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What is Hemponica?

According to the website BuyHemponica.com, Hemponica is a pain relief cream that is formulated to provide fast acting relief and temporally help reduce pain from swollen muscles and joints, stiffness in your neck, inflammation in your back and almost any pain that requires quick relief. It is intended for use on various parts of the body to help alleviate pain temporarily. Designed with a unique measured pump system, Hemponica promises to be easy to apply dispensing the right amount of cream every time you use it.



What does Hemponica supposedly do?

Hemponica Review | BuyHemponica.com Review The makers of Hemponica allege that it contains an active ingredient LIDOCAINE which is recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a pain reliever. This ingredient is effective in helping to reduce inflammation, swelling, stiffness and pain. It also contains another active ingredient, the purest quality hemp extract from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant, which aids in the relief of pain and discomfort.

BuyHemponica.com claims the lotion gets easily absorbed into your skin, has a cooling effect and helps alleviate pain almost instantly! BuyHemponica.com promises that their pain relief lotion helps with reducing pain from exercising to day to day activities and help you get back to enjoying life again!



Hemponica Review

Not Instant Relief

Some reviewers complain that Hemponica does not offer relief instantly. Some have actually complained that they felt no relief even after using it for almost a week. People suffering from arthritis have stated similar unsatisfactory results. A couple of reviewers have also mentioned that they got better results from other hemp-based pain relief solutions. Most complain that Hemponica is just a waste of money, which they truly regret buying and won’t recommend buying.



Below Average Results

Simultaneously, they are some reviewers who have written mildly positive reviews on Hemponica. They have stated that this cream gave them limited relief from pain, but which has been a disappointment for them. One of the customers applied the cream on her hand to get relief from arthritis, but it helped very little. They say doesn’t seem to work very well in any circumstance, even when combined with some other similar types of treatments.


Nothing Unique

Reviewers have come out saying that Hemponica is not the only Instant Pain relief cream in the market. There are several similar treatments to choose from that are also tried and tested and manufactured by reputed brands. If you are looking for a Lidocaine based pain relief cream then they recommend “Aspercreme 4% Lidocaine No Mess Applicator”


Not Approved by FDA

Many reviewers are of the opinion that the advertisers of Hemponica mislead the customers by saying it is approved by the FDA, which is untrue. They fail to clearly state that only the ingredient “Lidocaine” is approved by the FDA and not the Hemponica lotion.



Hemponica Expensive

There are also reviews mentioning that they have tried other similar treatments but complain that Hemponica is the one that is very expensive. What’s even more disappointing is that it doesn’t offer any relief so they feel cheated and regret even buying the lotion.


Foul Smelling and Nasty Odor

According to a number of reviewers, Hemponica has a foul odor which is very unpleasant. They were upset with this disadvantage, especially since its promoters have made contradictory claims.


About the BuyHemponica.com Company

As per many reviewers, the Hemponica Company claims to be US-based but does not reveal any information about where the Hemponica Lotion is manufactured. They also mention that they would not suggest buying a health product from a company like Hemponica. It is safer to buy from a reputed brand that widely known for manufacturing quality health products.



Reviewers also complain that the marketers of Hemponica claim that the main ingredient of the gel is “Hemp Oil Seed” which is thought to help in relieving pain. But there are is no scientific evidence to support the claim that hemp oil seed actually benefits humans. Many reviewers are of the opinion that the mention of hemp oil seed is just a marketing tactic. The promoters of Hemponica also do not mention the details of the other ingredients used in the gel, raising doubts over the genuineness of the claims.



Nothing Innovative and Ground-breaking

Many reviewers also mention in their reviews that they have tried the Hemponica Lotion but there is nothing incredible about it. They claim that there are much better pain relief gels out there in the market and there is no obvious reason why one should prefer the Hemponica over other tried and tested pain relief gels.

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