Hempavna Posture REVIEW

About this Hempvana REVIEW?

Hempvana Posture from Telebrands impresses upon the users that their so called revolutionary posture brace infused with the benefits of Hemp fibers extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. In this review we PROVE that the CLAIMS made by the Hempvana Posture are UTTER LIES.

What is Hempvana Posture?

According to the reviews, Hempvana Posture assures a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee rate with this state of the art technology support that is designed to make your back & neck straight like an arrow but these claims are not attested by the Hempvana Posture reviews, which tell a different story.. The Hempvana Posture claims to align your spine to aid in relieving pain that may have caused due to constantly working on the computer and mobile, the claim sound very promising but the Hempvana Posture reviews have confirmed that the Hempvana Posture does not relieve pain. According to the Hempvana Posture reviews, it is created with natural hemp fibers from the Cannabis Sativa plant the Hempvana posture will help relieve you from the cramps and other pain. Hempvana Posture claims to keep your spine perfectly aligned, which does the trick in reducing the pressure and pain. The revolutionary idea here is that it’s woven with pure hemp fiber making it an absolutely natural to use product. According to the Hempvana Posture reviews neither the Hemp fibers nor the Cannabis Sativa has any role in correcting the. The reviews also claim that the Hemp and Cannabis is just a marketing ploy as it has become a fad to include these in all health related products.

What the heck is “Hempvana”?

Hempvana is a combination of two words “HEMP” and “VANA”. HEMP is the strain of Cannabis Sativa plant, where as VANA means forest in Sanskrit. So effectively HEMPVANA literally means “Forest of HEMP”. HEMPVANA is a new brand name adopted by Telebrands to promote health products that contain Hemp fibers extracted from Cannabis sativa plant. There have been may as seen on tv products from Telebrands with the prefix “Hempvana”. Hempvana oil, Hempvana cream, Hempvana hands, Hempvana herbal and now this Posture Correcting Straps, are some of the products of the “Hempvana range“. When we investigated further into the details of Hempvana, we found that the trademark is registered in Haryana INDIA. and the product range is marketed by Telebrands.

What does Hempvana Posture do?

As part of today’s lifestyle staring down at our computers and phones is causing pain, more often than we realize. Media is terming this phenomena as “text neck” and not only does this cause long-term bad posture but also a slight feeling of dis rest in the short term. Telebrands claim not to fear as there is Hempvana Posture, according to the reviews by the manufacturer the Hempvana back support makes your back and neck as straight as an arrow, re-adjusting your shoulders backwards and aligning your spine in the correct way to help relieve you from the pain.

Hempvana Posture claims to use the latest technology for best comfort and stability but does not specify what that “technology” is, stereotypical of infomercial products.

How to use the Hempvana Posture?

Supposedly, all you have to do is simply slip the Hempvana Posture straps over your shoulders and fasten! Instantly starting from the moment you put it on, watch the magic happen as your posture will start shifting, relieving pain. You’ll even notice that you’re standing taller! as per the Hempvana Posture claims.

How does Hempvana Posture work?

As per the Hempvana Posture reviews we have received, the concept here is that Hempvana Posture utilizes triple strap support. Two straps to gently pull your shoulders back while one reinforces your slouched spine for better posture. Hempvana Posture will aid in getting your spine back into a healthy position. Back braces are tough to conceal, but Hempvana Posture claims to be virtually invisible. The padded, adjustable straps cradle you and it’s fully adjustable to fit just about anyone so there are no specifications or limitations. According to the claims with Hempvana Posture you’ll almost forget that you’re wearing it! Hempvana Posture uses the latest technology for comfort and stability. Start aligning your spine and live the life you deserve.

Hempvana Posture Price

Hempvana Posture is available in SM, MD, L and XL sizes starting from $19.99 + Free S/h. Hempvana Posture is available only at the official website – HempvanaPosture.com


Hempvana Posture does not relive pain

Hempvana Posture users have mentioned in their reviews that pain relief is something that usually takes a long time to pass. Through time people have used remedies to get rid of these problems. Exercising and regular yoga are some ways to keep yourself fit and feeling active but once somebody starts relying on products to do that job, that is a wrong choice because the entire point of the Hempvana Posture is to make you more lethargic and apt to comfort where in the more we exert ourselves and our muscles the better chances we have to feeling more relaxed and at ease.

