Hempvana Compression Socks REVIEW

What is Hempvana Compression Socks?

The manufacturer product review claims that these are the first compression socks woven with moisture wicking hemp fibers from the cannabis sativa plant. These compression socks are available only at the official website: hempvanasocks.com

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Review Summary

If you don’t want to read the complete Hempvana Compression Socks review and just want to get the fair idea of these compression socks then here is our verdict

Hempvana Compression Socks are cheap imitation of major brands like PHYSIX, JOBST, FUTURO, GO2SOCKS, AMES WALKER etc. There is also nothing special about the Cannabis sativa hemp fibers (hence the name “Hempvana”). These Hempvana Compression Socks are overrated, mediocre, poor quality, UN-scientific and do not work as claimed. To read the complete review, please click here.

How does Hempvana Compression Socks work? The Hempvana Compression Socksvideo states that standing or sitting for longer duration can cause painful swellings or numbness in your legs and feet which can lead to varicose veins and other health problems. The review video changes the track and moves to the introduction of the new Hempvana product – the “Hempvana Compression Socks”. According to the promoters review, The Hempvana Compression Socks is an “pain relieving innovation” that energizes tired, aching legs for fast pain relief. The promoter (Telebrands) claims that the Hempvana Compression quickly reduces pain and swelling from everyday pressure. If the claims are to be believed from the manufacturer’s review of Hempvana Compression Socks, it reduces the lower leg swelling dues to fluid build up. The Hempvana Compression Socks claims to improve blood circulation and thereby reduce pain and inflammation.

User Reviews on the Hempvana Compression Socks Official Website

The manufacturer tries to promote the compression socks with “PAID” reviews. The first review features a well built construction engineer who states that he is on his feet all day, everyday. He uses the Hempvana Compression Socks which according to his testimonial take away the pain. The second review features an elderly lady in her 60s stating that getting out of the bed in the early morning used to be so painful, but since she started putting in the Hempvana Compression Socks, the pain is gone.

Science Behind the Hempvana Compression SocksThe marketers of these socks have invented a new term called as “Advanced Graduated Pressure Technology” which help push the blood up towards your heart instead pooling in your legs. Our analysts tried to get more information about the so-called advanced technology but could not find much details about. It looks like a marketing gimmick.

Hempvana Compression Socks Review

Now that we have seen the high sounding claims of the Hempvana compression socks, lets check the facts in the review below.

Is Hempvana really revolutionary?

Nope. There is nothing special about the Hempvana compression socks. There are a couple of dozens of compression socks manufacturers out there in the market. They are tried and tested have thousands of review, unlike the Hempvana compression socks. Telebrands, the official distributor of the Hempvana compression socks might call their product “innovative” and “revolutionary” but reviewers (who are domain experts) have the “Osprey” vision (hence the name ospreyreviews.com) to reveal the true nature of these gimmicky Hempvana compression socks. The “Cannabis Sativa” is a marketing ploy to make these mediocre socks sound “revolutionary”.


One of the indicators that the Hempvana compression socks is a rip-off is that it comes in one universal size. What type of company make compression socks that comes in a universal size. Our editors mention in their reviews that the “universal size” defeats the whole purpose of these compression socks. A wrong size of compression socks would not put the desired compression on your legs robbing you of the desired results.


Another reviewer tells us that the manufacturer of Hempvana compression socks does not mention the quantity of compression these socks provide. It is a standard practice for health care companies manufacturing such compression socks to mention the degree (expressed in “mm hg” or ” Millimeterof Mercury”) of compression they offer. It is very un-professional on the part of the manufacturer (Telebrands) to hide such crucial information.

No Graduated Compression

Graduated compression applies highest pressure near your ankle and the pressure drops as you move upwards, this makes the blood to flow towards the heart. But this requires precise manufacturing techniques and our reviewers doubt if a crappy as seen o tv company like Telebrands can come up with something so sophisticated. Many reviewers complain that the socks offer the same compression (not graduated) defeating the very purpose of their use. In-fact many reviews claim that an unscientifically designed compression socks can cut the blood circulation instead of facilitating it.


The manufacturer does not mention about the material used in the Hempvana compression socks another indication that it is a rip-off.

Looses Compression

Many reviews mention that these cheap “Hempvana compression socks” lose their firmness with repeated use and washes. So they might be useful (if at all) only for a few months.

They Slip Down

People complain that the Hempvana compression socks slip down when you do sports activities. These are certainly not meant to be used for sports, says on reviewer.


Th Hempvana compression socks are available only at the official Telebrands website: hempvanasocks.com, raising more questions on the quality of the product.

Brand Matters

Telebrands is not a well-known healthcare brand, in fact it is infamous and is associated with scams and rip-offs. You may not want to buy a health care product from such a company.