Hempvana Double Cross REVIEW

What is Hempvana Double Cross?

The marketers of Hempvana Double Cross further claim in their review that the fabric of the “double cross” knee brace is woven with the hemp fibers extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It claims to relieve knee pain and improve blood circulation. But as a buyer rather than knowing how the Hempvana double cross work?, you should ask the question, does the Hempvana double cross really work?

Why the name “Double Cross”?

The Hempvana knee sleeve features to cross straps that run diagonally opposite to each other, covering the bottom and upper area of the sleeve, hence the name “Double Cross”. There is nothing “technical” about the straps of the Hempvana Double Cross. In the promotional review video the promoters make the Hempvana Double Cross sound like a “high-tech” tool by calling the double straps “Double Cross Technology” (LOL again), which is nothing but an ordinary knee sleeve.

How does Hempvana Double Cross work?

Knee pain can stop you from doing your favorite activities like playing tennis, taking your dog for a walk or doing normal household chores. Hempvana review alleges that their new knee compression sleeve with the “double cross technology” (LOL) that wraps under and over your knee for double compression and support that improves circulation and theoretically eliminate pain. According to the review, the Hempvana Double Cross offers continued compression of a knee sleeve and support of a knee brace without the bulk.

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The hemp fibers wick the moisture and makes you feel comfortable. The review video claims that to use the Hempvana double cross, just slip on the double cross brace and wrap the bands. The double cross bands support the entire knee providing 360 degree protection

Hempvana Double Cross Contains Latex

If you are allergic to latex then you may not want to use the double cross. One review mentions that the promoters of the Hempvana Double Cross do not mention about the fabric in the review video. The customer comes to know about the latex fabric only when the double cross shipment arrives.

The Velcro is of Low Quality

Many users mention that the velcro of such knee braces is of extremely low quality and the velcro wears out very quickly. Our experts caution that the straps of the Hempvana Double Cross won’t last even a couple of months if you are going to use it daily. Based on the review we have gone through we can safely conclude that the Hempvana double cross is not meant for heavy use.

The HEMPVANA is a Rip-Off

The promoters of the Hempvana double cross boast that their knee braces feature the hempvana fabric that wicks moisture. When asked about the benefits of the hempvana fabric our experts doubt it has any measurable benefit and that the “hempvana” is just a marketing ploy and nothing else.

No Size Option Available

The Hempvana double cross knee brace comes in one universal size which is the biggest drawback, says our reviewers. If you look at all the “branded” knee compression braces, they come in different sizes. Many users doubt the rationale behind the double cross knee compression brace which offers no size options. Many experts conclude from the reviews that the whole Cannabis sativa infused Hempvana is a gimmick. Putting a wrong size knee sleeve can actually aggravate the pain instead of relieving it, warns the reviewers. Also improper size would make the double cross sleeve to slide down and bunch up much to your discomfort.

Just One Size

The wrong size of the Hempvana Double Cross knee sleeve is going to cause you discomfort, restrict your movement and even cause more pain. The Hempvana Double Cross is certainly not for serious athletes, people recovering from injury. It is just okay to put on when you have that occasional knee pain. Don’t expect it to be your companion while playing tennis or jogging.

Not Breathable

The material of the Hempvana double cross is not breathable, that means the Hempvana double cross is going to create a lot of discomfort.

Short Straps

One reviewer mentions that people with strong calves will find the straps of the Hempvana double cross short, that means the double cross will not work for these people. The sleeves with shorter straps won’t provide the grip required to heal the pain.

Not better than athletic socks

Some users have complained in their review that the support provided by the athletic socks is much better than the Hempvana double cross.

Not enough Support

Reviews also reveal that the Hempvana double cross sleeve does not put desired compression and support around the knees. The compression is felt only in the areas where the straps run across.

Need Constant Adjustment

If the Hempvana Double Cross sleeve comes in only one size, so the chances are high that you might end up getting the wrong size. Usually such sleeves come in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes so that you get the right size of knee sleeve. But you have no choice with the Hempvana, so a lot of buyers of this double cross are going to end up buying the wrong size. Wrong size of the double cross sleeve causes it to slip and needs constant adjustment. Also the wrong size makes it squeeze on your knees as you bent.

Don’t use for Recuperating from Injuries

If you are recuperating from an injury then don’t use these double cross sleeves, warns our product expert who is a physician. He says don’t get sucked into the infomercial, wrong type of knee sleeve would make your pain worse. He cautions to consult a physician before trying any of these sleeves.

Don’t Believe the Reviews in the Promo Video

Seasoned experts mention in their reviews that the users shown in the Hempvana Double Cross sleeves get paid to “promote” the product. They warn potential buyers not to get carried away by these reviews including the testimonial by the physician Dr. Cam Potter.

Does the Hempvana Double Cross really work?

Nope. The Hempvana does not really work as they claim in the review video.

Our Verdict

From the reviews we can conclude that Hempvana Double Cross is not an unique product. There are several “double strap” knee sleeves out there in the market that are far better than this “Double Cross” sleeve. Besides the knee sleeves in the market are tried and tested and have 4 “+” star ratings and hundreds of GENUINE reviews. We do not recommend the Hempvana Double Cross.