If you are in pain, using Hempvana Posture is the last thing you should do.

Let’s consider this; if you strap on a vest you know it’s there. It’s not like you can forget that additional strap on that’s clinging to your back like a bulletproof vest constantly making you sweat in that area and irritation due to the heat caused by wearing it. The spine requires just a thought to remember that it needs to straighten out, not a vest. In a state of discomfort one already reaches a cranky state of mind and few things ease that down. To use a product like Hempvana posture is like lying to yourself.

Hempvana Posture does not relieve pain

Hempvana Posture reviews have conformed that this product is a scam and it does nothing basically. It’s just a concealed vest that makes you sweat from the back but does not help in reducing any pain whatsoever. In-fact it makes the back area so tight that you actually want it to get off your back.

Uncomfortable and doesn’t work

Myamana says in her Hempvana Posture review that she was pretty excited for this posture brace as she had a history of bad posture for a long time. Although she read the reviews and decided to give it a try because usually she tended to stick the belly outwards plus a hunchback posture made her feel awful. Unfortunately as soon as she took it out of the package, although it felt like a very good product, smooth and good quality after putting it on and adjusting the straps many issues were found. For example :

  1. The buckle stayed right underneath her armpit. Extremely painful and uncomfortable. If you have adjustable straps, maybe consider placing the buckle somewhere that won’t ever touch the armpit because it hurts.
  2. Even after tightening it to the maximum both on the shoulders and on the stomach part she was still able to stay on a bad posture. It didn’t really pull her shoulders back or prevent her from leaning forward either with her shoulders nor her belly.

Sizing chart needs reconfiguring and so does the return policy

An unhappy Christopher Murphy says in her review that the Hempvana Posture sizing chart is way off. Not only that but since the item had shoulder straps it should have maybe shoulder to shoulder width measurement or chest size as part of the chart. He was 10 lbs under the size Large and 2” shorter but the shoulder straps were fully extended and hard to get on both arms. That wasn’t all, a full tee shirt has to be worn underneath for the straps not to dig into the front of your shoulders because its that painful! He tried for a day with a tank top underneath but it was small and uncomfortable, on a second trial he had to take it off after a couple hours because it was sinking into his skin in the outer side of his shoulders. He even considered a larger size up but don’t know if it’d work and since it was worn once and this made returning the item all the more impossible.

Stitching is weak in key area.

Duane Dawson mentions in his Hempvana Posture review that after having this for less than a month with only 5 actual uses the strap ripped out already. Total waste of money since there is no option for refund or exchange. This is such a disappointment for the people who actually are in need of posture adjustments.

Could be a confidence booster , but it doesn’t function as promised.

Lynn Kelley complains in her Hempvana Posture review that the straps broke after a mere few weeks of use. Complete waste of time and money, not to mention the energy invested in the entire process.

Not that great for women

Sheri mentions in her review that when the Hempvana Posture straps were tightened all the way there was a buckle that sat directly under the arm pit. It dug in to her skin and hurt so bad that she couldn’t wear it. Since she bought it she even tried wearing it over a sweatshirt to provide some protection. That didn’t work either . When she tried loosening the straps and moved the buckle it didn’t dig in anymore, it also did nothing to help with her posture. So she had to send it back. Being a size xs to small woman she thought this Hempvana Posture would work better for someone bigger than her also if this was specified prior to the purchase it would’ve been much better.

Our Verdict on the Hempvana Posture

The Hempvana posture at a first glance seems like promising product but it is really marketed in a way that makes it seem like a helpful item while in reality it is good for nothing and a waste of money. Good rest and timely reminders to arch the back and neck straight could be more effective compared to this false designer vest that really does nothing more than hurt your armpits. Rather sit upright than spend your hard earned money on such clumsy products.

Hempvana Posture is competing with other “as seen on tv” posture correcting straps “Arrow Posture” from Telebrands and “Posture Doctor” from Direct Target Marketing.

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