood?” or is it just a typical as seen on tv over-hyped product. So we searched all over the internet for the features offered by the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses. We came across a sunglasses brand known by the name “GLOFx” which supposedly is used for mood elevation “therapy”. So we were convinced that the concept of “mood elevating sunglasses” is genuine and not “as seen on tv”.

Now lets analyse the Hempvana Happy Vision Reviews

Not suited for Computer Screens – Reviews reveal that the Hempvana Happy Vision does not help with computer screens as it blocks too much light making the computer screen look dim. 

No color options available – Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses are not available in multiple colors. Also these sunglasses are NOT polarized.

Red Color – Many reviewers mention that sunglasses like Hempvana Happy Vision makes your vision “reddish” which some reviewers find it irritating.

Too Big – One user claims in his review that the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses comes in just one size and people with small facial features find it too big to put on and slip easily.

Flimsy – Some experts mention in their review that these Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses are not well made. They are flimsy (Made in China) and won’t survive a couple of falls.

Cheap copy – From our research and reviews we understand that the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses are cheap copy of the much branded and acclaimed “Spy Optic” type sunglasses which costs around $70.

Foggy Vision – The design of the Hempvana Happy Vision sunglasses is such that the lenses get foggy . You have to remove the glasses and clean the fog very often.

Our Verdict Hempvana Happy Vision

The makers of the Hempvana Happy Vision have forced too many features into these sunglasses. They elevate mood, they block UV and also function as computer glasses. But they fail miserably on all the three fronts.